Thingara Bucchi || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Thingara Bucchi || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Greetings, Mr Murali Krishna!
– Greetings! Please, be seated! It’s been a while since you visited the city.
– I’m here to attend a wedding. Thought I’d meet you. By wedding I’m reminded,
my son is working in the US. We’re planning on getting him married this year.
My wife happened to see your brother’s daughter. She instantly liked her.
Is your brother planning on getting her married? ‘Come what may, Satyabama must marry his son.
There is no sin in lying as it is a real good match for her.’ Of course! I’m sure my brother
will marry her off if the groom is nice. My son is a soft spoken guy.
Everyone has to drive their own cars there. So, can she manage?
– Of course! Satyabama is a fantastic driver. And driving a two wheeler is like child’s play for her.
I’m not exaggerating but Formula 1, MotoGP and all
are nothing. Oh, Lord!
Step aside, step aside! I fell down again!
But there will be a day when I’ll drive without crashing. Where do I park this? Hey, kiddo. Come here.
– Yes? Could you park my bike?
– Sure. Thank you, kiddo, for helping me out.
Wonder when I’ll learn to park myself. My son is jovial.
He makes friends with everyone in a jiffy. So does Satyabama.
She doesn’t even need to say a word to make friends. Trust me when I say
she doesn’t even need a jiffy. I hate these interviews!
I wish there were no interviews at all. Hi!
– I’ve a boyfriend! – Guess she is nervous. I’m Nikita. What is your name?
– I won’t tell you. Shall we be friends?
– I’ve enough friends already. In America, she’ll have to speak in English.
Is she good in English? She is the only English speaking person in our town.
If anyone else is, then they must be her students. She is planning on starting a spoken English center
and you ask if she can speak English? So funny. What’s up, dude! Not with the empty chairs,
talk to me in English if you can. What’s up, dude?
– Say anything other than that in English. What to do and what not to do.
– Speak in English, don’t say lines from movies. So..
Well.. No! So, you can’t speak English? You’ve been training at this spoken English center
for over a month. Still, you haven’t picked up a word. My son hates dogs.
I hope your brother’s girl isn’t a pet lover. Yuck! Satyabama and animal lover?
No way! She hates animals! She doesn’t even look at animals.
If anyone does, she wouldn’t even look at them. Now, there is a cat! My son might be an IT guy
but he is a book worm. He loves books! So is she! Your son might be a book worm
but she is a book beast! After reading a book,
she talks about it with all! Let’s read news.
Screw the English papers. I’ll prefer Telugu ones. Who wants headlines?
I only want cinema news. ‘Bahubali team’s reunion.’
Well, if they’ve met again, why not make another sequel? ‘The song ‘Samajavaragamana’ goes viral.’
Well, it should. ”Sarileru Neeku Evaru’ to release this Sankranti.’
Amazing news! I’ve read too many tidbits.
I’ll have to share it with all. Hey, there!
I just read that.. Since he lives alone there,
my son has now learnt to cook well. Can Satyabama cook? You are really funny! When your son
can cook well, why can’t she? Infact, she teaches her mom cooking.
Also, she is planning on writing a few cookery books. I’m not exaggerating but
if you sip the tea she makes you’ll never want to taste
anything else. Trust me! What’s up, dude! What’s for lunch, mom?
– Why can’t you lend me a helping hand with cooking? What! Are you trying to make me your maid?
Shall I tell dad? Don’t you know that I can appreciate food but not cook.
Also, you’ve some nerve to ask me to cook. Don’t you want to live a long
and a healthy life? If you ever asking me to help you with cooking,
I’ll ban you from watching your soap operas. Prepare the lunch soon
and bring it to me. Since you are speaking so highly of her,
tell your brother I’ll come meet him formally soon. Sure!
I hope we meet next at the betrothal. See you, sir.
– See you. I lied like hell.
Satyabama is nothing like I told him. God, please, see to it that all falls in place.
I wonder where that crazy girl is right now at. Sipping tea
from saucer is an amazing experience! Hi! Thanks to all my 50K subscribers!
I love you all! I think it’ll be fun if Satyabama gets married to the US guy.
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