The Unmarried Friend || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

The Unmarried Friend || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

What did you do for new year?
– I chilled at home. You? – The same. What else can married people do?
– Did you take the new year resolution? – What resolution? That you’ll marry this year.
We got out of college in 2013 and now it is 2020. Some of our friends even started families.
If you don’t get married now, you’ll be called names. Bloody married people! Hey, guys! Wish you all a very happy new year.
Until, 2019, half of my friends got married and half haven’t. So, we married people bug those friends who aren’t.
Actually, I realised we bug the hell out of them. So, I thought of making
a video about it. Let’s start. So, the table is booked?
– Yes. I received the confirmation message too. Will Sushant make it?
– Yes, he said he will be there. And Priyaman? He said he’ll be there directly too.
– Then we both will start by 7:30 from here. I’m so excited about trying the fish there.
– Where are you guys going? Even I’ll come. Even I want to try the fish.
– Is it? You want to try the fish? Get married, then you can join us
because we’re now going on a couple date. Your presence will not be tolerated.
And he wants to try the fish there. Jahnavi, shall we go to Goa
this long weekend? It is Sankranti
and you want to go to Goa, you dumbo? The weekend after that?
– Sushant’s parents will be visiting us. The weekend after that?
– We’ll be going to visit our parents. The weekend after that?
– Who knows what I will be upto then? Why don’t any of you people come? So irritating!
– You know what? Get married and travel with your wife.
You’re single so you are this jobless. But we aren’t like you.
– What! Ankita posted some break up quote. She must’ve broken up.
– That is sad. You know what! I always thought about this.
You and Ankita will make a good pair. I’m glad she broke up. Will you meet her?
– No, I think he’ll make a good pair with Prerna. Ankita will be better. Prerna is too good looking for him.
– But Prerna and he work in the same field. Ankita is a better match for a weirdo like him.
– No! Prerna is definitely a better option. He likes pizza, so does she. He likes selfies, so does she.
So, they both will make a better pair. No, I’m sure he’ll have more in common with Prerna..
– No, Ankita will be better.. Whom did you send a heart emoji? Show me her photo.
– She is just someone who reacted to my story. Sending a heart emoji will be enough of a reply.
So, don’t work yourself up. Be ready to remain unmarried forever.
– What nonsense! Why do you always want me to get married? Yours was a child marriage.
You got married before you saw any world. But unlike you, I want to take time
before getting married. Also, why do you bug me to get married?
– You really want to know? We married people keep missing
our own wedding. So, each time we attend someone’s wedding,
we get to relive the memories from our wedding. Amongst all our friends, only you are left unmarried.
This is why Gautami and I want you to get married. And also, think, how much fun weddings are
with all the parties and the festivities. There will be an engagement party, bachelor party,
Sangeet party, Mehandi party! So many parties! Just imagine how many dresses I can buy for these parties.
– Let’s go buy you some dresses. Why should I get married if you want to buy dresses?
It is like me having my meal because you’re hungry. Why didn’t you show up yesterday?
– My parents found me a match. A match? Why didn’t you tell me. I’d have come.
– When did you come here? How is the girl?
– Nevermind, it won’t work. She is too short. Cut it! You speak like you’re 6feet 4 and acted in Bahubali.
You’ve got black heads and even pores. Your eye sight is weak too.
Even I’m short but Sushant still married me. If you keep judging every girl like this,
you’ll have to remain single forever. Jahnavi, I’ve a good news.
I think I want to get married and settle down. What! Are you mad? Single life is the best.
These are your golden days! I wish I remained unmarried.
– But you said getting married should be my resolution. Resolution? I don’t remember
you ever taking any resolution seriously. You said you’ll slim down and quit booze. But you didn’t.
– But you said I can come on couple dates with you guys. Fine, join us the next time we go on a couple date.
There is nothing so exciting about such dates. We talk about our companies,
our work, our salaries or about other couples.
We do nothing more than judge people. You said you’ll introduce me to Geeta, Pinky and Shweta.
– I say a load of things, you take them all seriously? Will you climb the Mt Everest
just because I tell you to? You said you wanted to buy new clothes for my wedding.
– I’ve so many unused dresses from my wedding. So, I’ll wear those for your wedding,
whenever it is. So, you don’t want me to marry already?
– What are you? Deaf? I’m telling you not to. Are you sure?
Alright, I’ll tell my mom the same. Jahnavi, Sushant bought this for you.
– So cute! You wanted to get married? That’s lovely.
It is good to settle down in life. He knows I like plants.
So, he gifted me this as a mark of apology. Babe, thank you! I love you!
It was my fault! I shouldn’t have said that. You know I get pissed easily.
I love you. Hell with this PDA.
– Also, Nikhil is getting married. So, could you relate?
I’m assuming single people would’ve. If you did, like the video, leave a comment
and share your experiences. And don’t forget
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