The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump : The Fire Breather – the fifth estate

The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump : The Fire Breather – the fifth estate

(♪♪)>>On this edition of “The Fifth Estate.”>>He’s a nasty, nasty guy. He’s a liar.>>It may be the ugliest election in U.S. history.>>Go back where you come from.>>And Donald Trump is the reason why.>>Get ’em out of here. Get ’em out. Get ’em out.>>He’s playing to the group that feels should be a white Christian America.>>I will build a great, great wall. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States.>>He’s built a monster in society right now that he has to feed.>>He’s selling himself as America’s strong man and Savior.>>The facts don’t matter. They can be true or they can be false. As long as they’re useful.>>One thing is certain. No one breathes fire like Donald Trump.>>I blow up every single inch.>>People are not going to realize what he’s accomplished until he’s already in the white house.>>I’m Bob McKeown. This is “The Fifth Estate”. (♪♪) [Chanting USA]>>Bob: January the 20th, 2017. Inauguration day in Washington D.C. the swearing in of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.>>Unbelievable. Unbelievable.>>Bob: It is a day many believe they would never see. And after which the USA may never be the same.>>We’re gonna make America great again! [CHEERING] [Chanting USA]>>Bob: And it all began here in June, 2015. When Donald Trump descended from his penthouse at the Trump tower in New York City to declare his candidacy for the republican nomination for president.>>You know, all of my life I’ve heard that a truly successful person, a really, really successful person, and even modestly successful, cannot run for public office. Just can’t happen. And yet that’s the kind of mind set that you need to make this country great again.>>Bob: From the start there was no doubt what the central theme of Trump’s election campaign was going to be.>>Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again. Thank you. Thank you very much.>>Bob: Immediately the political blood letting began. The front page of the New York daily news depicted Trump in clown face and the vast majority of pundits mocked his prospects for the presidency.>>My theory has always been the UFO theory, the unforeseeable occur. Donald Trump is the perfect example of the UFO theory. When he first arrived I didn’t think he would get as far as he did.>>NBC news at this hour, I’m Tom Brokaw.>>Bob: For a quarter of a century, Tom Brokaw occupied one of the most influential positions in American life as anchor of NBC nightly news. The 2017 inauguration will be the 12th of his distinguished career. He admits he’s never seen a presidential campaign like this before. Thanks to Donald Trump.>>First of all, he arrived in the race more famous and richer than any of the other candidates. People overlooked that. He was better known in America than any of the other candidates. And the fact that he was rich and could finance his own campaign resonated with people out there. What the American people really want is financial security. And they don’t feel they have that anymore. And it had the country half cocked in the ticked off position at that point.>>Half cocked and ticked off as the U.S. has never been before. And that plays right to Donald Trump’s unique skill set. According to political writer Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine.>>He’s not a politician, but he also has this other thing that nobody else has, which is that he’s a veteran reality televison star, who understands in a way that the other politicians don’t that the election is just a reality show. And he’s great at it.>>You’re fired. Bradford, you’re fired. You’re all fired. All four are fired. (♪♪)>>Bob: It’s more than name recognition from 14 seasons as the star of a hit reality show. “The Apprentice” showcased Trump as the no nonsense billionaire boss who knows how to solve problems and make tough decisions. Not to mention which buttons to push to create conflict.>>Long before Trump entered this whole process, elections became about finding the group of people who are to blame for your problems, and that’s how you win elections in America. It’s not a secret. Everybody knows this. The thing is Trump is just really, really good at it. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Bob: And if Donald Trump is a natural at the blame game, his supporters are willing to believe. Because they may feel cheated out of their rightful slice of the American pie.>>They just love what we’re doing. We’re going to take the country back. We’re going to make it great again.>>Bob: And Trump targeted those about whom many of his supporters had unfavourable feelings already. Blaming terrorism, he set his sights on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.>>Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States, until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.>>There are basically two news stories about us, and it’s no one’s fault, but there are. There’s the bad story where we’re described as militant-government terrorists and then the occasional positive one where we’re described as alleged militant-government terrorists.