Thikka Na Koduku || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Thikka Na Koduku || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Screw this life!
Another interview gone waste. Screw this life!
Another interview gone waste. Someday, even I’ll screw it back.
– Screw what? – My life. It is fucking me,
so I’ll fuck it back someday. He seems like a maniac.
– Every dog has a day, so will I. Take the Lord’s blessings
before stepping out. Hi, bro! Do you know me?
Do you know where I was born? Do you know what I do? Do you atleast know
what my Instagram handle is? You don’t. Now, who are you? Where do you live?
What do you do? What is your motto in life? Alright, forget it. I won’t ask you for any wishes
but do just this much for me. Appear before me.
We’ll sit and have a talk. Think about it. ‘Who the duck is he, mom?’ Wait there! Did you ever see me before? – No.
– Had you been paying attention, you’d have. Do you have a boyfriend?
– No and why do you care? That’s not how you talk. Address me as dear
because a wife addresses her hubby as dear. What the fuck?
– We’ll get to that part later. I like you. I’m a decent guy. I don’t meddle in anyones affairs,
but if anyone meddles in mine, I won’t back down. I may look like an idiot, but I carry on with my work.
I’ll take great care of you. So, try me. Keep me like you would a pet. So, you fell for me. Brother, you want tea?
– Sure. Add less sugar in my tea, though. Uncle, when have you come?
– About an hour ago. How have you been? You’re a civil engineer, right?
– Yeah. – What are you doing now? I work as a field inspector at a construction site.
– You speak like field inspector is some sub inspector. Your son doesn’t even work at all. You earn money
and he spends it. Unlike him, I’m doing whatever I can. You too have a family and even your family has issues.
Don’t say you don’t. Every family does. So focus on those issues.
I’ve some vision and my parents believe me. So, keep it that way. And if you want to
set anyone right, try it on your son. And, don’t forget to have your tea
before leaving. Why didn’t you answer my calls?
– If we keep talking on phones for hours until we run out of things to speak,
I might lose interest in you. So, I see no point. You look sharp. How much are you wearing?
– Wear what? – Make up. I just put some foundation and some make up.
– Don’t do it anymore. Now, you girls wear makeups and look like angels.
But after marriage, you do household chores sans makeup. So, I want you to be sans makeup even now.
Don’t give us false hope. Let’s remain genuine.
Go wash your face. And your name is?
– Chandoo Sai, sir. – I’ll get straight to the point. What is Fe 500D?
– It is the yield strength of steel. What is the density of sand?
– It is 1602kg/cu.m You’re not fit for this job. You may leave.
– How egoistic. May I ask you something?
– Go ahead. Do you know about SBC? About pile load
bearing test? About horizontal pulling test? Let me tell you this.
You’re not fit to sit in that chair. You look upset.
– Don’t make me talk. Go away. – Come on, tell me. A well read guy like me is jobless, while that idiot
has that chair under him. Screw this system. There is something I wanted to tell you.
– What? – I’ll tell you that later. – No, say it now! I’ll tell you later. – No, say it now.
– My parents are searching for matches for me. So, come and meet my parents.
– Screw this! I don’t even have a job and now this? Go and marry whom ever your parents tell you to.
– Why do you talk like that? – This is how I talk when I’m pissed! What is wrong with him?
– He is sort of a nut, so let him be. Every guy like him would talk like that.
Guys like him have understood life. That understanding of life pisses them more often
and makes them act like maniacs. But, once the anger wears down,
they are the sweetest people. Trust me. After he cools down,
he’ll come and make up for it. Sorry.
I got a little pissed and talked shit. So, you want me
to talk to your parents? Bloody maniac.
None can predict your behavior. I’m sure you all know guys who are
low key maniacs. We dedicate this video to them all. If you liked this video, do like, share
and hit that tiny bell down there and subscribe. This is Chandoo Sai
as Pakkinti Kurradu.


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