the TRUTH about our Break Up… (Not Clickbait)

the TRUTH about our Break Up… (Not Clickbait)

Now her video is called “The worst day
of my life.” She got on the wrong train, which added a whole Whopping 30 minutes. She had to wait longer to get to London And so did I absolute worst day of my life? And she had to wear the same clothes two days in a row. I can’t think of anything worse than that Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Things are about to get juicy one minute into the video, and I’ve already made a terrible joke ah No, good, start. Hello guys and welcome back to another video today I’m back And we’re doing another video that I didn’t think I was gonna be making I was on Instagram earlier and one of my subscribers message me like Kiera has done a video talking about you in it and fired shots, so I was like I Should probably watch that and then I go into a channel and it turns out She’s done a story time about one of the main reasons we broke off But obviously you guys have been asking me in our morgues Why is the real reason you broke off and I said, I wasn’t gonna say that because there wasn’t really one specific reason There’s a bunch of little things but one of the last things that happen which kind of drove us to you know break up was What happened in the video Kyra made and she didn’t exactly say some parts? How they actually happened the hoods coming down BRR let’s do this today of course? I’m gonna be watching this video giving my opinion on it telling you guys what really happened and basically yeah It’s gonna be an interesting one now if you’re new here remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button It is now the new year, and I wanna hopefully hit 5 million subscribers by the end of this year So I need all of you guys to team up Smash that subscribe button it’s gonna be a little big things come in for tea mugs for the prank kings, but yeah I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Let’s get started with this I’m gonna watch the video again here for you guys and basically just review it Let’s go okay the video guys the worst day of my life Not clickbait now as you guys probably know by now the number one rule of Storytime youtubers is to skip the first three minutes of the video, and then you’ll get the actual story actually I can’t really say anything. I’ve done Freeman intros are in the past however guys I have been showing in my intros recently leave a like if you’ve noticed I think some of you have so let’s see if I’m right. Let’s go to three minutes usually lizards Don’t let humans pick them up like you know the tiny little ones it’s like roll around the floor and they run away from people Well, it’s okay We haven’t got to the actual story yet so to fill you in guys without the you know five minutes of footage Which actually I don’t actually say anything this story takes place after we get back from holiday You guys know we went on hold it together I’ve been it’s just before Christmas, and yeah Let’s see what Kyra’s got to say we start our commute to the train station and Morgan’s sites I really want them McDonald And I like Morgan we can’t go to the mob drive food the train is literally in like ten minutes It’s like 15 minutes to the drive-thru like we’re not gonna make that firstly, okay Firstly yes, I did wanna McDonald’s, but your cutoff is McDonald’s fun fun a story I actually Hadn’t eaten that day. This was straight after I woke up and I chose to go in the train you know so I could obviously say bye to Cara now the train station was about ten minutes away from the McDonald’s, we were at the McDonald’s and the train came in I remember it was exactly 18 minutes Obviously, I thought McDonald’s would take eight whole minutes to go through a drive-thru And I specifically ordered something which didn’t need to get anything taken off it So usually like I get a Big Mac without some of the sauce or something I ordered some like nuggets But it turns out guys the dry food was absolutely part to those about six cars in front of us But still but a man has to have his McDonald’s. I was horribly brought He insisted are we gonna go to McDonald’s I didn’t even want anything we got that and I was like nah I don’t want anything, but I’m angry I did not want a McDonald’s And I’m just angry that he was eating this McDonald, so I was getting stressed out anyway We missed the first train the one we were Supposed to get and ended up having to get on the flight one That was five minutes after we wait that we get on the train and as soon as we got on the train We realized something’s wrong with this tray so yeah what I’m taking away from that is The obviously care wanted to get the train and everything And in my defense there was a train that came like 20 minutes after So I was thinking the back of my mind even if this drive-throughs packed and it’s filled with cars You know we would have just had to wait 20 minutes extra You know if you want something in you have an energy food You know no having that we need to get this exact train you can’t wait 20 minutes so Morgan get some food anyway We missed the train and we waited to get the second train and this happened I’ll let you know the story time youtuber explained and so we go up to the late train attendant still don’t know what that’s called And she’s like boy. There is no first class on this train so immediately we think hmm. There’s something