100 thoughts on “This DISTURBING Problem Is Getting Worse In Quarantine, John Krasinski, Good News, David Dobrik, &”

  • Philip DeFranco says:

    If you use the PDS background on a zoom conference pls screenshot it and tag me on IG or twitter lol. The video is great for those who wait. Good News (00:27), Zoom (1:59), TIA (5:44), Strikes (7:25), Domestic Violence (11:20), Daily Updates (14:36)

  • So wait… rather than run commercials and donate the proceeds of said commercials, they chose to run NO commercials and ask the average person to donate money? K….

  • Chad Von Deucheburg says:

    Zoom sounds like a bad idea.
    Also regarding apps and programs: "If you don't have to pay for a product, then YOU are the product"

  • James McClennan says:

    Your president is sending you to your death. Look at other successful countries and follow what they do.
    This is serious, no amount of praying and stupid home remedies will save you. When this is over. Get that asshole out.

  • I iguess I'm one of those 2 or 3 people who makes it to the end of every single video. I just wanted to take some time to thank you for the way you've been delivering news. You have become my morning ritual during breakfast (I'm in Belgium) and my trusted source for information. Every time I check the main news recourses here in Belgium, the entire sensation aspect of it just bothers the bejeebies out of me. So thank you Phil. For being a steady force of honest reporting. You've made me a more informed and better person! And I'm sure you inspire many others too. Sanitized high fives from Belgium! x

  • Stars raised money, right… couldn't they just donate their money? It'd me much more than from any donations, because donors… have no money couse the virus?

  • I've been having to use zoom for school and for all my classes, there were people abusing the chat function, abusing the video settings, especially trolls becoming EXTREMELY distracting. The annoying part is when people unnecessarily have their cameras or audio on, because some people don't know or remember that they have it on. Then you get people blasting music on their computer, talking loudly (sometimes about the teacher), and the occasional college boy hooking up with a girl. I have seen all of these but I have teachers who don't know how to automatically mute people or hide their cameras. I'm just trying to learn math guys.

  • Re of the Zoom:
    Zoom i use on the browser and use for college. Its a bit rough at the start with the professors adjusting to this new method of lecture. now its gotten better and lectures are close that of in person. the downsides of this method would be the quality of the education and professors getting lazy and had that problem with one. Had a exam via zoom and that went horribly, partly on the professor cause of the questions asked required more time and asked to be done within a short time-frame. I wasn't the only one and many felt frustrated and cheated that the class we paid to take is low quality due to the professor's lack of skills. Zoom classes can be a downgrade if your professor don't have the skills and can't adapt. thankfully my college is now on a pass/fail grading system but still want to pass the class; letter grade may be low but a pass is a pass.

  • We used to use zoom at work before I left, other than the free sessions having a time limit we really had no issues with it.

  • Little known Jablinski YouTube channel? Do people really not know about Jack Black's channel? Good to know 4.5 million subs is little known.

  • lmao hazard pay

    sweetheart, I have worked a job for 20 years that I could die on without hazard pay…i'm told "we'll just find someone else if you ask for that"

    So ummm…learn to code?

  • Pertaining to staying connected.
    I do it by going to work.
    Though we aren't exactly essential, we're still operating as normal.

  • my wife works at a grocier . . . all she's getting for this whole pandemic is 50hrs a week . . . while people out of work get unemployment + hundreds of dollars more, food assistance and a slew of other things she doesn't qualify for as she's still working. . . all while being told "you're a hero" . . . still paying our rent, still paying utilities, experience'n crap internet cause ISPs are a joke 20+ yrs behind current tech and enduring growing summer traffic as we live in a summer destination lake. Complete joke on the haphazard, nonsensical patch work reactionary containment effort.

  • Dude this really hit me. This whole thing is fucking scary. The moment you said "if you're feeling anxiety about this, you're not alone" i choked up… thank you for the reassurance. I needed that!..

