The Russians need to reprogramme Melania Trump! – BBC

The Russians need to reprogramme Melania Trump! – BBC

Russian Woman: Oleg, Masha, you are coming on a special trip to America. Masha: OMG, we’re going to Universal Studios. Russian Woman: No, we are not going to Universal Studios. We are going on an important mission. To Washington. (U.S. national anthem plays) Voiceover: They’ve been hiding the Melania robot away. Even the president is starting to become suspicious. Without it, Russia only has one hundred and twenty-nine other ways of influencing America. Woman in hat: Delivery for the president. Masha: American baseball caps. They are very American.>>Oleg: As are we. I thought she was running okay. Melania: He’s not here. His plane stopped. Stopped. Stopped. Stopped. Woman with glasses: She keeps malfunctioning since they gave her a job campaigning against cyberbullying. Masha: But her husband is– Woman with glasses: –World’s number one cyberbully, exactly. No computer brain in the world could deal with such a contradiction. That is why we have to fit her with this. A logic bypass chip. Melania: How are you? How are you? I’ve been through a little rough patch. The best. Fake news. News. Hello, doctor. *Pushes Oleg* Woman with glasses: Nice distracting, Oleg. Oleg: Anytime. *Melania makes a noise* Woman with glasses: That is the rebooting noise. Oleg: Does it work?>>Woman: We will soon find out. Melania-bot, what are immigrants? Melania: Bad people. Woman: And what are you? Melania: An immigrant. Woman: And do you see a problem with that? Melania: No. Woman: The logic bypass works. Melania: America first. My jewelry is made in China. Woman: Good job, guys. Melania: Where is Donald? He looks so sexy in his tennis clothes. Woman: No, he doesn’t. He looks like old sack of donkey guts. Melania: I don’t want to make sex to you, Donkey Guts. *slams into wall* Donkey guts. Woman: It’s going to be a long night. Melania: Donkey guts. Donkey guts.


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