35 thoughts on “The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art”

  • Daniel Bedford says:

    You do not know what Art is. A "real" artist does not have a business. They do not deal with people or companies that take advantage of people who think they are an artist. Disclosure 5:40

  • StartArtSmart says:

    These are some great tips for selling your Art. Plus I agree with you, when you say, "The Power is Now in The Artist Hands." And thanks to the internet, we have Leveled the Playing Field. Next to Multi-Billion dollar companies. Because all the tools for Online Marketing, are reasonably priced.

    "Thanks for sharing!"

  • NO I will never sell a print of my art while I am still alive…. I sell to anyone who will pay. And if you are selling to the rich it only takes one client… Matisse survived off of the Cone Sisters, Dali the Moris's. Many artists married into wealth…. and so the story goes…

  • Billie Posters says:

    This is the worst advice lol… You're talking like its a pitch for a bunch of small business start up owners mate and art is a practice not a business.. its one of the few practices where the rewards are rarely seen in a monetary form but are rather more philosophical in nature.. You obviously don't know much about artist lol or sorry "oil painters and illustrators" xD

  • Peter Chorao says:

    Thank you Adrian! You're amazing and inspirational, those dna11 artworks are very beautiful, i love the glowing colors.
    For those frustrated artists still waiting for a magic formula after listening to this video (sorry it takes work to sell art there is no magic formula)
    Here are the notes i took on what advice Adrian rattles on about:
    1 selling out (you don't have to sign with the devil to make it)
    2 Art galleries are the only way (not)
    3 techie (you dont have to be a computer technician to sell on line)
    4 you need a lot of money (not, there are even free options btw)
    5 Prints cheapen art (not)
    6 Put a very high price tag on your art (no, have a range of item prices)

    1 Know thy self
    2 Know who are your buyers (know who you want to sell to)
    3 Make remarkable art -best advertising is word of mouth
    4 Make great art
    5 make prints of your art to sell
    6 Set up a website – or a blog, Adrain says he just has a blog on wordpress,
    6a. Be on social media
    b. Share
    c. Use Online stores
    d. Get ink (Printed media)
    e. Dont use pr firms, only you or maybe a personal team member can do a proper job (sorry) you are gonna have to do your own pitching.
    – What's your angle? Why is your art buzz worthy?
    That's it that's all he gives us. Sorry unfortunately no magic formulas or how to sign with the devil to get out of doing the work, that probably wouldn't be a good idea to do anyway.

  • Selling out is the stupidest concept. It’s just selling. Here, buy my art. It’s so stupid to call anything selling out if you’re trying to make art—or anything—a business.

  • Had a lot of real success on Facebook – years ago when you could post there. But after spending a ton of money to build my audience (and it was worth it because I was selling) FB decided I shouldn't be allowed to talk to that audience unless I paid them MORE money. Considering that FB posts are only "live" for a few hours at best, the money you have to spend to reach your entire audience is just not worth it…so 6,000 followers just sit there and no way to reach them. FB is now the biggest rip off you could imagine.

    Ebay did something like this more than a few years ago – I was starting to get some serious traction there and then they instituted a policy where, in order to be seen, you had to buy a $30 listing. Needless to say all the Chinese sweat shop work somehow would get to the top of those $30 listings and then sell their pieces for a mere $10. How they made money like this I don't know unless the fee structure for them was different. It totally killed off any business I had there.

    So social media can be great but once again – they will find a way to screw you over.

  • Really good vid! I bet it would be a much less inhumane world if more artists made great money, don't you think? I WANT people who make Beauty, who critique the culture and see through its falsehoods, who have future-vision and insight, who capture the moments that make life worth living or the moments that are painful but grow our souls…in short, I want people of DEPTH and soul to have money~ because I think they will encourage more humane values than whoever is running the show now…

  • Sacred Scripts says:

    Piece of advice, your relations are your best potential clients. Don't listen to what was said waste of time.

  • the therorist says:

    this guy is just telling people how to make money off of the art industry without putting in the work….it cheapens it…..the same thing happened with tattoos 10 years ago…a boom happened for shitty to mediocre tattoo artists to start marketing online and opening shops and finding ways to make money…..all it did was oversaturate the market and drive the prices down to where real artists could barely make a living….

  • ArT RefugiuM says:

    Did all the stuff. Still not selling. If I had to live off what I make during the year I would have died of starvation already somewhere under a bridge.

  • Tiziana Hetherington says:

    This is NOT what solve the problem to survive and make money with our Art. It is 45 years I tried to sell something and nobody wants to pay because they think we do it for fun! People can sell the crafting but not the Artist Soul works. I am a good and diverse artist when I say I will sell for a price, they want the thing for free… The only thing I would do are the prints, and keep the original unless somebody is prepared to pay good money. You sound easy.. there is no easy when you are an artist unless you are already rich !!

  • Speaking of promoting art, I saw this girl's art in a gallery in Utah last year, a bit of a gem I think.

  • Art from Wonderland says:

    A bit dated, but if you can apply strategies in current times and resources – he shares few good points.

  • friedricengravy says:

    Selling out is when u compromise ur craft, ur morals, or ur honesty in the pursuit of success. Making a living (even mad stacks jk lol) doing anything….even art is NOT selling out. Going from realism to abstract or singing pop songs though u prefer the blues….being someone u r not, supporting a false image, manipulation for the sake of popularity is selling out. Just my opinion. Make Art, Love Life

  • Thomas Never says:

    I am a collector. Two years ago I went to an art exhibition in Bangkok. The exhibition featured three young artist ladies from Thailand. I looked at all the pictures displayed, took some photos and tried to get the attention of the young ladies. In vain. I guess I was not really their type of guy, considering an age difference of some decades in addition to sporting no tattoos and piercings – as they did. Finally I left, slightly frustrated. And of course without buying. So what do YOU learn from this? Suppose the door of your studio opens and in limps Quasimodo the hunchback…

  • Jeka Lambert says:

    Etsy? Social media? After 5 years on Etsy, I'd spent hours photographing my work, writing descriptions, paying listing fees, paying renewal fees, then selling my one of a kind jewelry at a show in person. After posting to Etsy, I'd upload images to Pinterest. When the Pinterest images were saved, it would link back to my Etsy account. One pair of my earrings was saved more than 99K times on Pinterest. Yes, it drove people to my Etsy account, but it DID NOT translate into sales. I NEVER sold anything on Etsy to anyone who had not already purchased jewelry from me in person. Most of those who contacted me via Etsy were people (from all over the world) who wanted directions about how to copy something I made and who didn't want to pay me for it. Social media doesn't target a local audience. It does get your name out there, but it does not pay the bills. As the only person involved in my art business, I'd rather spend my time making things to sell, then selling them in person, than to waste my time photographing my work, writing about it, and paying fee after fee.

  • portrart_ studio says:

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