The Television Tag | CharisseAudrei

The Television Tag | CharisseAudrei

[Music] Hi, my name is A-U-D-R-E-I Audrei and welcome to my channel CharisseAudrei Today I’m going to do. I’m gonna do a TAG today called the Television Tag I’ve seen CC from problems of a book nerd do it, I’ll leave her a video down below I’m also Have another background let me know in the I Circle if you guys liked this background because you guys are watching my videos And you’re the one that has to look at it and see my lovely personality. Question number one: favorite shows? I have so many and I feel like I’m gonna forget some shows throughout this tag because there’s so many Television shows I watch but my favorite is Grey’s Anatomy Degrassi any kind of Degrassi, Orphan Black. I Love orphan black. Question number two: favorite genre. I don’t Really have a favorite genre. I just watch whatever that I click with. Question number three: What’s your least favorite show? I Really don’t know Question number four: most rewatched show favorite show to binge? that would be Grey’s Anatomy Degrassi and Orphan Black Um And Gilmore Girls, I just like I don’t know right now. I’m really watching Grey’s Anatomy and I Don’t know. It’s just a show that would never get old to me. Question number five: Do you prefer watching shows week by week or binge watching? I like binge watching. Question number six: your favorite characters? My favorite characters is Cosima from Orphan Black, Amy from from Heartland. Number seven your favorite television ships? I have to go with Cosima and Delphine from Orphan Black. I’m sorry. I’m just a die-hard fan of Orphan Black. That’s why I have Two books about Orphan Black. Maybe one day I will Show you guys my collection of orphan black. I know I’m gonna get more in the future so This is just a few of my collection. April and Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy. I love them so bad. Eight: A show you could never get into I tried watching Mad Men And I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe in the future. I’ll go free try watching that that series. Question number 9: wait that six nine question number nine I totally messed up on that but number nine a Show that you fall out of love with I would have to say Hannah, Montana for this because when I was watching Hannah Montana it was like middle school, and then I became a teenager going to high school, and I just like forgot about that TV show. Question number ten: Cancelled too soon. A lot of shows that I love or gradate for on Netflix Some of them are just cancelled and Okay, so this actor actress every show that she’s a main character of she her shows always Get cancels out understand. Why because she’s a great actress. She’s beautiful and You know I used to like be all for Amanda Bynes before she went crazy And I would like all the movie She’s in but this actress all the movies all the shows she I just adore her and that would be Life Unexpected, that got cancelled too quick Secret Circle, which she’s the main character also that got canceled too quick and Girl Boss She’s the main character for that and I got canceled too quick like Damn those she’s just so good. I understand why those shows got canceled, and it’s just I Love those shows, and I rewatched them before. Her name is Britt Roberson. So check out anything any movies any shows she’s been in check her out because she’s good like she was good in Tomorrowland Question number 11: Your guilty pleasures and That would be reality TV. Bad Girls Club I used to watch that all the time in Middle School and high school. I have to stop once I moved out of my parents house. My mom was trying to ban bad girls club because when I was watching it I was getting In trouble in school, so I just love it Girls being in one house together, and you know Shit happens. Another one is the Keeping Up with the Kardashians I haven’t watched that since Kourtney I Haven’t watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians since Kourtney gave birth to her first child And the last question is what are you currently reading? I am currently Rewatching, I’m currently rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and a secret life of teenage American Tina a secret life of American teenager when I’m rewatching it it feels like the show just spit out facts and teenagers faces, and it just sometimes it goes over your head or teenagers might have got the facts and messages that the show was trying to give to Teenagers at the time, but just rewatching it just gives me some Much nostalgic, and I appreciate the show more now than I did before and with Grey’s Anatomy You know I don’t know. It. Just it’s just good. I’m also be watching just add magic and That’s been fun, too But that is all for the tag And I’ll leave down below who I tag and please let me know what you think of this background. I’ve been trying to you know Up my game here Follow me on all my social medias because I say I’m active on there, but I try to be and Please like and subscribe. I’ll see you guys later. Bye You


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  • Todd the Librarian! says:

    I kind of had the same experience with Madmen! I got through a couple episodes and that was it! It just didn't click with me! Oh no, not the Kardashians! LOL! Thanks for the tag Audrei!

  • I love your background, I get to creep your bookshelves! DEGRASSI, reppin' Toronto haha. If I find Degrassi on tv I'll leave it on. It also doesn't matter which season. I've started watching season two of Orphan Black and it's just as good. Britt Robertson is such a good actress! I agree, why does everything she stars gets canceled? Gah. I would have loved another season on #GirlBoss. Hahah, I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it's so entertaining. Love it.

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