>>Bob: Dean Obeidallah is a writer, broadcaster and are standup comic in New York, who’s also an American-born Muslim. He sees Trump as a shrewd businessman who knows his market.>>Things have not worked out in their lives. Things have not worked out in a lot of Americans’ lives. The difference is most people don’t blame Mexicans or Muslims or the others for their problems.>>Bob: Obeidallah says there is anxiety among American Muslims that Trump’s call for a ban would be just the beginning.>>There’s concern. I mean, I’d say palpable fear, frankly, that it won’t end there.>>There is a great hatred toward Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.>>He needs to give red meat to his base. And that might be next special I.D.’s for Muslims, which he suggested. Special registration for Muslims. It could be interim camps.>>These are people who only believe in jihad. They have no respect for human life. (♪♪)>>Bob: And then there’s Trump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border.>>When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. We’re going to build the wall, okay. Believe me. We’re going to build the wall.>>He loves attention. And one of the things that he discovered very early on in this process is that when he said certain things, he got an overwhelming response. Beginning with the thing about Mexicans being rapists. When he said that, it just set off this fire storm in the media.>>Bob: That goes over well in the heartland, where Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is a household name for his tough tactics with illegal immigrants. He’s endorsed Trump for president and for his wall.>>So when you talk about the border, don’t just talk about illegal immigration. That wall that he wants to put up pertains to drug smuggling into our country too.>>Bob: And for the time being, as a campaign ploy for Trump, it’s hitting its target.>>Clearly the race thing, which has been, you know, a millimetre under the surface of American politics for 50 years now, you know, according to sort of the gentleman’s agreement of Washington politics, we never really come out in the open and talk about race in this country. It’s always by proxy. Suddenly he has this enormous following of people who in the past were only communicating with each other through these very fringy far right KKK-style organizations. Now this is becoming a little bit mainstream. (♪♪)>>Black power!>>Yeah, white power!>>I think it’s as much cultural and racial as is anything else. If we had a lot of annoying Canadians come into America illegally and were working in jobs that Americans really didn’t want, people would say how do we make them citizens. How do we help them through all this. But brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people don’t fit in the idea of what a lot of Americans want for the future of this country, quite honestly. (♪♪)>>Bob: Mixing race and political incorrectness is nothing new for Donald Trump. And it may well will having an effect. In recent primary polls, three-quarters of his supporters say they’re in favour of the proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. and Trump has always shown skill at stirring the pot to separate traitors from patriots. It was the point man of the so-called birther movement, challenging president Barack Obama to prove he’s a natural-born American and, therefore, the legitimate president.>>I’m very honoured to have gotten him to release his long-form birth certificate. Or whatever it may be. (♪♪)>>Bob: It all came to a head in may, 2011 at the white house correspondence dinner in Washington. Barack Obama, the guest of honour. Also in attendance, the man questioning his right to be president.>>Donald Trump has been saying he’ll run for president as a republican, which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke. [ Laughter ]>>Bob: But for the Donald, the needling was about to get much worse.>>Pres. Barack Obama: Donald Trump is here tonight. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] No one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to focussing on the issues that matter. Like did we fake the moon landing. [LAUGHTER] What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggy and Tupac? [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, the president nailed it. I think he was angry. I mean, I think he thought how dare he take me on? I’m more important.>>Pres. Barack Obama: All kidding aside, obviously we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. [LAUGHTER]>>Bob: Indeed, some suggest being the butt of Barack Obama’s humour that night may have triggered Donald Trump’s decision to run for the office of president himself. After the break, the making of the would-be president.>>Take a look at my next guest. This is Donald Trump 33 years old.>>But once you brought young Donald, this fresh face, then all of the media coverage was focussed on this new young star. Doing this giant project.>>Bob: How Donald Trump went from this to this.