44 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2017”

  • ODi Productions says:

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  • I do agree with the work hard play hard point of what you are saying. But with all due respect to you and others who may read this . What if a person takes thw short cuts for other reasons such as lack of income or maybe not catching the longer route. I do agree but there just may be a few other reasons. I have some issues with catching on to some stuff. I do thank you for this info and please keep up the good work. Thanks😁


    Good morning. I just set up a website being an affiliate for Amazon but need some advice on how to drive people to see my site. Please give me some advice.

  • MalcolmJustMalcolm says:

    I’m a 14 year old boy but I’m not sure if I’m old enough to start his online course. I am really really prepared and ready to work hard.

  • Victor Rodriguez says:

    The information he was presenting to me at least felt genuine. Don't know much about his course but I'm motivated to except loss.

  • Sharon Bowers says:

    Excellent video! Thanks for breaking down the realities of this business. I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.


    I have a website that I just started an affiliate program for , just scroll to the bottom and click become an affiliate to apply. I pay out through Paypal EVERY Friday. You receive 5% of the total sale and you will be able to push any of our many products individually or the site as a whole. So if you are into fishing, hiking, camping, or hunting as your niche, this would be a good fit. Thanks for reading.

  • thomas kackley says:

    I don't care about the Bahamas and the lambos and all that it will come in due time but I'm serious about running wide open with this career path…

  • thomas kackley says:

    I'll tell you this I'm an honest straight up man I am willing to invest in a succesor if you will help me and my brother out… Like video chat and phone calls but I'm not broke but I want this and we don't want the 9-5 jobs anymore so email me please at [email protected] if you want to help us and be real and 100% thank you bro

  • FKtdyvan 2016 says:

    What is the title of the YouTube video that you referred that deals with website creation for Amazon affiliate marketing?

  • Arno delSantiago reports says:

    Very informative..I was thinking of going through it, Affiliate Marketing.. For now allow me please to post a link for those looking for alternative online income Thanks a lot.

  • Daniel Colombaro says:

    What is your advice for people who are willing to spend money time and resources into this but don't actually have this possibility right now?

  • Charlene Jackson says:

    Earn up to $300
    PER DAY!

    *Computer w/internet access
    *Know how to copy and paste

    Call my recorded information line

  • I don't have 2 or 5 years to wait for the money to come in. It's either now or never. I do agree you do need to invest in educating yourself and invest in the products your trying to promote .

  • Martin Ramirez Mi5 says:

    People are hilarious. They don't want to spend any money on ANYTHING but want to start a $10,000 a month business. LMAO.

  • kody Auckland says:

    Hey guys! Who would be eager to make a facebook group so we can ask questions and give each other ideas and mentor one another? You're more than welcome to join Odi 😉 .

  • Barry Desmarteau says:

    That was fucking painful to watch, and I killed it half way through!!! Dude you're just a scammer looking to suck peoples hard earned cash from their bank accounts. guys like you have been around for a dogs age……..People wake up, there's tons of very solid advice and free information and I mean free and solid advice all over the net to get you going…….don't pay some dude to tell you about logos and the importance of branding….that's all frikkin common sense……you have a computer… resourceful…..Googles free! don't pay any idiot for their advice cuz that's how they truly make there money, from suckers like you. I'm a multimillionaire and that advice was absolutely free!

  • So. I wanted some info. Instead I saw your flat, your instagram acc and your car in the first 5 minutes. Wtf? Is this how you make sales or how you make yourself feel good?

  • 4:08 And thinking about how he must've had to get out of his car and go grab the camera again after driving away to get that shot haha

  • Thank you for your honesty. I know its really hard to start an affiliate marketing. I've also invested some bucks on learning basic principles. I also know it works. But the problem is what you mentioned finding a mentor. And also to know how to prioritise and to what sort of skills I should first focus upon.

  • Sorry you confuse me here! You said you dropped out of college and you also said you quit your 9 to 5 job! How is it possible?

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