  • "Our health is essential" sounds you made it with cereal.
    "My health is not optional" sounds like we're Googling how high we have to raise the guillotine.

  • Beth Berryhill says:

    I'm a senior in high school and I've used zoom for my geometry classes since before the coronavirus spreading. So it's the only class I really "go to" right now lol

  • Michael Jarvis says:

    On that domestic violence story, South Africa has completely shut down the sales of alcohol and tobacco for our 21 day lock down. Speaking to a guy that lives in Guguletu (a township in the Cape flats) he told me that the first 3 days of lock-down were chaos that side, as people stocked up on booze and just went on a binge. However, now things have calmed down due to the lack of alcohol. I wasn't quite sure about the ban of these substances before, still don't quite understand the tobacco decision, but alcohol and isolation definitely do not mix well.

  • @Philip DeFranco:

    Just a hint for tomorrow.

  • Wtf is zoom?! There’s something called discord…I would recommend this. I talk to friends across the world…the only problem is my sleep schedule cuz I talk to friends halfway around the world.

  • Wtf is zoom?! There’s something called discord…I would recommend this. I talk to friends across the world…the only problem is my sleep schedule cuz I talk to friends halfway around the world.

  • I am one of those 3 that makes it to the end, and I cant thank you enough for your shows right now. You are my most trusted news source in this chaos and you keep my family anchored with you thoughts and information. Be safe and thank you!

  • DarthShadie Lavellan says:

    Stay safe, Phil, and everyone. Take time to self care and respect your boundaries in this time of being cooped up with our families. Take care of your body.

  • I appreciate the note at the end… my therapist said im good as long as I'm not alone with my thoughts for too long and I'm feeling that…. I'm going to try and focus on my videos for my channel to keep my busy

  • The Seven Arts says:

    That's funny. Use an app (zoom) that's been known to have problems then complain about cause random people are join in on your stuff… ever heard of switching to something else

  • we have moved to microsoft teams works well but it new for our office the other offices already did working from home just not us but this proved we could.

  • We are using Zoom at our music school to keep lessons going virtually! We feel for all the kids and parents who’s activities have been cancelled and feel so fortunate that we can provide a little bit of normal during these uncertain times.

  • I’ve noticed theee are a lot of places that aren’t cleaning and taking precautions to keep from spreading germs. Then there are the employees at stores, gas stations, etc, that wear gloves and never change them. What’s the point of even wearing them. Also my friends so is in jail and they never give the inmates in his area cleaning supplies or have ppl come in and clean.

  • Just want to say thank you Phil for being consistent in a time where I feel like my whole life has flipped upside down.

  • im at the end of every one of these videos…
    The substantial rise in domestic violence makes me very sad. To think that you could "love someone enough to hurt them" like that makes no sense to me. How could so many people be ok with abusing the ones you claim to love?

  • A ''doctors'' day and gratitude applause is just not enough, imo. Healthcare workers die because of the exposure. There should be at least extra monetization to them and their families.

  • NorthObsidianG says:

    I'm dealing with being at home by just using apps or stuff like skillshare. It's not great but at least I learn something.

  • "…surpasses china in covid19 deaths" are we still believing anything china is saying? I understand that reported data (even if false) is better that making up information. However we should just stop comparing this to Chinas numbers, they WANT us to spam their false data so we blame everyone else instead of looking at China.

  • This comment probably won't be looked at but I feel we should make an effort to also display confirmed recoveries when showing or discussing numbers.

  • note these no help for men in dometic problems, where there the victioms, another sexist agender, and the numbers and stats are there saying woman are just as likely do to it to men, but i guess everyone are dumbasses who cant read.

  • 13:45 are those exceptions only for women or are those open to men to… If it's only women that are excepted then I feel like that's reinforcing the stigma around domestic abuse towards men

  • We've been using zoom at work for a few months, given the increased traffic I'm impressed we haven't experienced issues yet. A couple of cool features during presentations: you can annotate on people's shared screen and (with permission) even take remote control of the screen shared by the user.

