The Worst Parent Ever

The Worst Parent Ever

hello everyone this is your daily dose of Internet this is probably the worst parent in the animal kingdom these are Christmas Island red crabs and they give birth to millions of baby crabs every year the parents take advantage of the free food and love to eat their babies a photographer captured some incredible video footage of these sharks near Ecuador this person taught our dog how to play the floor is lava the floor is lava floors lava this diver found a fish caught in a plastic bag and set it free Nancy in his video but I just wanted to quickly dedicate this video to my cat cupcake who passed away a few days ago she died a few days before her 18th birthday you know she was more than a cat she was my best friend and helped me get through some of the worst and most depressing days of my life [Laughter] now we're gonna call her come on cupcake man let's go go inside go go good job


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