The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

sit on this curvy couch and deliver a bizarre mix of internet conspiracy theories, Sharia law is now changing everything. general absurdity, Nickelodeon is pushing a global warming agenda. And whatever the hell is going on here. It’s the Fox show that’s so bad
you can’t help but laugh at it. Can we get a stick? Anybody got a stick? What a bunch of dopes. It’s all a lot of fun. Or at least it used to be. Because now, these three geniuses
are some of President Trump’s most trusted advisers. Fox & Friends in the morning,
they’re very honorable people. That’s not coming from me,
that’s coming from Trump, who recently called Fox & Friends
one of the most influential shows in news. And the scary thing is
he’s not wrong. Right now I’m getting my daily intelligence
briefing. Oh, from who? From you guys. To truly understand the magic of Fox & Friends,
you need to watch it every single day. But my therapist says I’m not allowed to do
that anymore, so I got someone who is. Did you know there’s seven days of Fox & Friends. A lot of people think it’s only five days. No, there’s a weekend edition too. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of Fox & Friends. This is Matt Gertz. He’s a research fellow
at a progressive media watchdog group called Media Matters. Full disclosure:
He also used to be my boss, so. Well, this is awkward. On the morning of October 10, 2017,
Gertz noticed something weird happening. Trump tweeted this, at 8 o’clock in the morning,
praising a book by a little-known conservative author, seemingly out of nowhere. So I thought that was weird. One of my colleagues pointed out to me
that the author had actually been on Fox & Friends earlier that morning. His colleague was right. Trump seemed to be responding
to a Fox & Friends segment about the book that had aired that morning. So I looked at all the tweets from that morning. I had pretty good matches. Fox & Friends talked about the NFL protests. Three minutes later, Trump tweeted about the
NFL protests. Fox & Friends criticized Democrats over immigration. Trump tweeted about Democrats and immigration. I said, “Well, damn. He’s watching the show and tweeting about
what he sees.” Gertz started tracking every time
a Fox & Friends segment lined up with a Trump tweet. And he found a ton of examples. Fox & Friends goes after Andrew McCabe. So does Trump. Fox & Friends talks about protests in Iran. So does Trump. Fox & Friends talks about Trump’s mental fitness. And, yeah. The list goes on and on. Sometimes Trump copies language directly
from what he sees on screen, quoting Fox & Friends chyrons verbatim. Other times, he tags Fox & Friends in his
tweet. I counted over 50 examples of him doing this
since his inauguration because I need a hobby. If you look at the frequency of Trump’s tweets
in 2017, there’s a spike between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock
AM, which is Fox & Friends’ time slot. And Fox & Friends has noticed, too. They now casually joke
about the president watching them live. When I asked the president to
blink the lights on and off if he’s watching… And because they know he’s watching,
Fox & Friends has evolved from a show that to a show that actively trying to influence his behavior. A Vox study of 17 months of Fox & Friends
transcripts found that, after the election,
sentences aimed at instructing or advising Trump spiked by more than 50 percent. I think the next thing the president should
do is start doing some infrastructure. That same study found that the show was using
more language aimed at changing the president’s behavior; phrases like “we need to,” “we are going,” and “we have got.” What does the president need to do,
if he’s listening this morning, to change the narrative? Jesus, how is this even real? Okay, power through. You saw this feedback loop in full effect
during the debate over the recent FISA bill. In early January, Republicans were widely
in support of reauthorizing a sweeping
government surveillance measure, and the White House had publicly
come out in support of it. But on January 11, Fox & Friends ran this
segment, warning that the bill could be used to spy
on Trump officials. At one point during the segment,
Andrew Napolitano turns to the camera and says: Mr. President, this is not the way to go. You can probably guess what happens next. Trump sends a tweet criticizing the bill,
literally quoting the caption of the Fox & Friends segment, Republicans on the Hill spend several hours panicking. It is a bit of a confusing morning, to say the least. and two hours later
Trump backtracks, saying he still supports the bill. When asked if Fox & Friends got to Trump,
press secretary Sarah Sanders decides to make fun of CNN instead. I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching
CNN. Ooooh! All of this has given Fox & Friends
incredible power to to talk about sideshows that would otherwise
never escape the Fox News bubble. What you have is Fox & Friends doing stories,
the president tweeting about what he’s seeing, and the rest of the media going,
“The president just tweeted this bizarre thing, now we need to talk about this.” Trump watches a dumb segment
about missing FBI texts, tweets about it,
and it becomes the top story of the day. Trump watches a dumb segment about
the British spying on him, repeats the claim in public,
and sparks an international crisis. That was a statement made by a very talented
lawyer on Fox. That’s a lot of power in the hands of a show
that’s known for getting things wrong. A show that peddles wild internet conspiracy
theories, Secret society, the missing texts,
it all adds up. embraces paranoid fear-mongering, What, we’ll annihilate North Korea after we’re dead? I mean, we have to do something now. and launches smear campaigns against Trump’s political opponents. Bob Mueller, we now know, is totally conflicted. Jim Comey is totally conflicted. It is a carnival of chaos. These are not the people that you want doing
the show that the president of the United States is watching every morning. Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a choice. Fox & Friends has spent years being treated
like a big joke. But thanks to Trump,
these three might be the ones who get the last laugh. While we were shooting this episode,
Fox & Friends posted a job opening for a head writer. They’re looking for somebody with a passion
for current events and accuracy. So, it’s been fun, Vox,
but it’s time for me to follow my dreams.


