The Ukraine Scandal Sees Its First Arrests | Deadline | MSNBC


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  • Rudy will be next to be thrown under the Trump bus. Watch this space. Off-topic, but I do wish Giuliani's dentist had recommended jaw reconstruction instead of new stumps. He looks like everymans' grandpa with poorly-fitting dentures. He really needs to shovel a bit more snow and tone-up a bit. "The Hunchback of Nueva York." Brrrr

  • rumors have it this is russia putting rat trap to keep things off of them and put it on ukraine. one of their most hated neighbors.
    don't take your eyes off of russia. deal with these thugs, guiliani and then go back to the russian connection. this is all them

  • Trump's attorney, Rudy, should never have allowed Trump to get him strung out on Adderall that facilitated his new criminal personality.

  • Hey trump. You better not go to prison, them brown guys love white tail, Brothers to. You would be what they call a (maytag, bed warmer).lmao.😙😚😍

  • Why those two they arrested look like ex cons. Giuliani looks like the Penguin on Batman. Trump is the joker. Barr is the little fat kid you take his candy from.
    Dumb, dummy, dumbest, dumber. America needs stupid fools like trump and his administration.

  • What about the Lolita plain and pedophiles from elite taking multiple rides on it?..What about the phedophile chain? Doesn't matter? Congratulations ladies and gentlemen! We fooled you again..🤣👺👹👺🤡🤡👽👽👽🤣🤣🤣

  • sickening that the public favors obstruction. this admin will win on public opinion… from an extremely recalcitrant public. we can't blame it on the leaders anymore. it's the fault of conservatives… where is darwin when we need him?

  • why arent they talking about Turkey … remember Michael Flynn Trump tryed to stop the investigation into Flynn , Flynn had ties to Turkey , US drops out of turkey leaves allys behind …. is there anything there

  • Juan Carlos Valdes says:

    Humpty Trumpty is a TRAITOR, a THIEF, a LIAR, a CON ARTIST, a MOBSTER, a FRAUD, and a CROOK! IMPEACH, ARREST, and JAIL this SOB, GIULIANI, plus BARR, and POMPEO!!!!

  • Their corrupt house is falling down around them! I am ecstatic! Rudy will sing like a bird at dawn when they indict him. No honor amongst thieves!

  • BootlegFightVideo says:

    They were illegal Trump donors and their lawyer is John Dowd who was a legal advisor to President Donald Trump.

    John Dowd, the attorney for Parnas and Fruman, wrote to the panel on Thursday saying his clients “assisted Mr. Giuliani in connection with his representation of President Trump.”

    Giuliani told CNN, Parnas and Fruman introduced him to former and current Ukrainian officials.

    John Solomon who invented the Biden Ukraine conspiracy fed it to Lev Parnas before Trump ran with it. Both were leaving the country on one-way tickets hours after meeting with Giuliani. Both are charged with illegal donations to a Trump PAC. Both donated to and met with Pete Sessions who asked Pompeo to remove Yovanovitch.

  • If only TRUMP was allowed to his job the world would make their own decisions on any corruption, MSNBC has laid it on to thick for to long, obvious liars and boring repetition.

  • Impeach For the Russian Ukrainian For Trump is A Big Treason We Well Against Trump For 2020 To Continue to Impeachment INQUIRY Sad

  • Of course the GOP and trumps enables graham, Moscow mitch, gaytz nunes etc are all silent because trump has them by their tiny balls as they are as corrupt as dumb king donnie

  • Rudy you are soooo screwed. Have fun in prison. Rick Perry going down. Pompeo soon. All of these successful men just ruined their lives by participating in Trump's corruption.

  • Proof the FBI is still dirty, the truth will come out , hearsay means nothing , documentation means proof. Again you people remember the Russia interference? And trump was in the middle of it.? After three years of investigation and $40 million there was nothing about. Now let’s try this. People don’t play into their game they’re playing you for stupid fools. It’s going to end the same as the last hoax. In the end these two people here along with Papadopoulos, Flynn, , and I think Manafort when all of this has come to light will be free. And we the American people will finally see what kind of government we have had.

