The Thirteenth Doctor revealed – Doctor Who: Trailer – BBC One

The Thirteenth Doctor revealed – Doctor Who: Trailer – BBC One

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100 thoughts on “The Thirteenth Doctor revealed – Doctor Who: Trailer – BBC One”

  • Hey BBC if you want a female timelord as the main character then why not make a new one? why vapourize the Doctor and simply gender shift? Female reboots have always flopped. Or why not a series or at least season with Romana as the main character? Pay Lalla Ward 10 million she'll come back! you've done nothing with the character for decades.

  • Er…was that today's thrilling SciFi? Amazing!! Not. Still well done BBC for really PC work here – an uninteresting woman actress (all feminists are somehow a bit lifeless as women) with a heavy non Caucasian support …still, BBC gave so BBC can take away. In fact the BBC can do anything it likes (as long as it's not normal). The only thing the BBC has to worry about is Lucifer wondering whether the BBC is planning to replace Him as the Bore of the World.

  • 1963: Doctor Who began
    1975: Tom Baker was the best and nothing but the best.
    1989: Doctor Who was cancelled
    1996, 2005: He returned
    2016: third wave feminists got in the BBCs face and Jodie Whittaker (nurse who) had a tantrum and now Doctor Who is dead

  • This would be a fine if they open the role to more then female

    I miss the day when it was the role goes to the best actor who wanted it

  • The like to dislike ratio on this video is unbelievable. I mean yeah she's a woman, but I think she's going to be absolutely incredible.

  • vai ter mais edições de imagem vai ficar fantástico
    PS:não se esqueçam de dublar para PT BR o último episodio especial 1°Doctor encontra 12°Doctor na 10 Season, as temporadas seguintes PT BR também,
    ps: eu não tenho leitura dinâmica não leio rápido por isso que é bom dublar

  • so let the jokes start here…. so here goes ((eherm!!))… i wonder right? …i wonder, if her fannys bigger on the inside than on the out ….. cause if I'm honest if it does right? ..then i think I've meet a few female Dr Who's in my time my self 😛😛😁😂😅😉

  • Ok you diaper babies:1:
    No one is forcing anything on you.
    Ive had to watch boys having all the fun onscreens for 20 effing years and if I said 1 word I was told "no one's forcing you to watch it. Watch something else if u dont like it.
    I recommend you do the same.
    When you do, as I did, you will find your media landscape utterly saturated with role models for you.
    2) sci fi runs on out of the box thinking, it has the wholr universe for inspiration.
    What is the point of being able to be anything in the universe only if that thing is a caucasian male human?
    That's a Huge failure of imagination.
    Do you feel it hard to identify with the hero if they arent the same gender as you?
    Try it. We female units have been doing it for millenia, you pussies.

  • 50 years of the doctor being a man and what do we get people who want to push it agenda just for nothing an actual women and men who are upset about it seriously this is just terrible and this is the worst season of Doctor Who I've ever seen

  • Yellow hat Rae says:

    Does anyone disagree with having a new female doctor?

    I'm not trying to be sexist it's just that it's always been a man and I feel like it's like a stranger coming in and ruining a family tradition!

    Please don't argue with me though like my mum did because I'm awful at debating! 😂😡😕

  • I know this is over a year later, but I had stopped watching after Peter ruined it for me and then my mom just told me this. I had to look into it and now I’m crying, my soul is crying. It doesn’t matter if they’re good actor(tres)s or not. The Doctor was not supposed to regenerate after matt. He was only supposed to regenerate 13times, he used one to stay as david. Thus only supposed to have 12 doctors. What are they doing? Whyyyyy

  • More feminist claptrap. As far as I am concerned the last male doctor was the last in the series. This is rubbish. It just goes to show how left and PC the BBC has become. It’s about time the TV licensing fees were looked at. I don’t want my money being spent on another PC piece of garbage.

  • As I figured it would be this Female Doctor BS sucks. I tried to stomach through the first 2 shows and about half way through the second one I said I had enough and deleted it, then the first how on the DVR and canceled all future shows. I am done, to bad it was a good series in the past, but it's been ruined.

