The Strange Media Blackout on Trump's Ilhan Omar "Brother" Comments

The Strange Media Blackout on Trump's Ilhan Omar "Brother" Comments

hello world champions today we're gonna learn a little bit about how to think I know everyone's rushing to crank out mockeries of the Muller hearings then we'll get there and I know everyone's nervously speculating about the condition of Jeffrey Epstein and we'll get there too but with so much going on and no end in sight short of the 2020 election an almost perfect lesson in how to think just sort of slip by as we were getting stupidly at the Twin spectacles of a state-sponsored honey pot dupes I mean nobody think too hard about that getting arrested for underage sex trafficking again and the somehow more disgusting freak show of a confused old man getting repeatedly pegged by farm animals while he slowly dies of Alzheimers I now humbly request you take those memories and any kindergarten false flag burns you might be banana smuggling under your intellectual insecurity man go ahead and chuck those witches out the window today we're talking about Dylan no marme about Trump talking about Dylan Omar and most critical of all today we're talking about not talking about Ilyn Omar if you don't know Ilyn Omar is an American congresswoman from not America who represents a district in Minnesota populated by not Minnesotans in fact alone omar is also not named Dylan Omar is a Democrat decidedly hated by Democrats falling at just nine percent favorable in her own party and as for conservatives well Omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screens you get the idea the reason you can take 100 of the stupidest Neanderthals on the planet plucked them straight out of their Democrat religious ceremony with the Reverend MSNBC butter them up with indulgences in welfare candy and still only get nine of those baby birds to rate illa no more favorably is that she spent her first term as an elected official more or less looking for any and all people that are not American up to and including Isis terrorists and just sort of giving them as much help as possible to hook up the one country she hates more than any other the one that took her in as a refugee when she fled her whole home country of Somalia but Ilyn nurse I eat L mean wait what it hasn't had it easy in the United States either every time she tries to hate Jews or hate White's or tries to stuff all women over a2 and under 250 and o a full body Somalian furry suit she is swallowed by the girthy shadow of President Trump and his flak cannon of troll tweets and invariably the liberal media and techno dictators rush to Elin Omar's defense a quick google search for Donald Trump Ilyn Omar yield some mild bias for five straight pages and DuckDuckGo the Fox News of search engines doesn't even want to acknowledge she exists the result is the same however page after page of obscure little-known blogs touting the glory of Omar at the expense of Trump no more attacks Trump corrects Trump gets smeared by the media rinse wash repeat so it went with the second most recent episode between L and Omar and Trump when the crowd at a trump rally broke into a spontaneous chant of send her back the strong empowered facade of womanhood disintegrated into a helpless sobbing tweenage victim and the mainstream media was already slobbering at the chance to free range the pube fro of her malarial brother jungle which brings us to the most recent episode between Illinois Maher and President Trump to those on the right just another hilarious four-dimensional troll but to those on the left especially given their unquenchable thirst for her brother's only front hole should have been the most catastrophic PC virtue tantrum in the history of the known universe well there's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother I know nothing about it I hear she was married to her brother you're asking me a question about it I don't know but I'm sure that somebody would be looking at that yes you are understanding this correctly the President of the United States on live television just straight-up dumped gasoline on what till then had only been the ember' of independent journalism having already been called racist for supporting Jews racist for supporting races and racist for encouraging UN Omar to follow her dream of living in a third world it hold not a single one of us was even remotely surprised when the media seized on another opportunity to prolong the witch-hunt and once more polluted the airwaves with endless news cycles on Trump's latest and by far most egregious attack on the poster child of the Democrat Party there's just one problem it didn't happen no one in the mainstream media said one single word even the original video doesn't show up in Google search results what does show up is an obvious focus on the old irrelevant centre-back propaganda and headlines loaded with psychological priming words like smear unverified claim and degrading rumor notice that every major media outlet who usually gang-rapes page one with Google's help and I mean the New York Times CNN MSNBC CBS AM NOT your friend Fox News suddenly are nowhere to be seen and have nothing to say instead we get the tarred bait of Vox The Daily Beast and the Bezos post all the depreciating rags that – obviously exposed themselves and are now only good for manipulating normy is too stupid to differentiate between agitprop and actual news The Daily Beast article is particularly hilarious Maz it's several paragraphs of incomprehensible nonsense and outright lies that suggests the reader join them in concluding you know what this is way too confusing we better just go ahead and not pay any attention to it but still in sharp contrast to the intelligence assets being slow burned as they run out of meaningful value is the stunning silence of what are supposed to be the sensory organs of the National organism perhaps even more stunning as the totality of the silence itself sitting on an obvious three your pattern of pouncing on Trump at every turn and just making it up if the road gets too straight the medium miss finally served up an actual quote-unquote conspiracy theory from the whitest corners of the internet by their number-one target and they pretend it never happened if you're sitting there thinking but John this is hardly rocket science we get it you don't need to be so melodramatic let me finish with this I'm not emphasizing this anomaly because it's complex or surprising or something I can see that you can't I'm pointing it out because 2020 is around the corner then you are being carefully guided by big tech away from independent creators and journalists and into the gross infected groin of pretenders like Fox and a suspect embrace of moderates like Tim Poole and Joe Rogan and while there is nothing inherently wrong with consuming an arbitrary brand of content and I have nothing but healthy suspicion of the latter two gentlemen this coming election will involve the most sophisticated coordinated high-stakes propaganda war ever in human history you personally are going to endure an assault on your ability to think that will surpass anything that anyone has ever experienced it's easy to get over an abusive relationship when they just start screaming they hate you threatened to kill you and start showing up at your door no one needs any help not watching CNN or MSNBC it's a lot harder to realize you're being abused when you still get told you look nice once in a while I don't like telling people what to do now don't even give particularly good advice but all venture the suggestion that you consider taking the 2020 election cycle very seriously and consider them thinking about what you just saw just a little bit harder than you used to it actually is one hell of a game better than any movie or TV show with all the centuries-old families of Game of Thrones and all the intrigue of house of cards and only you know without the homosexual underage child to be a so main differences in this game the deaths are real and you get to play that's it for 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32 thoughts on “The Strange Media Blackout on Trump's Ilhan Omar "Brother" Comments”

