25 thoughts on “The Stock Market Is Primed For More Than A 50% Crash From Current Levels! Here's Why”

  • They will keep the current system propped up and going until the NWO cashless monetary system is ready to be implemented. Then and only then will they allow our current system to collapse.

  • Andrew Wilson says:

    Good video Im seeing the same thing. I think short term the market is going to go down. See my website as to what I think

  • The FRED graph at 11:07 doesn't look anything like the one I'm seeing on the FRED website. Where did you get that particular graph?

  • Kris Schemel says:

    What is wrong with this? This will be great! Best time to buy!

    The stock market will never crash and never return. Just keep your money invested and everything will be back to normal in a few years.

    If things get as bad as everyone says in these crazy comments, the whole world is in serious deep shit. So it’s in the worlds best interest to help us if things ever get as bad as most of you think.

    Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger would not keep their money in an “overvalued” market…. You think you know better than them?

    Everything is going to be fine. This is absolutely fear mongering.

  • wayne mcclory says:

    A new report released tells us that we will have 2 big market drops in June and a huge one in July ! Thing will worsen until 2020.

  • Aaaaand, we have allowed 30 million immigrants into the country, which creates huge competition for dwindling middle class resources… We the People have allowed our leaders to mismanage everything.


    this guy said nothing about Deutsche Bank which on friday [email protected] 6.40 eu . if that gets below 6 eu per share it could be what triggers a world wide recession. central banks will of course come to the rescue but how they gonna circumvent inflation this time???????

  • To get out of this the government's will need to print and devalue their fiat to dirt. In that case the companies are then holding now tiny loans and a bunch of their own shares which they paid dirt for. Yea, I don't think these guys are stupid.

  • Michael Corbett says:

    LOL it is amazing how many reports of the market is falling I get. you-tube, email, it's like everywhere. Yes we had a recession in 2008. The SLV went threw a R/S and crashed with the market in 2008. When did silver and gold peak??? Like 3 years later:) The market was already in full recovery then. Wait until the recession is at it's worst to buy the metals.
    Look close at the charts the SLV is prepping to do the same thing again. LOL

  • Easy to blame fed, I am not saying they get the timing right based on lagging data; but lets be real, we would not be in this situation if fiscal policy benefited demand side, to offset fed monetary naturally benefiting supply side. All investment has been in financialization of markets and to the benefit of wealthy, during good and bad times. It will be the laid off worker and businesses that close, that will pay for the wealthy to play. We need corporatist politicians bought and paid for by donors out of office. We need automatic rules in fiscal policy that kick in to benefit demand side (people), that invest in something with a stable ROI, like education, healthcare, guaranteed job for involuntary unemployed. Trickle down has failed for 40 yrs-blame your politicians. MMT will be that fiscal policy, tied to goods/ services ensuring real full employment and watching inflation as to money supply, but making investments into people.
    MMT is very misunderstood, this is best article with pros/cons, I have seen in two years. Worth a read since it will be necessary when rates go to 0% and no growth.

  • "The public sucks." – George Carlin They love to be ostrich's , and they will never respect the messenger of this fact. The boomers were targeted from day one. Fall guy scenario in play. I got out in Feb., life is good. ;D

  • The market was looking like it was going to roll over in 2011 and 2015. I think central banker interventions and the phony Trump recovery is the only reason we are at these levels today. END THE FED AND HANG THE BANKERS.

  • Joseph Merle says:

    I dont want to see a crash I really dont! If it went to normal of 10,000 pts I could deal with it though. but it would hurt my paper investments.
    I'm just glad we are debt free. We are not rich by any means but the feeling of being debt free is the best feeling in the world! We've ran the numbers if we cut everything out! 1500 a month is all we would need but life would kinda suck( no monthly, savings, no monthly investments) no gym memberships, eating out, Amazon, whatever nonessentials would be cut…back at the library reading books and renting Cds,DVDs, hopefully blurays not sure I could watch a DVD .that's assuming the library would still be open after a major crash!!:( but the point is try to get out of debt, it makes life a little easier, way more flexible and alot more choices and freedom to make changes in your life when you need to and or want to. Try not to be at the mercy of big Corp, banks and our ridiculous political system which is not doing anything remotely close to bring austerity within the govt balance sheets!!! I'm soo tired of hearing during the last few years this economy is great!!! Its all borrowed printed money !!! It really is a fake economy now. If it's soo great the fed could have the rates at 5% at least and we would be paying down the national debt and not printing more money!!
    I wish whomever was a real leader of this country would just come out and be honest and say……." we are broke, we need to make cuts across the board, we will make sure everybody including corporations, pay their fair share of taxes. instill a mantra of saving, steady investing into our own country, no get rich quick schemes. Make everybody accountable which is sorely lacking…..I could go on and on but I have to go back to work…😋

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH They've been saying it's going to crash since 2015 Cry me a river already eventually you'll get a right

  • More likely to see a 25% increase than a 50% fall . People taking your advice for the last decade have missed out big time.

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