  • Frank F. Addison says:

    Saw the first two (soon three) episodes, and she's great! Everyone seems to be complaining about gender change, equality, unlimited rice pudding, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Seems like nobody noticed my problem with this: The Stock-Photo TARDIS. Anyone agree?

  • The Gold Fireball says:

    I like it how every one is like ( eww the doctors a women now the show is gonna suck ) but series 11 is going pretty good like if aggre

  • Once again 13 proving to be that very unlucky number. Shame the BBC killed this show and not only this one. Stupid BBC.
    R.I.P. Dr Who. R.I.P. BBC ☠️

  • So this is how bring back the timelords. This doctor give birth and send them all over the universe and different timelines so they all have their own children and bring back a new generation of timelords and she won't stop giving birth until she dies and gets resurrected again. Brilliant.

  • It’s sad young boys have lost a role model and i don’t see the problems with the male doctor women have always had a big role in doctor who and in a lot of situations they have saved the doctor this is a rash and stupid decision that will have long lasting consequences for doctor who because it was not driven by the fact it’s a good idea no it’s based on gender and identity politics and that is stupid #notmydoctor

  • The Groovy Ginger says:

    Its fair to say after watching season 11, the appointment of her and Chibnall has been the worst appointments ever made for this show

  • I really wish they wouldn’t put the doctor’s face in the thumbnail for the reveal trailer. What if someone wanted to find out who’s playing the doctor when he/she regenerates into the new one? I really hope they fix this when they reveal the next doctor

  • Ok, let’s face it. Whether or not Jodie regenerates into a man or a woman, eventually when the doctor regenerates into a man, he’ll be wearing woman’s clothes

  • Even though the new SJW PC Dr Whoha is tanking relax PC SJW freaks your next Dr will be a tranny. The only problem is it will be cancelled before you see it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 2005: what the hell the doctor has changed allready. This is gonna suck.
    2010: Nooooooo why do you have to go David your the best doctor ever
    2010: whos this lad trying to replace our David. Never gonna happen
    2013: NO Matt don't go we love you. Doctor who will never be the same.
    2013: what!! Peter is to old. Doctor who is ruined.
    2017: omg peter why do you have to go your the best
    2017: OH GOD

  • ImAEpicCoderGaming says:

    I just finished season 11. it was amazingly… terrible. Chris Chin"ABalls" needs to quit. Jodie Whittaker is terrible. They've taken everything great out of doctor who. The action, the excitement, and the urge to binge watch the entire series in one day. If they don't do something to fix this, doctor who is dead to me.

  • Jordan Godbolt says:

    Who's here to gloat about how shit season 11 was, and how the femanists were wrong about her being a good "doctor"

  • thetalentedmrman says:

    BORING. Jodie Whittaker has no charm. She’s a poor imitation of David Tennants version pulling stupid facial expressions sounding out of breathe whenever she talks. No originality whatsoever. No surprise this series FLOPPED big time. Get rid of the SJW trash. The Doctor is supposed to be fighting monsters not political correctness. Absoloute trash. Unmemorable Doctor and one of the worst out of them all.

  • Professor Hulk says:

    Its sad seeing this I genuinely have and had a problem with this. The doctor is a man born a man, he had a wife and children on gallifrey and Susan from his children. Continuous mentions of him being a father (quips to Rose, Donna, the ponds and clara). You seriously cannot just change over half a century of lore from an iconic show just for the sake of some “change”. To say this is a feminist move is stupid it sounds like its being leaned on that because although it is possible for this regeneration to happen it only happened to characters with lesser known history, we know less about the master than the doctor thats why I didnt have a problem with Missy Loved her but with the Doctor, the mad “man” with a blue box for it all to be drained in a lazy writing, dull acting, and inferior soundtrack to golds masterpiece season is sad and disheartening. I never wanted any to leave 9th to capaldi cuz I grown an attachment as we all do from there first series but I cant say the same for this one and I sincerely cannot wait for Jodies and Chibby boys time to be up till then I am not watching the next series with so time to pop in any other doctor who even colin baker till then.

  • Doctor Who Productions says:

    I actually like her, series 11 wasnt the best but i enjoyed most of it, it feels very 5th doctor era like , theres really good one and then there are some where there not so good but still watchable, i feel series 12 will be much better

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