25 thoughts on “This is how Germany polices its borders – BBC News”

  • Reinier van Herk says:

    Think about this: A refugee makes his wife pregnant trying to enter the EU. Really an opportune moment to enlarge your family. Nobody with a mentality like that should enter our nations.

  • 燕赵大地 says:

    Bei diesen muslimischen Flüchtlingen ist Europa die Heimat der Europäer. Sie sind nur Gäste. Wenn Sie respektiert werden wollen, müssen Sie andere respektieren und die Einzigen im Land anderer sein. Dann kannst du in dein Leben zurückkehren. Sie sind faule Menschen, und es gibt keine Diebe und Diebe, die direkt durch Arbeit in die Häuser anderer Menschen kommen!

  • Charlie Camprioli says:

    this is bullshit, all I see is young healthy feed men, no refugees here, no immigrants her, don't believe main stream media , this is an invasion , and shame on you all governments in Europe for allowing this , soon you all will be raped

  • Daniel Matschinski says:

    The friendly hosting of thousands of immigrants was an act of humanity which had a great support in the german society thinking it’ll be a state of exception.
    Hence, Germany never came back to securing its borders in a proper way and never came back to the standards of applicable law. This urged the rise of the right-wing populist party AfD which still holds around 15% of voters in surveys.

  • john padvaiskas says:

    Can you tell me ONE country migrants have NOT turned it into a SHIT HOLE of MURDER and RAPE of WOMEN and LITTLE CHILDREN send them BACK if you wont to help GO with THEM.

  • Hawk Who Knows All says:

    SEND Them to UK and AMERICA (USA)…
    They have PLENTY of SPACE and Also the CREATORS and SPONSORS of WAR in MIDDLE EAST.

  • infidels must be exterminated thats the standing order of pedo muham..d afri..n want to spread their kind ur blonde women and daughters are doomed if u allow them in

  • Other European countries are not responsible for these people let their own countries take responsibility why does Germany want to turn Europe into a multicultural cesspool,

  • Pedro Roy Laigo says:

    If your life is VERY GOOD where you came from then WHY dont you Go back to your country. Europe is being overcrowded.

  • The Taliban tried to kill me, so why didn't you join the Afghanistan army and keep your country safe
    instead of running away? Far to many of these refugees are young men that don't stay in there country
    and fight, but come to other countries to rape, steal and kill.

  • JOHN DISARIO says:

    way to go Germany 800,000 immigrants your culture will be changing very soon.
    and you only have your politicians to blame.

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