The Team Meeting: ‘Let’s break the internet’ | A Liverpool FC Content Creative session

The Team Meeting: ‘Let’s break the internet’ | A Liverpool FC Content Creative session

If football doesn’t work out, I’m seriously
considering a professional career in music. Follow your dreams, lad. Thanks, bro, thanks. Nice of you to join us, Bobby. Right, boys… I’ve called this meeting because
I’m sick of all the daft stuff the media team are getting us to do. And I think we can get our heads together
and come up with something much better. – Give them out.
– No problem. There you go, mate. There you go. So these are the products
from Chaokoh, have a look at them. They’re the partner that we need to
come up with the idea for. Think big, we want something
that’s gonna break the internet and is gonna be absolutely everywhere. I think we’ve got it in our locker to do it. Anybody got any ideas? Go on, Robbo. I’m thinking Star Wars… but with coconuts. Star Wars? What’s bigger than Star Wars? Has anybody else got any ideas? – What about…
– Eh, fun fact! Did you know the coconut tree
is a member of the palm tree family, and the only known living species
of the genus Cocos? The term ‘coconut’ can refer
to the whole coconut palm – the seed or the fruit, which botanically
is a drupe, not a nut. Knowledge. That’s not even an idea. Thanks for that, Joel… Let’s start again, let’s refocus. Think about what’s trending
on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Anything? I’ve got it! Lewis Capaldi does
Undercover Bosses with Aldi. And we like to call it Cap…Aldi. But what’s that got to do with Chaokoh? Does it have to? Come on, Robbo. If we don’t do it, someone else will. BOBBY LAUGHS Top. I was thinking… Another fun fact! Did you know that more people are killed
by falling coconuts than sharks each year? Yes, again, thanks for your input, Joel… Right, let’s have a think about
some of the newer platforms. What’s our TikTok strategy? Ah, 2 o’clock! Curt, have you got anything else? Yeah. Picture this. A young, local lad on Anfield,
in a Merseyside derby, comes on and curls one into the top corner,
and he scores the winner. So we…just show your goal? BUT – replace the ball with a coconut. Coconuts on the Kop… ..coconut keepy-ups… COMMENTATOR: Jones! Yes, lad. ..coconuts in hats, coconuts and cats! Klip-Klopp! We’ve coconut all of Europe. Erm… Klopp-onuts! Bobby? Can I have a phone charger? Yous are a…joke. Don’t worry – I’ve got this. In three, two, one…
Action! Drink with a smile! Yes, Bobby. Let’s go.


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