The Ultimate Piece of Advertising For Holden

The Ultimate Piece of Advertising For Holden

hi guys I've got a new sponsor for the podcast it's the seven state Holden Acadia which would normally be good news but I'm a little worried no need to vary my friends I've taken care of the sponsor cake that was my worry there we go look at this what a cool sponsor cake the Holden Acadia arrived in ultimate 7 seater style and with a smile because your new car is so awesome that's not even their message I know I wrote from the heart because I thought they liked the sponsor cake better that way oK we've gone over this they won't even get to see the sponsor cake because they're in an office somewhere and you said the cake here for you to enjoy that is so untrue the only reason that we have access to this sponsor cake is so we can jump this sweet remote-control car over it in slow motion creating the ultimate piece of advertising for Holden Haim there at needless they don't want this they've got professionals that make ads to explain that the you know the Acadia is a boss looking 7 CD SUV then why have I never seen a car jump don't respond to take in slow-mo so many reasons here we go take you slow my god yes here we go baby 3 2 1 and history I mean to eat alright we bother cutting to the have a look at that in super slo-mo all right only one way to celebrate they want some delicious cake every time here we go here we go [Laughter]


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