The Woman Behind Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Split!

The Woman Behind Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Split!

I now strongly believe that stars have this
mission to make us believe that true love does not exist!! I mean what else could the reason be?! Why would they get in a relationship, keep
it a secret at first, later go public knowing things get even more difficult for them, just
to break up or split a couple of months after! This is exactly what Katie Holmes and Jamie
Foxx did to us and what’s worse is that we only found that out when we saw Jamie with
a new chick, Sela Vave! Let me explain everything! Rumors have it that the six year relationship
ended because of two things, one, the wild life-style of Jamie and two, the long-distance
relationship thing that apparently Katie had had enough of! According to In Touch, Katie and Jamie’s relationship
have been a long-distance one since the very beginning cause he lives in L.A and she lives
in New York and we all know how difficult things are when you are in one of these relationships! No matter how much trust is right there, just
the fact that you cannot have as much physical contact with the person as you want makes
things way harder to deal with! And seems like Katie was the one that was
not happy with the way things were in her relationship! I mean, I wouldn’t either! If I am with someone, I would rather have
them close to me especially if that someone has a life-style like Jamie! After all, he is the party type and celebrities
who love to party don’t seem to have that much luck when it comes to relationships! Truth be told, I was even surprised when I
found out that these two are together and even more surprised when it took them 6 years
to split! Apparently, the two have been arguing nonstop
over Jamie’s lifestyle and as the evidence shows, one side of this relationship won the
fight! For months, he had been promising to calm
this wild style of life but nothing has changed and I am not sure how much you guys know women,
but when you promise something and you keep breaking it over and over again, one day,
they just pack their bags and leave! I’m guessing the same thing happened to this
guy! Apparently, Katie got to the conclusion that
she wants to be with a guy that is more mature and is ready to settle down! She has a child after all! Things were more difficult for her especially
because she couldn’t keep an eye on him in L.A and all of that problems made her fed
up with doing this whole long-distance thing so there was a choice she had to make! Whether he had to move to New York or she
was going to finish the relationship and we all know what happened next! Another lady showed up and then the news of
their split was released! Jamie Foxx was seen holding hands with this
mysterious woman called Sela Vave leaving a nightclub in L.A. at 2 a.m. on Aug. 17. Now everyone is wondering who this lady is,
and as usual, your boy Marky Mark is here to tell it all! Based on my research, Sela Vave is a singer
and Jamie is her music mentor but who knows! Relationships in Hollywood always start like
this after all, isn’t it!? All through Sela’s Instagram, you can find
pictures of her with Jamie so how can it not be more than just a mentor!? But let’s focus on her now! Where she comes from, who she is and all of
that! Sela’s was born in Utah and moved to Los Angeles
just this year as soon as Jamie decided to give her a chance and try to help her with
her music career! According to an interview she had with Power
106, she said that she has been singing ever since she remembers and that she has a single
out on iTunes! The next project for her and Jamie, except
for their possible relationship, is to work on her debut album! Other than being a singer, Sela is a professional
model as well as an actor! And when you go through her pictures, it is
clear that she is a sports lover! Also from the pictures, she has with Jamie
on her Instagram you can see that she is so grateful to him for believing in her which
explains the mentoring part of their relationship! On her Facebook, she even wrote that ever
since she has moved to L.A. many good things have been happening to her and all of it is
thanks to Jamie Foxx! Well, I would also be this excited if I had
a mega superstar supporting me and believing in my talent! In the same Power 106 interview, James said
that when she walked in everyone was wondering what is so special about this new girl and
next thing they knew she was sitting on a stair with an acoustic guitar singing broken
down version of Beyonce! What impressed Jamie was the fact that she
was not trying to be Fantasia or Whitney Houston! She was herself! Based on what I have heard here and there,
Katie somehow knew about this lady! She even allegedly told her friend that what
Jamie does is his business and that they have not been together in months! Probably by his business, she meant Sela Vave! Just saying! This lady, Sela might also be another reason
for Katie and Jamie’s split! What do you guys think?! Do you think Jamie was cheating on Katie with
Sela!? Let’s talk about that in the comments and
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  • I never got why they stayed together. They are seemingly so different. Her Dad (lawyer) brainwashed her against Tom Cruise. She knew from the start about Tom Cruise's Scientology. He's NEVER tried to hide the fact. She chose to marry him! She left with she and Tom's daughter while he was shooting a film. Very low. Tom Cruise dobted on her and their daughter. Very sad! 😞

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