fishy We both stress out because we don’t have plug sockets, which means we can’t go on our laptops Which means how we gonna upload videos? eventually The ticket man comes down the train to like check your tickets and check you actually bought to take care of why should I go? to jail or something I don’t know. How it works And he’s like oh so can I see your tickets and so I whip out my ticket? I show it to him. This dude is like boy. You’re on the wrong train, and I’m like no I’m not this goes to London right and he’s like yeah, but the change for London’s like a couple of stops ago And I’m like oh so yeah guys what had happened is Basically as we were waiting for the train. We should have got on We ended up getting on a different train which came earlier, and we didn’t know about this I would have probably found out I was on my phone the entire and he just tried to get a video up so yeah that Was problem number one We’re on the wrong train and the way we had to get back to London was to get off and then get on another one our train to London but then problem number two happens, so Apparently sometimes in train journeys the actual train can just split in half one carriage goes one way One carriage goes the other way and it turns out that Kyra’s suitcase was on the carriage that split and went the other way to Nottingham and obviously I was trying to calm her down. She was really stressing out. I was like it’s okay Nothing’s on the way home to Sheffield so I can go get the suitcase boy. Yeah bear in mind the journey We’re actually going on was supposed to be a real nice trip. This was a 400 pound hotel They were staying in and yeah, it was supposed to be a really good time, so I was like it’s okay We’ll just get your suitcase. It’s not a problem I mean, it’s my deal because obviously all you still sitting there But you all you have to do is wait a day is it’s okay Just calm down But no Care decides to take the anger out on me so we get to the other train station which we have to get the train from To London and we have literally I remember looking we have 30 minutes to spare until the train arrives And yeah, because I’m a hungry boy. I was starving so I said, babe I’m just gonna go to the sandwich shop at the train station Which is literally round the corner from my stop and got a wrap he was like no no we’ll miss it I was like we have literally got 12 minutes all I want to do is get a wrap and I know you probably Expecting it to go completely wrong. I made us miss the other chain, but no that’s not what happened here I deliberately rushed me and sadly asked the people that were warming me up the rat to stop warming it off Just so we could get the train But it turns out as I was eating my cold wrap we got to the platform the train was coming too And we were 5 minutes early, but you won’t believe what happens next this Really annoyed me like really annoyed me, so we’re at the platform a whole five minutes early I on my wrap even though it was cold. I was still eating I was enjoying it and then I’m literally not exaggerating Kiera starts calling me stupid Calling me an idiot for going and getting the rap saying we could have missed the train, and then what does she do? literally in the middle of the platform Hits the rap out of my hand and it goes all over the floor Literally at this point there’s about five different people either side of me all Looking at me as my rap is literally laid there dead on the floor now. Let’s see What Cara had to say about this situation we get off at this stop? And we get ready to change to your train to London so we get off and we realize there’s only a couple of minutes until The train to London is arriving and what we decide I’m hungry. I want that Exaggeration number one there’s only a few minutes until the train comes 12 minutes actually and the reason I’m so certain about being 12 minutes is because I remember actually saying to a 12 minutes and then Counting down the minutes as we were stood For the Raptor he told we had five minutes at the point where Kara asked the people to stop warming up my rap even though I only needed one minute extra to warm all he drags me into this little cafe thing and makes him cook him a rap and This is taking like three minutes, then the train was actually in like three minutes, and I was freaking out I was getting so angry. I was like I was like telling the staff. I was like stop cooking his rap please wait We have to get on the train if we don’t go on the train We’re not gonna get to London ever and I’m never gonna see my case again And I was just really angry at him. It was generally very bad exaggeration number two I actually checked how frequent the trains were to London from this stop and Again there was one Not every 20 minutes this time Every 10 minutes so even though I was right we got the rap we got to the platform with loads of minutes to spare Even if we hadn’t missed it there have been what terminus up to anyway Oh, I was so angry at this point And he was just sort of like Joking around and like teasing me and just like you know someone’s just like pushing you to the edge You just think you’re gonna like time. I’m just yeah He was doing that and so we finally get this rat And we’re at like a couple of minutes like in literally like just scraping getting on this train You should pushing me and pushing me, just like teasing me and just like mmm. So you know what I