>>Get ’em out of here. Get out. Get ’em out of here. (♪♪)>>Trying to scrape up a down payment for a little fixer-uper in your neighborhood? Take a look at my next guest. This is Donald Trump, 33 years old.>>Bob: From the beginning, Donald Trump’s fame and fortune have been linked as here in his first appearance on NBC’s today show in 1980 with Tom Brokaw.>>Donald Trump as I say is just 33 years old. He took his father’s rather modest by current standards real estate empire in Brooklyn and expanded it considerably.>>Bob: At the time, his signature Trump tower was rising into the Manhattan skyline.>>He now has an apartment for sale and a new Trump building called the Trump tower going up on 5th Avenue. There it is. You can buy this apartment, one floor of it, one whole floor of that building, it is, $11 million all together. Mr. Trump, what’s left in you life? You’re 33 years old, you’re worth all this money. You say you didn’t say that you want to be worth $1 billion.>>I really don’t. I just want to be busy and keep active and be interested in what I do. That’s all there is to life as far as I’m concerned.>>Bob: That was over three decades ago. And for much of it, the real New York tourist attraction has been Donald Trump himself.>>If you walk down 5th Avenue at anytime of day, before all this started, people are over there having their picture taken in front of the golden T. I mean, he is the idea, and many people’s mind, of the American dream realized. He’s rich and famous and unapologetic about it. (♪♪)>>Bob: For all his claims of being a self-made man, it was a silver spoon that got him launched. Trump’s father, Fred, had amassed a $200 million fortune building housing in the outer borrows of New York City when his son entered the business. Fred was there to help.>>He guaranteed the financing. He brought him to his own bankers to get the $35 million loan that started the whole process. And Fred had to guarantee the loans.>>Bob: New York investigative journalist Wayne Barrett wrote the first probing feature on Manhattan’s new young real estate mogul. Then in 1992, an unauthorized biography. At the time, Trump was facing bankruptcy. He threatened to sue Barrett. Then had him arrested at one of his casinos. Barrett says Trump’s first projects in Manhattan cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the financing arranged by his dad. Before long, the son became the brand.>>But once you brought young Donald, this fresh face, then all of the media coverage was focussed on this new young star, doing this giant project. (♪♪)>>Bob: But there always were controversies. According to Barrett, Trump associated with known members of organized crime. Both while starting out in New York and then building his casinos in Atlantic city.>>So, yeah, he had — everywhere Donald went, he had these mob allies and friends.>>Bob: And another event early in Trump’s career follows him still. When he handled rentals for his father’s housing in New York, the federal Justice department accused them of trying to keep out minority tenants. Especially blacks. Eventually the Trump signed an agreement not to discriminate. But the taint of racial animus has wafted over Donald Trump ever since. Even at his televised roast.>>Donald will say he wants to run for president and mov on into the white house. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time he’s push add black family out of their home. [LAUGHTER]>>Amazing. Amazing.>>Bob: It’s no laughing matter. There continues to be allegations about Trump’s racism. For example, this tweet that 81% of white American homicide victims are killed by African-Americans. It’s blatantly untrue. In fact, none of these other supposed facts are true. And if Trump rallies, racial tension seems to be just under the surface. That is until it boils over. Each event begins with an ominous kind of public service announcement.>>And the P.A. announcer before the event basically tells the audience, if somebody gets up and starts causing a scene, if there’s a protester in the middle of the event, please do not touch or harm the protestor. They actually instructed us to just circle the person, shout Trump, Trump, Trump at the person and wait for security to escort that person out. [chanting Trump, Trump, Trump]>>Bob: But the eviction process is rarely that orderly.>>Get ’em out of here. Get out. Get ’em out of here.>>Bob: At this Trump speech in Alabama, a black lives matter protestor is punched and kicked. Trump suggests he was asking for it.>>This guy started screaming by himself, and I don’t know rough up? Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.>>Bob: Georgia. Police with African-American students from a Trump rally on their own college campus.>>Get ’em out. Get ’em out.>>I think we got kicked out because we’re a group of black people. And, like, I guess people, what’s going on in America, they’re afraid we’re going to say or do something.>>Bob: Louisville, a young African-American woman is attacked by a Trump supporter known to be a white supremacist.>>Throw ’em out.>>Yeah, it happens at almost every one of his events. It’s sort of this ritualistic cleansing of the audience. I mean, if you want to think about it, in conjunction with the things he said about minorities and immigrants and that sort of thing, it has pretty powerful connotations.