The Untold Truth Of Jana Duggar

The Untold Truth Of Jana Duggar

Out of all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s
19 kids, their eldest daughter, Jana, is arguably the most low-key. But there’s a lot more to this Duggar daughter
than meets the eye. From Tim Tebow dating rumors, to complicated
relationships with her siblings, to persistent speculation as to just what team she’s playing
for in the love department, here’s the untold truth of Jana Duggar. The thing with Tim Tebow It’s unusual for an NFL star to hook up with
a lesser-known TLC reality star, but rumors swirled in 2014 that Jana and former NFL quarterback
Tim Tebow were an item. The gossip reached a fever pitch after Jim
Bob met Tebow’s mother, Pat, at a charity event in 2014. At the time, the rumors made sense because
Jana and Tebow are both deeply religious and are two years apart in age. Plus, many fans were right to think that Jim
Bob might have tried to make a match through Pat, since he’s set up his daughters before. But Tebow’s rep shut down the rumor mill in
December 2014, saying the two had never even met. The family spinster At a January 2018 event in Australia, Jim
Bob seemingly mocked Jana for being single — in front of an entire church full of people. “Jana is 28 years old and still single, so
she’s still praying about the one.” Unsurprisingly, many fans were outraged by
the remark. One tweeted: “I’m half surprised that Jim Bob Duggar hasn’t
tried to force Jana into an arranged marriage by now. In the rest of America other than on The Bachelor,
being single at 28 is no big deal.” And another chimed in: “Attention Jim Bob: your daughter is smart,
beautiful, and has an amazing heart … remember that before you go making fun of her for being
28 and single.” Jana vs. Jessa Some fans might be shocked to learn that Jana
and her younger sister, Jessa, kind of hated each other as kids. Things got so bad that Michelle forced the
girls to share bunk beds, a story that was recounted in the Duggar sisters’ book, Growing
Up Duggar. But Jessa, who was assigned the bottom bunk,
would spend her nights kicking Jana’s bed. As for the pair’s relationship as adults,
Jessa said on Counting On, “We clashed heads a little bit when we were
younger; but now that we’re older, I don’t know, we work together well.” Chilling on those wedding bells Unlike her younger sisters, Jana isn’t laser-focused
on getting married. A source told Radar Online in January 2015, “Jana has been pursued by several guys. She has never gotten to the courting phase
with anyone, but she has spoken with interested men after church. […] Jana’s extremely picky. She wants the real deal and won’t settle for
less.” “I’m not just out to get married to the first
one that comes along.” The other romance rumors Celebs often face gossip about their orientation,
and Jana Duggar is no exception. Fans speculate that Jana could be a lesbian,
because of her longtime single status, a theory the reality star has never denied or confirmed. But people can’t seem to let go of the idea
that Jana is supposedly dating her best friend, Laura. Laura is often pictured with Jana and she
sometimes accompanies her on trips. Laura even tagged along when Jana flew to
Texas to visit her younger sister, Jinger. In August 2017, a source told The Hollywood
Gossip that Jana prefers “the company of other women.” Of course, Jana should do Jana… but only
time will tell if these rumors are true. Is she leaving reality TV? In March 2015, a source told OK! Magazine that Jana might be leaving the Duggar
house for good, alleging, “She told her parents that she was looking
at Christian colleges and would be applying soon. Jana knows she needs to get on with her education
if she doesn’t want to be stuck at her mom and dad’s house in Arkansas for the rest of
her life.” The source went on to reveal that Jim Bob
supposedly tried to talk Jana out of leaving. And he just might have gotten his way. As of May 2018, Jana has yet to pursue a college
education. Kids… someday Just because Jana isn’t overly enthusiastic
about love and marriage, it doesn’t mean she’s closed off to having kids someday. In March 2016 on Counting On Jana revealed
her 5-year plan, saying, “Well maybe, you know, I’ll meet the one and
get married and have kids and stuff.” But right now, Jana’s just fine with where
she is. These days, she’s… “Just being busy with where God has me right
now and being content in this place.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Jana Duggar”

  • Jana if u choose not to. Marry don’t u be happy u are so pretty smart u be what ever u want if u go to school a career u want to travel jessa is always been a bullied u make what ever u pink tickle if them rumors about u are gay who cares u be happy u are our Jana be your self u are so smart if u want to be a teacher a astronaut or live in the White House make sure we will vote for u to be president we love u Jana we love Kendra u guys make a nice family