do I hit the rap out of his hand and it falls on the floor And I shout at him not one of my proudest moments because Kara Bridget’s the story time youtuber the funny Internet Comedian can’t take being teased the funniest part of this entire thing is She waited with me getting my rap while I paid for it came back to the platform with me So there was time for the Train proving me, right And then it was actually me teasing her which made her Literally hit out my hand waste food waste money like what the flip is all with us It was something that needed to be done him wanting food ruining everything It was a reason my case was literally in a foreign land It was the reason that like probably everyone was not gonna get Christmas presents for me this year He just continued to walk food when he was just ruining my life I’m inconsiderate for wanting a wrap I’m inconsiderate for not wanting to get to the train platform twelve minutes early not to say too that That’s kind of where Kara’s storytime ends however What happens next was the most important part of? The story now her video is called the worst day of my life. She donned the wrong train which added a whole Whopping 30 minutes. She had to wait longer to get to London And so did I absolute worst day of my life? And she had to wear the same clothes two days in a row. I can’t think of anything worse than that for the part She missed out was do you know why she was actually going to London to do on the worst day of her life? Stay in a 400 pound hotel with me and go shopping well I I can’t think of anything harder to have to go through than that kara I can’t think of a worse situation to be him than having to go and night in London with no clothes in a 400 pound hotel who could poor with that worst day of my life not clickbait You’d have to literally be the Queen for that to be the worst day of your life. You guys are probably asking You know was that it after she got to London Did you guys make up were you all cool was an enjoyable time? We made up and everything? I’m not saying like the main reason we broke up was over a flippin chicken wrap, but throughout the night We were in London. She was just in a really bad mood the only reason we actually went to London together was so we could have a nice night together and do some shopping and stuff and Because of literally having to go a day without her clothes and her case it went and literally ruined the entire the entire time and yeah That’s basically the story of the last time we ever saw each other not obviously when I said in my video I’m not gonna tell you you know the reason why we broke up I wasn’t referring to this we didn’t break up over a chicken wrap okay. It wasn’t like that listen I’m not gonna lie if you’ve ever been in a relationship Y’all know that you end up arguing a lot, but this time was a little bit different it felt more serious I was obviously annoyed for her Hitting the rap out of my hand for no reason for her then going on to you know not really be herself that night after You know I did kind of pay for a really cool place to stay and everything worst day of my life But yeah as I said don’t jump to any conclusions This wasn’t the reason why we broke up the thing is there isn’t a reason just loads of random things building up This was obviously one of them Which obviously was why we decided to have a break from each other break up for a while? And then see how we feel I personally was gonna Just leave her that I didn’t think he was gonna make this story She never told me she never texted me and she went on to pin this whole thing like it was my fault that she had The worst day of her life, and then not tell you that on the worst day of her life She was staying in a 400 pound hotel with me and yet. I just felt a little bit betrayed by that it just Seemed like a bit of a bad thing to do like she obviously didn’t mean any bad intent for me or anything like it was Sure, she wasn’t trying to like deliberately offend me or anything I’m not trying to I start B for anything But I just thought the bad thing to do would have been to either keep it off YouTube like I was gonna do to either Tell me about it first Or you know just to be a bit more truthful about the situation and not like exaggerate everything to make me seem worse But yeah guys that was basically the story of the last time me and Carole really together and one of the reasons Why we broke up? No this has been a different video to usual but if you are new and I’ll appreciate it so much if you went down there and Smashed that subscribe button to join team orbs 2018 is gonna be a big year guys get ready it is gonna Be real lit I’ve got some big things coming for you guys, so you don’t want to miss out on them get subscribed turn on your notifications I’ll also guys. Let’s see how many lies we can smash on this video. I’m not gonna start argot I’m just gonna see how many likes you guys can see you guys and get on this video. I’m finally guys I’ve said this a lot But I am literally thousands like a few thousand followers away from five hundred thousand on Instagram So if you’re not follow me on that you’re for me Instagram is at morgue Hudson as you can see there on screen and the link is in the Description below, thank you guys so much for watching our de molde you guys been awesome And I’ll see you in my next video peace out


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