100 thoughts on “This Donald Trump Letter Proves He’s Crazy”

  • Mentally deranged people suffering from TDS are all displaying their incoherent thoughts through this comment section. How pathetic and crazy is that?

  • Wow most people are negative and do not know what really happened in the world well you don't have to be smart to see it but really there are so many negative and low dropped in the level of responding…. You would almost think that your day in and day out just stupid movies are watching yourself more than amazing and preferably running continuously to sow as afterwards regret your good choices… It is just not pitiful just for the egoistic low-behaving people who prefer to be betrayed and destroyed by their self why not sacrifice yourselves to support the democratic thought… With us in Europe, the boundaries remain open to create as much mad house as possible and then destroy us all…. So if you disagree with Trump come da sociable live here

  • Jimmy Kimmel thinks all democrats are Great.  LOL.  wait a week more and see what happens, Trump took the NUKES out when he left. Iran had the nukes being made there and not in IRAN.  These Democrats are stupid

  • The letter expresses a veiled threat along with good reasons to undertake talks as well as reasons it would be bad not to negotiate. Trump proved that he respected Erdogan by pulling our troops out when they were threatened. The American people would never have accepted a Spartan massacre of our troops just to call a bluff. So many say Turkey would never dare attack while the US had buffer troops, but if they had, Trump would have been impeached within a week.

  • Yeah that letter got a Cease-fire that we have been working towards for decades and no one else could get it done! Fake ass news media with your agendas.

  • Funny thing I work with a man who voted for him and every single little thing that is wrong with the country is the Stupid Democrats or the Left Wingers fault and everything that is not American made is a Communist thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder why he says what he says!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy…you should stop saying that tRump is “crazy”…IMO he is mentally ill and “someone”…anyone…should get him a psychiatrist with a straight jacket

  • Should be titled “I don’t think this about Trump but my corporate bosses are telling me to say it on TV proving I’m crazy”

  • Bekir Yeşilyurt says:

    Protect your allies?? The Turks are slaughtering?? Do you know the overall head count of the civilians your allies have killed in Turkey over the last decades?? I dont know, somewhere around 30 or 40k.. You talk so confidently about what is right or wrong.. Yet you are either ignorant or so biased that you see terrorism as something that only threatens YOUR people, no one else.

  • People are to blame knowing a RETARD they have chosen for The 45th POTUS was UNFIT, we all remembered MELANIE sad face when DOTARD was sworn by The Constitution and Bible Under Oath !

  • Kimmel…just another butt-boy for the Dems. Carrolla turned out to be the better man after all. And what makes you people think Trump actually wrote. that? If Adam Schitff can read a made up story about a transcript and say it's Trumps' words (Which Pelosi reiterated) theses criminal vampires are capable of anything. Wake up, "woke" people!!

  • The art of making yourself look like a bumbling fool in a deal.That is the art of this Trumpian deal !
    Letter is Soooo Presidential !
    Sooooo Trumpian. Hmmmm,
    Think Trumpian will be a word that may find a way into American english. Replacing Quixotic but meaning same.. Yup, since Quixote is French but Trump is American through and through.

  • David Lindstrom says:

    Nobody cares about your feelings who gives a rat's ass about your feelings you know what you could do with your feelings I live in Hanalei Kauai and you don't so what's that tell you about yourself you don't have any feelings you're pathetic

  • Lost Planet need be free says:

    Obama is a traitor since Trump's presidency was his & Putin's plan together.. Trump was in it too.. interesting how Obama pretends to be a hero talking against Trump? making media, talk shows that support him, say Obama would do this& that instead?! well he just wanted to pretend being a hero while he knew Trump would be a mess put him up for president with his billionaire friends like epstn.overall sacrificed his people & country for his wannabe a##
    Republican & Democrat, BOTH playing people & .t… rs

  • The only way this makes sense and doesn't come across as delusional is that the president intended to trigger Turkey's invasion of Syria. In fact, the "accidental" bombing of U.S. special forces during the invasion was likely a middle finger to our "tough guy" president.


  • Some people still haven't figured-out that the letter trump wrote addressed to Erdogan was written for his supporters to read, so he would seem blameless and tough to them. Trump knows he's not fooling everyone, however he truly doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He's all about the con, and the con doesn't work without his base enabling him to be the parasite-in-chief and to rule by middle-finger.

  • He might be crazy, but he is also referring to a crazy dictator and somehow it worked. All the measures and letters from other countries didn't seem to do any good. Of course it might have been Putin that fixed this or Turkey realizing the body cound in Syria would be immense for them..Anyway his general concept of getting away US soldiers from the rest of the planet is a sane one and I am amazed more liberal people are not for it, just because they hate the owner of that idea.

  • Sanchez The Manchez says:

    Sure can't wait till they come up with actual evidence of impeachable crimes that can be admissable in court! I mean 3 years of "HE GUILTY"… Yet somehow no proof?

  • Why, in the picture at an important meeting, Trump doesn't have anything in front of him — papers to read; notes of his thoughts, UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • "You don't want to be responsible for killing thousands of people." ummm…. bullshit. That is exactly what Erdogan wants. "…and I don't want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy." That would be because he's too busy destroying the American economy.

  • So all western media and democratic people of youtube just ignores the sentence about Pastor Brunson, at this sentence Trump admits he attacked Turkish economy (usd/try increased almost 70% in one day) before in this year. At that time, all the news channels were denying any American influence to Turkish economy, and told their people Turkish economy was bad and this crysis was expected. And now they just ignore the sentence Trump admits that. Attacking economy of a country is not much different from dropping bombs. Many lost his job, so many companies bankrupted whole Turkish people suffered a lot. Next time just drop the real bombs so 'maybe' (I hope) it will be harder to lie to your people that you didnt attacked to a different country. I know most people will not read this. And the ones who read this already know these things… So actually nothing changes, but it is just relieving…

  • Maria Hahn-Silva says:

    Hot DAMN! That's the Orange Fecal Matter, the stable genius. The stable genius known for spreading the horse's (Putin) turd all over the stable. That's right, tough guy! You mobster wannabe! Let 'em have it! Yeh!

  • If Russia benefits from this…this makes the US presidency a joke…WTF? Are we going to let our nation go down the tubes like this??? Watch and learn. There is a general goodness in America. America will be great again. It is not now.

  • Mark Lanzarotta says:

    Did we need any more evidence that Trump is a crazy ten year old? The Republican base is a disgrace for nominating this man. Their stupidity is a security risk to this nation. First Bush, now this.👎

  • SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit says:

    Sorry Kimmel, but I had to hurt vour feelings. Next time don't be such a turkophobic Erdogan-hater implying that Kurds are targeted by him. Erdogans wife is a Kurd herself. He calls Kurds his brethren. And he fights only the terrorist PKK, not the Kurds.

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