>>I love the old days. You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.>>Bob: It’s especially so when Donald Trump himself threatens the violence. As when a protestor interrupted this rally in Nevada.>>And you’re walking out and we’re not allow — you know, the guards are very gentle with him. He’s walking out with big high fives, smiling, laughing. I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell yeah.>>I love it when he says wanted to punch a protestor in the face. He’s never been in a fight in his life. I’ll bet you he wouldn’t know how to fight. You know, he calls other people pussies. But, please, Donald, you know — he’d go wash his hands if he shook your hand.>>Bob: In this campaign, the violence and vulgarity seem to be hallmarks of Trump rallies alone. And he doesn’t appear to discourage them. In fact, the ugliness has only been getting worse. [CHEERING]>>You look at also the cult of personality that’s developing around this guy. You don’t just have to fear Trump. You have to fear the types of people that are attracted to Trump.>>Bob: Rick Wilson is no pasifist. He’s a pro gun main stream republican strategist who says he’s dismayed by Donald Trump’s campaign. He claims his election would be a recipe for disaster. [GUNFIRE]>>If Trump become the nominee and Trump becomes the president by some horrible turn, the Trump base will want action. They will want results. And we’ve already seen sort of raw edges of this thing. And the preview of Trump’s America at some of these rallies, that has become sort of a hallmark of the get ’em out, get ’em out, I want to punch that guy in the face, and not a thing without that shouldn’t concern people about the psychology of mobs and crowds, because that’s what Trump is very skillfully manipulating and exploiting.>>Tell me, tell me, isn’t it fun to be at a Trump rally? [CHEERING]>>Bob: When we return –>>And I’m a leader. I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re gonna do it.>>Bob: Trump, the Savior.>>I brought my bible. Okay?>>He has created this reality TV figure who is this strong man Savior who has come to rescue everybody out there in the heartland.>>I would bomb the SHIT out of them.>>Bob: How far will he go? Just watch.>>I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Bob: Whatever you believe about Donald Trump’s presidential timber, he already has the aircraft for the job. The Trump Boeing 757 is everybody bit as sleek as air force one. And even more luxurious with fixtures and seat belts of 24 carat gold. It is just one of the trappings of the Trump campaign. Call him alpha male or ego maniac, he’s obviously convinced that he alone is uniquely qualified to be America’s chief executive. Veteran broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw.>>You can’t believe that not everyone shares his values. That he thinks this is the way the world was happiest. And a lot of people do. A lot of people do want to be rich and famous. With good reason. They look at him and think oh, my god. You know, what a life. (♪♪) I was in aisle when the Trump plane arrived, Trump on the side. It was carried live on local television. It was like a scene out of a James Bond movie. It was so dramatic. You could just see people saying oh, God, this guy’s a big deal. Everything he does is kind of orchestrated and has a theatrical quality about it.>>Bob: Trump uses his independent wealth to portray himself as the honest broker. not beholden to special interests, an outsider primed to take on the corrupt Washington establishment.>>I don’t need anybody’s money. It’s nice. I don’t need anybody’s money. I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich. (♪♪)>>Bob: It’s the role that Donald Trump plays both on screen and off. According to writer Matt Taibbi.>>He has created this reality TV figure, who is this strong man Savior who has come to rescue everybody out there in the heartland. (♪♪) His version of events is essentially that he’s a whistle blower, who is come to protect everybody. Like, I know how this system works because I’ve been part of it. I’ve seen how rotten it is. So trust me. (♪♪)>>Bob: Think 21st century folk hero. The billionaire robin hood celebrated in songs online. And every corner of American culture.>>And the next president of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump!>>Bob: Trump supporters want and expect the authoritarian anti-establishment President he’s promised to be, according to Brooke Gladstone of National Public Radio.>>A daddy who can take care of all the problems.>>And I think that they see that in Donald Trump.>>Wow. Thank you. So fantastic. Well, you know, I love Ohio. I have a long history with Ohio.>>Bob: But a strong man needs an enemy. Someone or something to overcome. Or better yet, obliterate.>>You ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick ISIS ASS?>>I would bomb the SHIT out of them. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Bob: NPR’s Brook Gladstone argues that by appealing to prejudice and fear, Trump is fulfilling the dictionary definition of a demagogue.