  • Give us a break CNN…I’m a Democrat and can see through your crap and I know these guys and there families ..if I was CNN I would look out your windows because there are agents watching your every move ..ya that is not a bread’s your toast

  • Wouldn’t it be sublime justice if Trump & many of the other disgusting smug, gurning assclowns around him ACTUALLY did end up in jail?? 😢🇺🇸

  • Alexander Vollmer says:

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”, Friedrich W. Nietzsche. Nietzsche must have foreseen the fate of Rudolph L Giuliani.

  • Rudy was known as the king of kickbacks when he was mayor on NYC…if Rudy didnt get a kickback,,,a project never got the go-ahead….he's been a scum bag his entire career. His career is over,,,maybe he can move in to tRumps retirement home in Moscow and avoid prosecution like tRump is going to try and do

  • If one watches and listen to this transmission can clearly see how the American most corrupt system called "#DEMOCRACY" functions in the real world and operates behind closed doors both domestically and abroad.

    This is an epsode of a mocking bird criminal unmasking it's self. Since all these things being revealed are much worse than the lame accusations on Russia's involvement in their American phony "DEMONCRAZY"

    Thanks to the impeachment process saga developing and gaining steam directed personally at Donald Trump and his associates will without any reasonable doubt put in the open the most dirtiest American laundery and finally let the whole world witness who real is the head of global geopolitical organised crimes syndicates.

  • Woke up this morning, put the coffee on and tuned in MSNBC to catch up on the latest news and Happy Sunday !! MSNBC refused to run coverage of the latest rally because his language and his comments regarding Hunter Biden were so foul and deceitful that MSNBC refused to give him a platform on which to spread his venom. Good job !!! Well done !!! Some of us will no doubt say, "They don't want us to hear the truth", when the truth is they do. Pure and simple. Would we subject ourselves to listen to that kind of talk and not act to stop it ? Friends will uplift us those who aren't will try to pull us down to their level and speaking for myself , MSNBC you are a true friend, you made my day and I'm proud of you. Happy Sunday.———-Diane Gagnon

  • Like Epstein being allowed to off himself, we may be wondering in a week or so why these fellas were given bond and released, then lost (if that happens, you heard it here first).

  • Nicholas Cisternino says:

    much like obama, who was five steps ahead of any given republican….. we should all take pause and take back our mean words and frustration against nancy pelosi who I know was also, like obama, five steps ahead of the republicans… she knew what she was doing by waiting. that i am so sure of. good job nancy.

  • Nicholas Cisternino says:

    I practiced nursing for twenty years and I can say this about rudy … I think his years of drinking are catching up with him and his liver in particular…. he's becoming bloated, often sweaty and not to mention, DRUNK HALF THE TIME. he does not look healthy.

  • Randy Lundrigan says:

    Get ready! Trump has been on a mission to destroy the inner workings of the US Government since he started. His over the top love for dictators and the stupid decisions he has made is to soften you all up for this final year. Starting his final year with some of the major diversions he will use for these final 14 or so months he has power. The Middle East is an easy target for him. A big bang for diversion purposes that he, even at the expense of creating a humanitarian crisis and the death of possibly 10,000's of thousands of deaths, he does not care. He is loyal to Russia right in front of the American people and everybody thinks this is Amazing, or Crazy, or Stupid to mention but a few adjectives to legitimately describe this man's actions and unhinged behavior as "The President of The United State"! Wake up America!! This is no TV show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is it possible so many people in an educated country like the US, still, after 3 years of showing you openly what a disgusting human being he is, 40% of the inhabitants of this great land greet his destruction of so much good that took decades to arrange worldwide even with the blood of patriots that forged honest, reliable relationship with our allies that he is destroying with deliberate intent to cause as much confusion as possible. With blind loyalty, even to this day while Trump has created a humanitarian crisis in Syria under the guise of saving US troops from unnecessary wars. Please, folks!!!!!!!! For world peace!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop this man!!!! The world is relying upon you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to appear forward but it's all so dangerous!!

