The shutdown damaged U.S. national parks. | OCC News

The shutdown damaged U.S. national parks. | OCC News

Last week Trump used the extreme cold in the
midwestern united states to tweet denials of global warming, or in his case global waming. Unfortunately for him, cold weather doesn’t
equate to cold climate. In fact, according to the Fourth National
Climate report, the coldest winter temperatures have have actually increased in the United
States since the 1901. While all this was happening in the U.S.,
Australia experienced it’s hottest month on record, with temperatures reaching 50 celsius
or 122 Fahrenheit. This came on the heels of Australia’s hottest
December to date, and adds even more evidence to a warming trend. On top of all of that, northern Australian
is now being inundated with unprecedented rainfalls that have forced hundreds to evacuate. According to the New York Times, the mayor
of Townsville said that her city received their total annual rainfall in a seven day
period. Back in the U.S. as the 35 day government
shutdown drew to a temporary close, the National Park Service took stock of the damages to
public lands. In the case of a park like Joshua Tree, the
absence of park rangers gave rise to pockets of vandalism and activity that harmed the
park’s desert ecosystem. The former park superintendent Curt Sauer
decried the damage, exclaiming that the desert soils and slow-growing joshua trees might
take between 200 to 300 years to recover from the illegal off-roading and destruction that
occurred. Whatsup team. So this is a little video experiment. I’m thinking about creating these short
environmental news videos every tuesday to help me keep up with the news and hopefully,
help you keep up with all the environmental issues that escape the headlines. These little videos in addition to the videos
I release every other friday, so don’t worry. Also, the format of this is still very much
a work in progress so I’d love it if you could drop some suggestions or feedback in
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19 thoughts on “The shutdown damaged U.S. national parks. | OCC News”

  • Our Changing Climate says:

    Heyyo!! Welcome to the comments. So this video is an experiment for an idea I've been pushing around in my head. I've still got a lot to work on in this format. I want to keep the videos short so they're quick to make, but even two topics things felt a little truncated. Let me know whatcha think I need to work on or any suggestions for how to make this better! (or if you just want me to stop doing these and only publish my longer form video essays).

  • Here's my feedback: your videos are excellent, love the idea of weekly reports, and I want you to keep doing videos on whatever you think matters and whatever you find fulfilling. Keep it up 🙂


    it baffles me that that guy is the president of US lol – Here in Iceland, we don't get that much snow anymore in the south…. I'm only 27, but I remember as a kid way more snow! :@ great video man

  • Great idea with a news segment! Very happy to see someone Climate Change brought into the potential of YouTube in such a professional way – keep it up!

  • Its a shame that our leader doesnt denies climate change, something that may not be hurting us that bad now but will if we keep ignoring it.
    I say this as a person from the right.

  • Have you ever heard of national wildlife refuges or the National Wildlife Refuge System? They also faced terrible effects from the government shutdown and are the only federal lands set aside for the sole purpose of protecting America's wildlife. They are also vital in reversing the effects of climate change and the Refuge System is the largest protected area of lands and waters set aside for conservation in the world.

  • Love these. I had no idea this was happening during the shut down. The media mainly focused on the lack of airline safety which, was definitely important, but I had no idea that the parks were being taken advantage of. I hate humanity sometimes.

  • More videos always = more better, if you can maintain the standard of quality.

    increase the quantity with an easy to make flick on Tuesday’s, and I’m sure your subscriber base would explode.

    I just recently discovered this channel but I do know that the YouTube recommendations algorithm definitely prefers regular scheduled uploads, so your ideas could reach even more people if you can manage to keep the higher frequency up!!!

    Your work here really matters, educating all of us on these environmental issues in such an deeply insightful yet easy to digest way. This team stands to make a big change in our world, and I’d love to see this channel even bigger. My apologies if this was already known. ?

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