100 thoughts on “The ‘Top Eight’ media stories of 2018 are…”

  • I still haven’t heard the case on WHY social media should crack down on hate speech, fake news, etc. it’s just assumed they should.

  • Jesus cnn can’t get anything right even about their own journalist. They didn’t “yank Acosta’s press pass.” They took his hard pass, his security pass he needs to get on White House grounds.
    This is why you have earned the moniker FAKE NEWS

  • South London Metal Detector says:

    Number 1 story has to be the Murder of 2 children by the democrats for encourageing them to come to the border and the cross illegaly .Number 2 Has to be the murder of another cop in cali by an illegal

  • Richard Ralph Roehl says:

    According to NEO-fascist gay-cock leftists pushing tyrannical globalist propaganda at CNN, the top eight stories of 2018 are…
    1. TRUMP!
    2. TRUMP!
    3. TRUMP!
    4. TRUMP!
    5. TRUMP!
    6. TRUMP!
    7. TRUMP!
    8. TRUMP!

  • hahahahha hey cnn fake news and enemy of the people. when your ratings are so bad that you must make a statement at the end of the video trying to convince people your not the enemy of the people. OMG hahhaha fail. you know things are bad for cnn

  • Any money for the wall is a ruse, since starting the thing is crucial to the long term goal of building it. One dime given towards Trump's Folly ™ is a mistake. Don't let him win an inch through hostage-taking — give him an inch, he'll take 2,000 miles. Most Americans DON'T WANT THE WALL, "Mr." Trump — you ridiculous phantasm of a human being. Get it!!?

  • For me the top was how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won and the corporate media ( especially the right wing ) couldn't handle that .

  • with this video we have lying brian selter the humpty dumpty soy boy put a condom on his head and we have a dick with ears the biggest msm story ls to make up as much fake news as possible C N N the most trusted fake news on the planet C N N suck every way


  • Quite a few people here 'disliking' reality, personally I find CNN kinda boring & a little too establishment for my taste, I don't however call them fake news. If you are looking for a constant source of fake news then Donald.J.Trump is your man(baby)…

  • Will they ever inform you of the mass arrests for treason that are coming? How about the expansion of Gitmo prisons for thousands of new inmates? Nah keep these sheep in the dark where they belong.

  • To see a police officer such as Ronil Singh get murdered by an illegal immigrant / alien makes my blood boil! Bring order to the border, build the wall !!! CNN do your job and report the news.

  • #1 should be a narrative of the media's war on Trump.  He didn't start it.  Once he and Melania hit the escalator the media flew off the handle with direct insults all around for Trump.  Not one media source failed to insult him.  So when he called them out it suddenly changed to the media being victims.  What a joke!

  • Trump and Sean Hannity are actually low key promoting a new sitcom for after Trump loses the presidency in 2020 called

    Hambone Hammity and the Orange Clown

  • The FBI need to start keeping tabs on the correlation between Trump/Fox's disinformation campaign and the creation of potential MAGA Redhat terrorists.

    Terrorism isn't going to be stopped by building a wall when the terrorists are already in this country

  • Megyn Kelly was correct but she should've known her libturd audience and higher ups. Blackface is made with the intent to demean and mock an entire race. Usually taking the form exaggerated physical features and portraying the subject as stupid and clumsy. Impersonating someone that you admire and look up to isn't Blackface, even if the person you're impersonating is Black. The idea that a Black person is offended because of said impersonation also doesn't make it Blackface.

  • Little Brianna stelter
    #1 FAKE NEWS
    #2 FAKE NEWS
    #4 TRUMP BAD
    #7 CNN SUCKS

  • you fine people arguing in the comment section are making george carlin get his angel boner. it brings me tears of joy seeing so many of you are working hard to make his dreams come true. just a bit more and we can watch Civil War of the Americas 2: Samba de Trumpenero as a living epitaph of carlins devotion to entropy and self-annihilation of stupidity from the safety of other continents. over here in europe we are healing as laughter is the best medicine.
    keep up the joe pesci's work, you fine americans.
    ps. please do finish that border wall because we like mexico. we would not want the violence to spill over to them. thanks, you're the best.

  • Corrine Vermette says:

    Alot of trump trolls have to be kids. I mean everytime there's a school holiday they clog CNN with their batshit crazy thoughts. The other half come from Putin's troll farms. Somehow they seem to think that all Russians adore Putin, if they would only educate themselves with facts, this childish bickering would stop.