  • My mom works for natural organics and they had 4-5 test positive and they refuse to shut down. She’s a manger and walked out with around 100 people or more.

  • Daniel Lussier says:

    Not only should the gig companies pay more but the consumers should be tipping more. These people are doing you a huge favor shopping and picking up food for you. They are exposing themselves so you don't have to. Don't be an asshole and thank them from your pocket.

  • As a person that works with GM I think this is pull sh** man we are getting 2 days off so they can "deep clean" and back to work. We should be at home not getting people sick. I work with ops, engineers, tech etc every day about 5 times a week for 12hr. some of us can't even get food because we're too tired for working the 12 hours to go after work and if you go after people have already raided the ??‍♂️. This is just getting out of hand people need to come down and stay at home.

  • Grace Stanbridge says:

    Can you talk about other countries in the daily updates plz I’m from England and I would love to here you talk more about the situation in Europe more ?

  • Saw dobriks face, was hoping you'd talk about how he and his friends failed to quarantine or social distance during the first two weeks and sre only now doing it. And poorly. .

  • King sooper workers need to walk out because last ive heard we’re still not getting hazard pay. safeway is and they’re boasting about how great they’re handling it, but the still. don’t. give. us. hazard. pay!

  • Martian Pudding says:

    Phill I get that your sources probably framed it in this one sided way but it is so so important to remember that men can be victims and women can be abusers. Woman and victim are not synonyms.

  • Thank you so much for opening up at the end of the video Phil. I've been in a terrible depressive episode for almost 2 weeks, it's been so hard to even get up. It helps to not feel crazy, to know I'm not alone

  • I live in North Sweden, and as of yet, all offices of the software company I work for remain open with the exception of Stockholm. That being said, over 75% of my colleagues are home. Our company uses Skype for business and Microsoft Teams as Microsoft services are easily integrated with our Active Directory. Otherwise personally, I use Facebook and good ole phone calls to stay in touch.

  • As long as paid sick-leave is not linked to how long people are actually sick (have them get a note from the doctor if you don't trust them) workers will continue to come to work sick, simply because they can't all afford to stay home. People who come to work while sick, will be sick longer, and risk infecting more workers (not just talking about corona) which will cost even more money and downtime for the company. This model is bad for everyone, and needs to change.

  • Carmen Penelope says:

    I’m in Spain, and the response to domestic violence cases has been amazing. If someone is undergoing domestic violence all that they need to do is go to the pharmacy and tell the pharmacist a code word that has been widely published and the police will come immediately and help the victim. And, every day for the past five or six days there have been less and less cases – there are still new cases every day but it’s gone down by more than half.

  • We are taking you for granted PDF.
    Thank you, for filtering, summarizing, and sharing the important information for us.
    Bless you.

  • I just tried to show this to my mum and she had a go at me “he talks too quick how do you listen to this everyday” smh

  • Thank you Phil for the daily updates! I stopped watching the news on TV cause they always make it sound like it's the end of the world + they don't focus on social issues.
    When I see how other countries in the EU are handling this situation it just makes me helpless and depressed for my own country, Bulgaria. The majority of people are just silently following what the companies/firms/government is saying without thinking for themselves (giving it a thought). I'm all for doing my part to help stop the spread but I'm always giving my opinion when I see wrong/harmful decisions being made and then I look like the bad guy when I do so :/ For example: It's not normal to deny your workers paid leave during quarantine and telling them they can only take unpaid leave if they want a break from work; it's also not normal for the government to offer its people interest-free loans (~USD700) to get by the month (rent, bills, etc) when other EU countries are freezing these things … Like, what will happen when this is over and people have to pay back the loans?? Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get this out of my system since the things I see in my country are making me so frustrated 🙁

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