Thirst For Yours

Thirst For Yours

I can see the future crystal
clear like a medium music what I’m feeding em. ♪♪ It’s an honor having a big-time
rapper coming in here! Rapper? Rapper? Generation-defining artist
maybe. 5 tracks nominated… for song of the year! I’ve got stories to tell… Cut! Big stories! Action! You feel me? ♪♪ Look at you all fancy! Fancy? I’m going to be the most iconic
designer of all time. The line for my stuff… Is going to go for miles. Tickets to my show… so hot. I’m going to be on the cover of
every issue of every magazine, in every
country even the ones on Mars. So let’s go, I got places to be. Little? Man, I’m about to be the biggest
in the-


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