>>Donald Trump is a true demagogue. The facts don’t matter. They can be true or they can be false. He doesn’t care, as long as they’re useful. It doesn’t seem that his supporters care much about his positions. All they talk about, when I hear people interviewing them on the street, is that he’s strong. And that he can make deals.>>Welcome to a kingdom where everybody’s treated like a king. (♪♪)>>Bob: She says in the fictional kingdom of Trump, his perceived strength is often based on misimpression or lies. Like the so-called success of his casinos.>>You can say well, you know, he did go bankrupt. You know, he’s not self made. He got a $1 million loan from his father. He messed up the casinos in Atlantic city. And all these buildings with his name on it in the United States are owned by foreign powers. A lot of which are in the Middle East. None of that seems to really matter.>>Bob: Trump, the strong man, allies himself with others who are strong, quoting Mussolini, flattering Vladimir Putin.>>He’s actually liked in his country which is hard to believe because he’s essentially a dictator and I think he has an 80% approval rating which you know, any politician in this country would love to have. (♪♪)>>Now we’re talking about water boarding.>>Bob: Strong men also talk tough. Pressed about the legality of torturing terror suspects, even killing their families, Trump said this about the generals who would report to him as commander-in-chief.>>And I’m a leader. I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re gonna do it. (♪♪)>>Bob: And every strong man, especially a U.S. presidential candidate, better have a gun. (♪♪) What else could explain why Trump’s republican opponent, senator Ted Cruz, a man running for the world’s most powerful office, would do this. Wrapping bacon around an AR-15 semi automatic rifle, firing off a few hundred rounds. Until it’s cooked just the way he likes it. Crispy.>>Machine gun bacon. [LAUGHTER]>>Bob: Trump used the Paris terror attacks to tout his pro gun credentials, explaining the massacre like this.>>So prior to Paris, which was a disaster, which by the way, if some of the people in those places where it was slaughter, absolute slaughter, had guns, you wouldn’t have had the carnage that you had in Paris. You wouldn’t have had that carnage.>>Bibles and guns brought us here. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Bob: And in America today, it’s an article of faith that strength comes from within. So every presidential candidate must be a man or woman of god.>>I brought my bible. Faith is also a campaign prerequisite for Donald Trump.>>You know, it’s first Presbyterian church, Jamaica, and this was written by my mother, with my name. It was a long time ago.>>Bob: Investigative journalist and Trump biographer, Wayne Barrett. In all of your research over all of those years, did you encounter a strong bent of Christianity in his life?>>It’s a total fraud. It’s a total fraud.>>Bob: Look, you’re not questioning his faith?>>Well, I saw that interview once where he said, well, I go on Easter. And I go on Christmas. And then he’s sort of scratching his head and oh, and Sundays. Sometimes I go on Sundays, you know. I mean, please. (♪♪)>>Bob: Whether you think he’s a sincere Christian or not, evangelicals are increasingly among the millions of middle class Americans flocking to the Donald. (♪♪) ♪ On your feet ♪ ♪ Stand up tall ♪ ♪ Freedom’s on our shoulders U.S.A. ♪>>We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.>>Despite him saying I love the poorly educated, which he said the other night, the reality is he’s probably never had a conversation with anybody, you know, of the class, you know, that he’s giving speeches to now. In his life, before this year. I mean, he hangs around with models and sports stars and politicians and other billionaires. That’s his crew.>>They say I have the most loyal people. Did you ever say that? I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s, like, incredible.>>Bob: Indeed, Trump’s appeal has expanded. Far beyond his original base of angry, white males, who may feel left behind by U.S. elites.>>Now we’ve kind of hit a ceiling on the American dream. Those people have been out there. They’re unhappy, with good reason, about how America has been governing itself. We have a congress that is the worst I’ve ever seen, democrat and republican. They can’t be seen saying hello to each other on either side. Tom Brokaw says there’s anger in America. A feeling of betrayal by government, especially in Washington. And Donald Trump has drilled deep down into it.>>What the American people really want is financial security. And they don’t feel they have that anymore. And that is a huge issue that no one’s addressing in a forensic way. How do we change that? So Donald Trump gave voice to their anger. And now there is the possibility that he can get the nomination, A. And B, get elected. It still is a long shot it seems to me, but, you know, we have been surprised one time after another in the last nine months.>>Bob: When we come back, what frightens even republicans.