The Try Guys Break Into A House • Santa Spectacular: Part 2

The Try Guys Break Into A House • Santa Spectacular: Part 2

– [Voiceover] Is that it? (cheerful Christmas-themed music) – So Santa, some people have some pretty advanced security on their homes. – Yes. – Have you ever run into trouble sneaking into someone’s house? – Never have. When Santa’s gonna deliver the presents, you can rest assured he’s
gonna get ’em in the house no matter what the security is– – Something we should try or? – Oh, the security stuff. No, with you, I’d go
ahead and get permission. (laughing) I think you just let
’em know you’re coming and they’ll be happy to see ya. (upbeat Christmas-themed music) – Santa Claus. – One of the most important
parts of being Santa Claus is sneaking into people’s homes. – But none of us Try Guys have houses, except for Ned. Ned’s married. That’s why Ned’s not here. He’s sleeping, we’re going over! We’re delivering him a gift! We’re Santa Claus, we’re doing it guys! – For tech, one infrared
camera here on Zach’s chest. – Boom! – One infrared camera
here, on top of my head. – [Zach] Boom! – And of course, night-vision goggles. This baby’s gonna help me see in there. We’re gonna be quiet. We’ll be quiet like little mice, quiet like little Santa mice. – We got Ned this present. It is like the most magical,
amazing, best present that a group of friends could ever get for their best friend. Almost dropped it. – Operation let’s break into Ned’s house. – Yeah. – Let’s go. Santa mother(beep)! – [Zach] Hey man. – Yo. There’s a skunk right there. – [Keith] What? – [Eugene] Is that a sign about something? Is that a reindeer? – [Zach] No, no, no, no. Do not go over there. – [Eugene] Don’t go over to the skunk. – [Zach] We are super
(beep) suspicious right now. – [Keith] Which one’s the house? (loud crash) – Oh my god! – [Voiceover] Jesus Christ, Zach. – [Zach] I didn’t see it. – [Voiceover] (Beep) hell, Zach! – [Zach] I’m sorry. – [Voiceover] Shut up, Zach, shut up! (door squeaking) – The next step is – There’s more cookies here. – Hide somewhere else. – Oh Jesus, oh my god! You guys! I didn’t think we were doing this idea. (laughing) Are those night vision goggles? – [Eugene] No ho ho ho. – [Keith] Hello son. – This is terrifying! This is a horrifying experience. – How are you little boy? – Is that present actually for me? – Yeah. – Wow, you guys! – To Ned from Santa. – From Santas. It’s a box inside of a box. – [Keith] Classic. Wait until you see. What do you think? (giggling) – An avocado. Thanks. – [All] Merry Christmas! – You guys got me a
really thoughtful gift. (laughing) This is not the spirit
of Christmas at all. – [Zach] But now your salads
will always have a fun topping. – Oh I do love avocados. (cheering) – We knew it, we knew it. – [Eugene] Merry Christmas. – [All] Awww. – That went great, we (beep) nailed it! I got a bunch of cookies on the way out. – [Eugene] Zach, Zach, Jesus Christ. You’re so clumsy. Got your (beep) into the colander! – Seriously, that was really fun! That was pretty fun, you know. – We were in there for a good 20 minutes before Ned’s wife heard us, so I think we did something successfully. – The spirit of Christmas
is spreading joy, and the look on Ned’s face. (laughing) – When it comes down to it, the idea of Santa sneaking
around your house is terrifying. – I learned today that
it is really, really, really (beep) tough to be Santa Claus. – The true nature of Santa is to give gifts to people who need gifts, and just the act of giving, so we have one more thing to do, and that’s being the real Santa. That’s bringing joy into children’s lives. I bit my tongue. (laughing) She looks upset. She must have found my poop. Uh, I pooped a lot in this house.


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