100 thoughts on “The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained”

  • Pablo Escobar 2 says:

    I want neutral news please, all news has left or right wing bias, could someone recommend the best place to get neutral news

  • Hope and Grace says:

    Help Wanted in the WH: Requirements non-educated or experts in government, moldable brain and conscious (Be a Fox & Friends), willing to lose your soul, compromise at demand (Be a Barr), lie to the public, behind doors change laws w/o consciousness (Be a Stephen Miller) fight only for white nationalist, turn your face away when Trump sins against God and people (Be a Sarah or Kelly Ann), live in secret, oppress non-white, be obedient and loyal to Trump! Hide the truth (Catch & Kill – Be an Enquire Magazine) and harass anyone who opposes Trump (Be a Hannity & Be a lawyer). If you are a lawyer…we need dirty lawyers willing to use the law to cover up Trump's discretions (Be a Cohen), we are simply looking for snakes (Be a Stephen Miller), and when in need his secret Stormy Daniels (Be a Trump Jr). Work 24/7. Compensation $ based on "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO" scale

  • What kind of idiot accuses someone of a smear campaign while openly conducting a smear campaign? Your guys are a special kind of stupid.

  • News is partisan and basically works with or for politicians. Big surprise.
    To be clear, I’m not just talking about right wing.

  • So Trump isn't allowed to watch a show of his choosing. Come on I know you have an agenda to push but this is really petty.

  • The clown crew who made these videos are certifiable. Yeah Fox went with the true narrative that pleased the vast majority of Americans—remember the ones who elected President Trump? While others seemed more centered on negative (ratings hungry) narratives trashing a particular candidate (just like the video we are watching right now). All I can say is if we have a civil war, you will go down in the history books as propagating it, morons!

  • How is bashing on fox now!!! Is the deep state framing Trump still a conspiracy theory! Is Vox going to drink it's own kool-aid.

  • Sophia Marinez says:

    Wouldnt this be like an actual movie if like, there was a secret society that is connected with trump and fox and friends and then they use fox and friends to discreetly give trump orders? Lol

  • Politics period is loony. Honestly this is not a big deal compared to other things in politics. At least he isn't involved in crime. Trump is an excellent president!

  • It’s a very frightening world when four of the most dangerous men are:
    MURDOCH whose influence over the American People through his rancid media network is overwhelming.
    PUTIN a despot in charge of a powerful army and willing to wage cyber war on America.
    NETANYAHU who is a political pyromaniac on a Nuclear tinderbox.
    TRUMP who is compromised by and terrified of PUTIN, dictated to by MURDOCH, and in bed with NETANYAHU.
    These 4 are an existential threat to humanity!

  • Sherry Felch says:

    So shariah is a conspiracy theory?!😂👍🏻 ok buddy… I see right through this propaganda. You are an evil person.

  • I've always said Fox commentary Channel. Is really dumb and down a certain demographic of Americans. Not ALL but some…LMAO

  • Jealously. Because Fox leads the numbers on most widely watched news show in the morning. Why would anyone watch CNN when they only air negative opinions and negative conspiracy theories on Trump. Biased news is nothing. The prior administration watched CNN, this current one watches Fox. What's the difference? CNN is just butt hurt that the number of views on any of their shows continues to dwindle . Maybe if they started covering real news happening around the country and stop the 24/7 Trump coverage, then perhaps they'll gain more viewers. Just my opinion.