  • Brian…this is your mother…are you going to be home at 6 like usual? I made your favorite meatloaf and tapioca pudding……I found more of those magazines with naked boys in them in the basement….why do you like to look at naked boys?

  • We MUST ask our new Congress to do something about a President using Twitter or any other social media for running the Presidency and our Country!

  • awwwwwww snowflakes still building I see. It’s cute watching adults act like children. Keep it up libtards !!! Free entertainment !!!

  • 8 top stories .. right 😂. Your an embarrassment to your self. So many lies and fake news from secret sources. How can ANYBODY take you serious? Your ratings are a joke. Your "journalists" are racists. Your where thrown out of the white house. You only report about Trump. CCN: FAKE NEWS.

  • This list they made does have good aspects of it, but it is still very left-leaning. I'm mean the main focus is on Trump. They even focused 3 out of 8 points on Trump, there are so many other stories CNN could have focused on. I mean how are books about Trump a major story, and they even majored to focus it on M. Obama (Which is nothing wrong with her book, but didn't seem like a major news story), they could have used this point on the "gun control" argument this year. The point between Trump and Fox news is wrong and I dont agree with it, but lets say if Obama had a relationship with a CNN, would anyone be making a great deal about it? With the social media, it doesnt even mention the controversy how social media is damping the more right-leaning and conservative view. With the last point of how the package was mailed by a "Trump supporter", CNN clearly connected that event with Trump, and when a Democratic Bernie Sanders supporter shot up the Congressional baseball shooting, CNN, didnt connect it back to Sanders and made it clear that Bernie had nothing to do with it, while they clearly connected the mailed packages with Trump. I get Trump is harsh with the media, but it is still a double standard, I am not the biggest supporter of him, but its not like he told the guy to mail the package, like how Bernie didnt tell that person to attach the baseball game… but still they focused so much on a connected between Trump and the packages, and with Bernie they made it so clear that he and the shooting had no connection.

  • 2018 was a year of feminism and liberal propaganda , censorship to the highesl level in the human history
    Now i hope 2019 will be a good year .

  • I swear there were more bigger things this year besides trump ,like come on! Thats all this channel talks about, sure they talk about other things but seriously get over it, its causing a riot in the commentery causing everyone to get made over who runs the white house.

  • surprised they just didn't list 1-8 Trump, Trump,Trump, Trump etc…you get the point… I wish they would just decide not to say the word Trump until he is jailed.

  • thereissomecoolstuff says:

    Immigrants I'll

  • If the moron after meeting with president Kim tell the whole world they can sleep peacefully which is fake news, then the moron is the enemy of the whole world, period

  • Funny, when a trump-lovur doesn't like what he hears, he doesn't try to argue against the statement. Oh no, he will start calling the other guy names, and if the tRump-lovur is really upset, he'll fall back on his best tactic, Profanity, the first tool every idiot reaches for. Sad.

  • This news just in. Every person in South America and Central America is now heading for the U.S. They're going to kill and rape all of us. Take all our jobs. What are we going to do?

  • Jeanine Ferris Pirro was born, raised and educated in New York State. Doesn't that make her one of those damn elite Northerners? Looks like that to me. Check it out for yourself.

  • Donald Trump = "six hundred sixty-six (666)" using the 'Evil=48 Code' of A=49, B50…Z74. He's the current Antichrist.

    D52+O63+N62+A49+L60+D52 + T68+R66+U69+M61+P64 = 666

    The good news (gospel) is this means the Christ has returned. See @t – only the 2nd Coming & Einstein reincarnated could produce this. I've unveiled secrets hidden since the founding of this world.

  • Lol lol ask a thief if there guilty, you pathetic piece of shit. Poor Brian . I guess Fox is getting it done or you would'nt triple down on them. Here is cnn biggest story
    And in the cnn rateings your show is dead last. Average viewership , hold on I have to rest my hand…..
    6,800 weekly down 14000 from July2018.
    Chat about that. I would attack FOX to.

  • PaleBlueDotCitizen says:

    I find it hilarious that anyone even needs to ask "is Donald Trump fit to be president of the United States." I doubt there's anyone in the world less fit to be the president.

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