The Science of Internet Addiction & Brainpower


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  • As I was watching this my weekly screen usage report popped up on my ipad. I was unpleasantly surprised. I resisted the urge to stop watching to dive into it because this video is important. Next order of business: put a time limit on daily YouTube time. So that’s what I’m gonna do now…

  • I a huge Imgurian, so please take it with a grain of salt when I say, I believe it's either pronounced Im-jurr, or im-a-jurr

  • I use to use social media in this manner but have since muted my feeds that way I can post and not get sucked in. That being said though I wonder if I have just replaced that behavior with other negatives to compensate

  • ASM Kalrizion says:

    This is why I want to get myself an LTE watch so I can have easy access to communications but limit myself on poor internet use.

  • Is this view even slightly acceptable in scientific community nowdays, because as i looked into the more recent studies on dopamine and addictions – the results show that dopamine doesn't rly rise based on reward quantities- at least for behaviour addictions

  • loveisforever says:

    Thanks so much for this I just remembered how important it is to create healthy habits.
    Plus delaying gratification is actually helping self control.

  • 6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys says:

    Clown tube is not the internet, it’s propaganda portal, with lessening value. Censorship of few, poison all. We’ve all been skull poled, by masters of internet and all human exploitation being stolen.

  • I learned more about my opiate addiction from this than I did my internet addiction, further empowering me to continue my detox. Thanks!
    The novelty bit is also interesting. As a former "psychonaut" who read a lot of Terrence McKenna, I decided quite young to place a high value on novelty and pursue it as much as possible. It can lend well to hedonism, that's for sure.

    I also fasted for a week for the first time in over a decade after watching your fasting videos not long ago. Love your channel!

  • Corey Hanson says:

    This is your brain, This is your brain, is this brain your's? Are You Yours? Are you your own Boss? Is this your brain, is it yours, is it you, Go take your medication, don't do drugs, this brain is Yours😊

  • manjunath manju says:

    Hey you your goals r greater than instant gratification….go follow your heart control your mind …I will see you when you have achieved your goal don't scroll down don't use any apps ….

  • I gave up on Facebook like 4 months ago after using it since 2013 and even becoming kinda "famous" in a few communities. Best choice I made. I didn't even realise when did social media begin to stress me out and when did I get the strong habit to scroll the timeline even less than every hour. I met some great people there but they were outnumbered by really unlikeable individuals I came across and "memes" for which I mostly was on the website went really downhill since 2016. I started to read way more and do excercise from having so much more time than I used to have and I feel way better too.

  • Phoenix Rising says:

    You can use internet addiction in a positive way by addicting yourself to learning useful information to improve yourself and life.

  • Andrias Scheuchzeri says:

    11:01 "light goes on, push lever: maybe get reward, you get a much higher dopamine rise", that sounds exactly like betting addiction.

  • John McSayer says:

    9:25 How so, if continuous use of an opiate makes opioid receptors less responsive to it? That makes no sense at all.

  • Im trying  to get out of my internet cycle . Up early this morning two geese either fighting or one was curious about being underneath my cabin, and might have got stuck.  But after a huge amount of  noises and a cool down period I think (she ) cooled off and came out or got un stuck. There friends did show up for support!  Interesting morning!

  • Ignacio Brizzio says:

    Tis by far the most eloquent approach I've seen to this critical subject. Should be taught at school ASAP

  • Hey I found a channel that provides new interesting information. I feel a craving to keep watching it.

    But seriously though your Videos help a lot. I'm gonna try to write a summary to keep as much as possible and come back to your channel once I am done with my goals for the day.

  • Amazing content! Bro your videos are so amazing that they shouldn't be free! the amount of research you put into each of these tell me how passionate you're towards your goal!

  • Jamal Mirzada says:

    I take cabergoline for a prolactinoma, I am also dealing with porn addiction, although I haven't watched porn in a couple of years, I still get fantasies from time to time that I can't control because the cabergoline is mimicking dopamine in my body. I believe the cabergoline is keeping my dopamine receptors low. Will I be able to grow or regenerate my dopamine receptors if I get off of cabergoline? Thanks in advance!

  • Excellent video. I know it takes a lot to pull scientific sources together, so I really appreciate you basing your video of actual scientific research.

  • Aaron Römer says:

    the irony of my internet instant gratification addiction leading me to watch this video. Getting a degree doesnt feel like driven by frontal lobe amazing human motivation driver xD even studying for my engineering degree felt way less motivation depleting than my last 6 months internship at a company which even had more than decent working conditions.

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