  • Russia would be off the hook if Ukraine was blamed for the hack into our election of 2016. Djt sure loves putin to go to this level of deception.

  • Fun fact I am in ucraine right for family visit, and let me tell you no one here cares about that. The people here are much more worried about getting food on the table.

  • Followed Rudy`s career in cleaning up New York`s crime families in the 90ies, now looks like he has jumped on the other side of the fence. The arrested individuals will probably flip and spill their guts out on Guliany and all related (WH bums)… and if Rudy has any brains left he should Flip first and try to minimize his situation and put an end to the Trump show in a heartbeat! Just saying…

  • Robert Hartford says:

    Fake News. It's the Biden Scandal and stretches all the way to China. How about that $900,000 transaction? Only a Fake News Network would spew lies and ignore facts.

  • Never elect a businessman to lead the Country. They are corrupt to the bone. They live for selfish motive no matter how you work it.

  • Melanie Trump is next, don’t mess with campaign funds. This will most likely include Trump sidekicks Ivanka and her brother. It’s about time the rich who so easily get into University’s and the Biden son along with Trumps children. Real gangsters real thieves. Time for the middle class and poor to get some Justice.

  • Sharlene Carpenter says:

    no it's called a shadow government and you people are involved and your paid off how's chalupa doing and how's soros doing 😂😂😂

  • bleedingheartmex poetry says:

    republicans have been breaking campaign finance law for a long while; citizens united became law they were successful in normalising their criminal activity (that's the way of usa politics) so they were attempting to normalise foreign "influence" in national elections. period full stop. this is their modus operandi

  • Wonder Wonderful says:

    Trump is not clean he needs to be removed, he's had so many criminal around him, that he can't help but be criminal himself.
    Rudy just put the 🍒 on the 🍰.

    One Nation under God!

  • Mr. Cohen, a.k.a., "The fixer", Inmate No.: 86067-054, please meet, Mr. Giuliani, Esq., a.k.a. "Rudy" Inmate No.: "Pending." Gentlemen, please make yourselves comfortable. As former counsel to Pres. Trump, I'm sure you two have a lot in common.

  • Mr. Cohen, a.k.a., "The fixer", Inmate No.: 86067-054, please meet, Mr. Giuliani, Esq., a.k.a. "Rudy" Inmate No.: "Pending." Gentlemen, please make yourselves comfortable. As former counsel to Pres. Trump, I'm sure you two have a lot in common.

  • They all are going to jail 😂😂. The problem is Trump is to stupid to realize "white privilege" doesn't matter when it's white on white crimes😅😅

  • When nothing happened after the Mueller report, it emboldened all of these idiots.
    It's weird Giuliani said he will be the hero, he just might be.

  • They better move the bars closer together. Giuliani could turn into a bat and fly out of there, leaving Igor to fend for himself