  • Her parents really don't want her to leave till the next oldest daughter can take over raising the younger ones. As for education her parents are against the idea! Because thet are trying to build there fake religious cult by ysing there own first to start it and jim bob expects to have 100 grandkids to keep his cult growing as well as all the money he makes from tv and hus family gets nobe and I mean none it's all his money. Somebody help these kids put there parents in jail and stop this cult already! Thus freaks up spring up everwhere. They are trying to make woman sex slaves and have non stop babys and be slaves to men and have no mibd of there iwn. There poor kids don't know anything about the world outside there parents home. Michele had a normal childhood. She dressed in normal clothes abd went to party's and went dancing abd prom and was a cheer leader abd did lots of dating and SEX too! She had a bad break up and started dating jim bob who took advantage of her to train her the way he wants her to be. And married her at only 17yrs old she was to young to understand anything and her parents should have stopped her. Si her kids never had the opportunity to see and enjoy life. No music no tv no moves no hanging iut wuth BOY's and girls. No regular school because of fear they'll learn how the real world lives. They wouldn't let them read book on history and science to know what happened in the world. Only there fake bibles. It's going to taje a long time for those kids to see what they missed out on in life. Hope Amy can help a little by telling them whats out there. Ginger has a giod husband that waited to have kids and get to know one another first and was smart to move away from the duggers to shiw ginger what the real world is all about. Glad to see her in pants maybe a bathing suit next who knows maybe college and a career up the road. He husband seems to be there for her.yes he's religious but not like her family's fake religious cult. Hope the other follow suit.very happy for ginger!!!

  • I’m sorry but I’ve got a feeling that Michelle is gonna leave Jim Bob eventually. Sounds impossible but I get the vibe that she isn’t happy w him. He’s a terrible father AND husband.

  • Jana spent her whole life raising her younger siblings while the parents did little themselves. Is it any wonder she's the eldest daughter and single. Also of course the father doesn't want her to leave. They'd have to care for their own kids. Detest the parents they are complete hypocrites

  • Esther Rodriguez says:

    I thinks Jana is the most beautiful, coolest & intelligent Duggar of all. Her patience & trust in GOD will bring her what she deserves & wants in life.

  • She travels a lot with her best friend on trips?? So that means she’s a lesbian? Smh. How about she brings her friend along because she’s tired of being the 3rd wheel at family events where everyone is coupled up? Or because she wants to spend time doing sumthin other than being a second mom to her siblings? How about that??

  • What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle make their almost 30 year old daughter share a room with her little sisters when she’s old enough to be sum of their own mothers smh

  • Of course Jana is 28 and unmarried. U would be too if the only role u’ve ever had in life was being the family nanny, cook, driver, interior designer, gardener, home school teacher, chaperone, party planner, and cook. She’s practically been groomed to be a pseudo wife and mother since the day she was born.

  • Jana, I know u’ll probly never even see these comments, but please know that u have supporters out here! There is more to being a woman than wife and mother. They’re thousands of people who’d be more than happy to set up a GoFundMe account to help u financially support urself!!!

  • We all keep waiting for that truck crash and a huge reduction of the duggar cult. Hey, maybe an airplane crash would be better.

  • Wasn't it confirmed that Jana was among the four sisters Josh molested? If she was, then she would've been older than the others and likely old enough to understand the situation. A traumatic event like that can affect people way later in life. The fact that they never properly acknowledged or dealt with the situation probably doesn't help. I hope she gets away. I hope they all do.

  • I don't think its weird that she's not married at 28 but to be 28, still living at home with your parents, no education, and never even been on a date? that's weird anti-social behavior

  • Jana, please, please follow what you want to do with your life! Screw your family- I'm sure you love them but you can always choose your "family".
    She's freaking 28! Exactly, she wants "the real deal" meaning a male, female, trans person, herself, no one, anyone… That sweet girl needs to get out of that toxic life-style.

  • Jana is probably not wanting to get married because she had to raise the younger kids while the mother sat on her ass or had her legs wide open for jim bob to shake his wang in

  • Earlier today on the way to a New Year's Eve party, I stepped onto a huge pile of dog feces, and SPLAT, all over the place. It reminds me so much of the way the duggars treat others and the world: with smelly contempt and white trash know-nothing attitudes. Michelle Shid-brain said that wives should hand IT all over to their male partners, but little do they know that as they begin to penetrate her, she usually blows a huge spurt of urine all over her victim(s). Happy New Year, pervs!!

  • Cheryl Mckiver says:

    Jana we'll get married when that save,romatic comes along,im quite when the rite comesShell know. Jana isn't that talk show women that starts /,E,E 4hrr is Eternal Life got it know!!! Yall just flesh Galation5, that's ALL. Evangelist🛐 CHERYL

  • Henauder Titzauf says:

    Great looking, smart, wants the best, Jana! You go girl. If I had waited until was your age or a little older I would have not been married 3 times, and looked for what I wanted in a marriage that I have now. Hang in there, you aren’t old, far from it, Dad SHUT UP, leave your girl alone.

  • Who cares if she is gay that's the way she was made it's not a big deal it's her life maybe she's just waiting or is just happy with the way things are now I'm glad she's happy

  • My husband and I like jinger and jana and out guy like Jason and Joe who marry Kenya and jessa and Ben. They all okay guy and nice girl good on Jim bob and Michelle

  • Some fan asked if Jana would be getting pregnant soon, and I pointed out that because of Josh's nasty activities, she wouldn't be having any babies. As we all know, he used his fingers on her, and WOW that must have knocked her up good. SMILES and God Bless you all in spite of your sins.