  • Layne Tormanen says:

    How is Donald Trump doing anything wrong? He has the freedom of speech too ya know.
    This also highlights an important issue about our media, our media (that exists) could be spewing complete bullsh*t . This is kinda the all American fact check.

  • Aurtisan Miner says:

    Switching jobs from a place called ‘Vox’ to one called ‘Fox’ just sounds like too much future confusion to make it worthwhile.

  • Remember when Fox News went apeshit when Obama wore a tan suit and used a selfie stick as a joke, but when there’s a video of Trump talking about sexually assaulting women because he’s “that powerful” their silent.

  • Julian Boone says:

    FOX must be VERY EFFECTIVE in garnering a loyal following and offering the only media that refuses to accept the government’s narrative and is trouncing all the other networks or you wouldn’t be trashing them.

  • Oh people of U.S. you really need your daddy to get impeached. He is more dumber and stupid when I was a kid.

  • What about rachel maddow,chris matthews,don lemon,anderson cooper, chris cuomo and many many more who spew anti-trump rhetoric

  • As long as he is not trying to push gender / sexuality related issues, carbon tax, or anything that could be considered socialism then it is fine. America is running smooth, so like they; " If it ain't broke, DONT fix it till it is"

  • The scary thing is that your truths/facts/analysis and revelations have not affected the ratings of Fox. May be it is time not just to expose fox but to expose the audience and make an emotional appeal for not watching fox. May be even use their own tactic of rhetoric and noise for creating a narrative against them.

  • Fox, abc,and the rest are out to influence people to achieve an agenda…. so what's the difference…. can we all just get along and stop pointing fingers and be accountable for our own action… greedy people

  • Dominic Lovato says:

    I heard this saying from a farmer. " If a donkey moo's like a cow then it's a horse." How I feel after watching Trump and friends? Just don't understand what they mean.

  • That’s like that old joke about the USSR, where the Soviet TV news broadcast would end with the anchor saying “Good night, comrade Brezhnev”.

  • Merely heresay and speculation I say my good man I see no crime just because he has the gun mask and bag of money doesn't mean he robbed the bank I need evidence evidence! I tell you let me consult the space alien about mind controlling you that will get us!!! Lol.

  • R u listening to Cummins? Trying to take that man down yet has NO knowledge of the truth down at the border.why don't these congress Dems take these children under their wing feed them cloth them you pay for their medical bill which is free .you and pelosi have money and space .if you can protect them do stop talking and act .keep them from any evil and adults that may hurt them go there and take over if you can do better .remember u Dems. Refuse to help or change the law.

  • Matthew E Lyons says:

    Wow I really like your show and trust me no one is as big as a never Donald Trump then myself with his policies of flip-flopping. But the issue of throwing rotten eggs at Fox news for being overly focused on negativity from a particular party or candidate is you’ll fall for only Responding to their negatively statement without having positive discussion yourself you look just like them in some ways and that gives them more legitimacy in society that they don’t deserve nor does every critical comment made from the other side by no means. It’s just one party platform has Moved further from the middle at the moment while the other party stayed mostly the same as they have been. But I’m afraid it might be changing. 😰

  • He tags foxnfriends in his tweets and you discovered this (with help) OMG a human watches TV at six in the morning!! What is the world coming to!

  • Farhad Tavoosian says:

    I died laughing when trump responded to fox and friends by turning on and off the light from white house.

  • What I find particularly interesting is that Trump´s time-table was leaked and, if true, his "executive time" coincides with Fox&friends 🙂

  • Lynda Mackrous says:

    Heading to T Carl’s soon the media criticized him from the day he came down the escalators I guess he didn’t like it

  • I knew an intern on that show.
    The really weird thing is they specifically asked him to put that 6 sided extra large toy jack on the shelf right next to the big F&F.
    So if you know the old fff tattoo so cool among old wanna b satanists was it stood for 666.
    I thought it was strange and funny.
    Now they replaced that with a framed Friends picture.
    Still the 666.
    Makes a lot of sense.

  • It’s like when you have an amp playing the feedback from the amp, all you get is a bunch of unintelligible, primitive noise

  • There are national emergencies going on and trump is tweeting about his approval ratings. 20% of our oxygen comes
    from the rain forest and there are massive fires there and not 1 word from trump about this! WORSE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!

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