  • So here is Uncle watching his baby Nicole, as he normally does, with another of her fantastic panels … and suddenly Uncle is wondering about the relationship that Donald trump had or didn't have with his mother … Uncle feels that that will explain a lot about the-thing-in-the-White-House … and its decisions … Uncle has already read about Don and his dad … and the family business and how his brother was not as 'ambitious' and was more content to just 'fly people around the world' … but Uncle knows nothing of Don and his mum!!! And what do mums and dads ultimately do for the human species ? THEY BRING BALANCE !!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Trump 2020. Solely because there is only one entity hellbent on shredding our Constitution and our Bill of Rights: The Democratic Party. You try to eliminate the First Amendment by considering speech that challenges your Marxist views as “Hate speech.” The Second Amendment: Attempting to outlaw AR-15s, even though at least 5 times more murders are accomplished with knives on a yearly basis than ALL rifle types combined. Going down the list, you wish to deny Freedom of Press by supporting Project Mockingbird unknowingly, yet willingly, and wish to deprive even the President of due process with this very one sided impeachment coup. Makes me nervous for what will happen to Constitutionalists who have to support Trump by default when the Left tries to overthrow our President, our Constitution, and all who support this nation above globalism. The Left are godless, and self appointed victims. The Right predominately believe in God, or at least believe in morality, instead of celebrating 9 year old transgenders and the destruction of all things that have made this country free to this day. You use fascist tactics to overthrow a republic, all the while claiming the Republic itself is fascist. Hypocrites. All of you. Brainwashed. All of you. And no, I don’t watch Fox. Eat some food with that Red Pill.

  • No wonder Trumpy wanted to 'drain the swamp', he wanted the swamp all to himself. Can't wait for the movie: All the Presidents crime gang.

  • Peter Nicolaides says:

    My what a tangled web they weave. Tripping, stumbling, mumbling, grumbling over lies and attempted coverups. Keystone cops are mere amateurs compared to this pit of vipers.

  • But i don't understand the Olney criminals in the Ukrainian scandal is obama Hillary joe Biden and is son where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine a d Avery body noes it the democrats are so desperate thir running around arresting people for nothing in order to keep themselves out of prison so disgusting and desperate msn rateings are lower than Nickelodeon look it up your self turmp 2020baby

  • I wish the media would put this into perspective the way Chris Hayes did once: This is bigger than the abolition of slavery. The driving factor here is Climate Change & what to do about it. Why do you think Trump is so cozy with Rusia & Saudi Arabia? 2 giant Petro States. And he denies climate change. The assets at stake are greater that those that ignited the Civil War. Get ready for another war for existence this time.

  • "Breaking Update" "Comrade Rudy" at present is out of the USA (In Russia) being seen by Physicians for known case of Dementia, and is unavailable. As to his return date in present is "Unknown". Please relay all questions at this time to his Employer "Don the Con" who will get back to all as quickly as possible as his conference with "Moscow Mitch" will soon be over.

  • Karl Rove’s “I’m rubber and You’re glue” tactics
    Trump uses everything to see if it sticks He goes
    Low. I don’t see him go high ever,ever,ever

  • Karl Rove’s “I’m rubber and You’re glue” tactics
    Trump uses everything to see if it sticks He goes
    Low. I don’t see him go high ever,ever,ever


  • RICO Rudy Giulliani is living out the Trump reality TV version of THE EXPENDABLES! I hope poor Rudy doesn’t have abandonment issues when he’s sent to federal prison.

  • Eugene Turrietta says:

    In my opinion "IDIOTS" criminals are all alike give them enough rope they will hang themselves, how could they not know that they would be watched more closely as we get closer to 2020 election Madame Speaker of the House gave them enough rope. GREEDY!!! incumbent POTUS i think has no conscience he and his pals have been breaking laws for years and getting away with it. They no longer know the difference between rite and wrong.

  • It really boggles my mind how amateur mainstream media can be. How hard is it to call a document by its name? The document clearly says memorandum of telephone conversation. You can call it in a random or memo. The word transcript is a Republican talking point to fake transparency. It gives the appearance that they’re not hiding anything they put everything out it’s all in the open. Even look at how the White House called the page on their own website. The page itself is called transcript with with three!‘s. A clear intention to push the idea that it’s a transcript but the document itself specifically says it’s not a verbatim transcript. It’s a memo. How can any professional journalist look at the first page of this document see that it’s called a memo and then continue to call It transcript. And then you watch people on these interviews who say transcript and then right away stop them selves and say summary so they are aware that the calling at the wrong thing. But somehow for some reason they’re struggling to get this Republican talking points out of their minds

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