  • Yooper Tracker says:

    If all the men I was in contact with expected 20+ kids… I would "prefer the company of other women" too, lol

  • jewlene walkington says:

    People are so messed up….what I heard Jim Bob say was NOT making fun of, but just jokingly teasing his daughter….and I would know because I was single until I was almost 40!! I turned 40 3 months after marrying (1st marriage) 10 years ago and there were always jokes to jab at my being single! And, just because someone hasn’t dated (like me), does not in any way imply that they must struggle with same sex attraction! Figure this out, just because you see Jana on a show and see a small part of her life DOES NOT mean you know her or her heart! If I were her, I wouldn’t quit the show because of my Dad, I would quit because of all the insane people making derogatory statements about my Dad and family…..WHO DO NOT KNOW THEM ON ANY LEVEL!

  • I honestly don’t think she is into women. If one of the children is gay, it is more than likely Josh. One the poor kid was never allowed to explore his sexuality. He obviously isn’t happy in his marriage, but I don’t think it’s because he is perv. It’s because he isn’t into women. He was taught that he can never lie with a man, so it probably has never crossed his mind that he is gay and that is why he is unhappy. Or he knows he is gay, but felt like if he slept with a few more women that maybe he would all of a sudden become attracted to women. It would not surprise me if he inappropriately touched a couple of his younger brothers when he was younger as well. You know “just experimenting “. If that did happen the Duggar family wouldn’t disclose it since it would not look good if he was also touching boys. When he was sent away when he was younger he could have been sent through “conversion therapy”. I believe they only disclosed the abuse since a babysitter was involved. I’m sure if it was only the sisters they would have never reported it, just sent him away. They have all lived by such strict standards and never been able to be naturally curious.

  • Sharon Rose Edgerton says:

    Jana . . . is Jana. We will NEVER understand or be her. Give up. Just love that gorgeous lady, and pray. I wonder if she fancies African Americans?

  • Leticia Gormley says:

    It would be correct to say that the "dooooogers" are demented and mentally sick because of their christian affiliation, cult or not. Jesus does that to weirdos.

  • Robin McFerrin says:

    Tell it on a mountain; Tell it to a tree
    Tell it to Lord Jesus, "Master, I've got to pee"

  • Brenda Vananna says:

    Every time I see her, I just wonder how long she really went without some important penetrations, front and rear, just to keep her in some kind of good mood after all of the nonsense that Jim Bob heaped on his kids.  "Smiles" as IT opens that cavity and says "Welcome one and all, just big or small".

  • Labrador Lane says:

    Jana may have been molested bad n don't want any men/women or kids. We don't know cos we ain't been there. Who cares it's her life. She can do what she wants.

  • Pearl the rebel says:

    She’s so gorgeous. She’s so smart and sweet. She could become a model, but she could do anything. Designer? Yes. Engineer? Yes. Gardener? Yes. Teacher? Yes. Sad she’s spent almost half of her life at home. At least there’s someone to take care of the kids. Now that’s she’s older, she practically has her own place at home and her own dog.

  • Jana is the only sensible Duggar Daughter. She doesn't want to get married to the first guy her Dad finds for her. Her parents are way too overbearing though. She is almost 30 and still lives at home. She really needs to get away from her family. I think Michelle and Jim Bob both have mental issues.

  • If Jana really wanted to get out that house, all she would have to do is make a deal with TLC. She wouldn't have to worry about money, or a place to live. She's just needs to figure out how to get around her father, and realize that she is an adult.

  • Melissa LuvsPlease says:

    It is absolutely ignorant to put in here that Jana may be gay since she is taking her time in finding a husband. Good for you Jana in taking your time in finding a LIFE partner. If taking those vows very seriously means taking some extra time to make sure you are truly and madly in love, then you are an even smarter young woman than I thought you were.

  • I'm not convinced over any of this info. It's all basically fake. Fornicating white trash and ugly kids. It's just not worth my prayers, thoughts and anal releases. Even the bible states that after commuting (COMMUTING???? Committing ???) adultery, one should wipe up the mess at least with towels.

  • Michelle Catalfamo says:

    First one to use her brain.. Not married to the first "boy" you meet, than married and pregnant all within a year

  • Jana should not rush into marriage or kids. She’s already helped so much raising her siblings it would be nice for her to do her own thing for a bit. Maby follow through with college.

  • People are always judging and disrespecting people ..Quit just cause she hangs around other women doesn't make her a ……….

  • Portia Landow says:

    I'm told that she has that disease brought on by impossible constipation.  In fact Jana's so clogged up that her stomach gasses (farts) cannot get around the huge turd blockage.  The only thing that saved her was prayer here on youtube.  It helped that one Duggar so?….?

  • Maybe she prefers the company of other women cause she was abused by her older brother as a kid and feels safer around women, not necessarily because shes a lesbian 😔

  • Fact 's Nothing but. The facts says:


  • Feel so bad for her bc you can tell she wants to leave that house and start her own life! Who cares if she stays single or not! She can do it on her own!!!!

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