  • Ok. It needs said :). The number one negative thing most conservative type people say about Tim Poole is along the lines of.."He still calls himself a liberal? People nowadays considers it to mean something different than it used to. Doesn't he know that?"

    (Granted there are a few moments of some bias, but he admits to it and thinks. I think both he and you are actually great role models for people.)

  • Dr. Addict Alcoholic says:

    You the man. Just went over to Bitchute and subscribed better safe than sorry… I'll be donating as well…

  • hemanth Raj kethari says:

    I had to subscribe once again to John Wards channel. utub and its traitorous leftist ideology, censorship. Hope utube is sued to the stone age after TRUMP is done with it…

  • I REGRET not realizing that JOHN WARD really isn't the type to give LIES to us and so he's getting the RACIST treatment from those that REALLY weren't there. The TRUTH is that MISINFORMATION LIES in the FACT that we see what they show us with our eyes and so we close them and listen. #Checkem8

  • Look, mueller did his job. Blame the democrats. I dont think mueller is a bad dude. On the wrong side? Probably, but he is a war hero and did his duty to his people by remaining nuetral during the hearing. Say what u want I believe in my president and i respect mueller.

  • I lived in Minnesota for the first 27 years of my life. Trust me when I say the Minnesota of today is an embarrassment to the Minnesota I grew up in. If those with power and money weren’t able to isolate themselves, there would have been a revolution by now

  • So whoever has a playlist remove the ad and you will see that it will have a conservative video playing once the ad is removed, this is Google / YouTube's way of blocking you of seeing any conservative videos

  • So this is what YouTube is doing now on my daily playlist they will show an obscure ad that has nothing to do with me and as soon as I say remove this ad it will have conservative videos that I never knew were there behind it once the ad is removed..

  • HomeWatchViewer says:

    Funny the fear about "collusion",
    when the apple is slowly but steadily rotting away from the inside,
    with Ilhan Omar as the largest worm inside.

    -Soon everything will fall apart if no cure is found,
    and Somalia will look like an Utopian paradise compared to the US.

  • Tim Pool is such a moderate/centrist, especially compared to the new Left, that he gets accused of being a Conservative and Trump supporter. LOL
    He’s actually a Democrat that’s starting to lean more and more to the Right. I think it’s cuz he keeps a mostly open mind, and seems to realize that PC and intersectional politics are insane and destroying the Democrat party.
    Unfortunately tho, the Dems are determined to take our country w/ them into annihilation, kamikaze style.

  • Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness says:

    Speaking of playing the game….. The FBI agent Investigating the financial irregularities of the Clinton Foundation has left the game RIP.

  • James Ridenour says:

    I just want to thank you John for doing what you do man. These last several months have been rough for me personally but I make sure to never miss a video of yours and watch many of them several times. I wish I could do more and I want to thank everyone that does whatever they can to help you keep producing this amazing content we have grown to love so much.

    To anyone out there that has a problem with John Wards getting sponsors you need to think about it, he has thoughtfully chosen just 1 primary sponsor out of a moral conviction. I’m sure he could be selling VPN’s, razor subscriptions, FTP mobile games or any of the other stuff out there. He has a large enough audience and creators smaller than him get those sponsors all the time. Instead he has chosen to stick to his guns and let his morals and convictions guide him and that says a lot about him.

    Finally, at the end of this video just listen to the words he chose and the way he presented his pitch. Put that shit into the dictionary next to “sincerity” because I can’t think of a better word to describe that send off.

  • Naga Lives Matter says:

    World Champion of the Year Tammy, World Champion of the Year. Thanks for supporting a Living Legend John Ward, Living Legend.

  • Someone could theoretically shoot these anti Americans and claim them as enemy combatants and agents of foreign governments and just claim PTSD there are no murders in a war and this is an information war it doesn’t mean it’s not world war 3

  • Atticus Hroovitnir says:

    Will someone please make a meme video using the Joe Dirt scene, " I'm your sister! I'm your sister!" With Omar's face?

  • Calvert Brian says:

    Are you surprised Epstein is already are almost dead? In my opinion, is he won't last a month. TrainTracks.

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