>>Do you want to give an entertainer and showman with poor impulse control a vengeful streak and a vicious temper control 7,700 nuclear weapons? (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Bob: January 21, 2017, the morning after the inauguration, the first full day of the presidency of Donald J. Trump. In the oval office, the 45th president of the United States gets to work. But what’s on the to-do list of a man presumably elected because the American public is so furious at everyone else? Legendary broadcaster Tom Brokaw has seen presidents come and go. He says none faced a learning curve like Donald Trump.>>I don’t think he really has a full appreciation of just how complex that job is. It’s the hardest job in the world, by far. And it’s not just being the public face of the white house. You’ve got to be in there with your hands on the gears. You have to have a smart, natural security and foreign policy, economic policy that plays across America. Not just one segment or another. (♪♪)>>Bob: That degree of difficulty would be compounded by the expectations of Trump’s base. Who put him in the white house. If he’s played the race card, they’ll be counting on him to follow through with action.>>Well, he’s playing to the group that feels, you know, that this should be a white, Christian America, that Muslims are responsible for all the difficulties that we have just because there were Muslims involved in the bombing of the world trade centre and the pentagon, that all Muslims are guilty in some fashion.>>The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. [CHEERING]>>Thank you.>>I mean, I can’t imagine any circumstances under which if he were president of the United States he wouldn’t try to build the wall, wouldn’t try to deport millions of Latinos.>>Bob: Investigative journalist and author Wayne Barrett predicts as president Trump would attempt to fulfill his promises. The wall, the Muslim ban, deportations.>>It’s gonna be extraordinarily ugly. I mean, imagine massive deportations in this country. but I think he’s going to try to do that.>>Bob: And there are fears about foreign policy. The likelihood of a trade war with China and his threat to rip up the nuclear agreement with Iran have fellow republicans running scared.>>Never, ever, ever in my life have I seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with Iran.>>Bob: His opponents in the party desperate to build a wall between themselves and Trump.>>Mr. Trump’s bombast is already alarming our allies and fuelling the enmity of our enemies.>>There are other people in our party who actually are kind of horrified by Donald Trump. I’m one of them.>>Guys, we have a con artist as the front runner in the republican party.>>Once you’re president, you have this awesome and terrible responsibility to actually be president. You’re not a show host anymore.>>I don’t know what I said, I don’t remember.>>You have to run a government. Run a country. I think his judgment is so terrible.>>I want a general who will knock the hell out of them. Yeah!>>It’s gonna be a disaster on every front.>>Bob: Mainstream republican strategist Rick Wilson believes the presidency of Donald J. Trump would destroy the republican party and severely damage the U.S..>>It’s gonna wreck the American economy in ways that it’s going to reverberate for decades. He wants to feed that monster he’s built, and he’s gonna try to do it. It’s going to be nearly impossible. It’s going to cause enormous disruption.>>Bob: Disruption is a theme at Trump rallies.>>Oh!>>Get ’em out. Get ’em out.>>Bob: They’re exercises in demagoguery. Calculated the target not just protestors, but also to control the media, who he sees as the enemy. And they’re verbally flogged by Trump to the cheers of his crowds.>>By the way, I hate some of these people, but I’d never kill them. I hate them. No, these people, I would never kill them. Let’s see. Well … no, I wouldn’t.>>Bob: He’s vowed to clamp down on freedom of the press.>>If I become president, oh, do they have problems. They’re gonna have such problems. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Bob: Republican Rick Wilson worries what more Donald Trump could do with all the power of the oval office.>>We’re looking at this guy, who is a great entertainer and a great showman, but do you want to give an entertainer and a showman with poor impulse control a vengeful streak and a vicious temper, control of 7,700 nuclear weapons?>>I love you. I love you, folks. Thank you.>>Bob: Since he declared his candidacy, most assumed there would come a tipping point for Trump, when someone would trip him up or he’d trip himself. It’s what Tom Brokaw thought.>>I keep thinking that there is a breaking point, but there seems not to be. I mean, the republicans are either running for cover or holding their head in their hands or saying what are we going to do if we get this guy as a nominee? These vulgarisms that he engaged in at any other time in American political life would have been a kind of knife in the heart of the candidate. But we have changed. And part of it is the culture of America. [chanting USA]>>Bob: Which is why this has been one of the most extraordinary episodes in American politics. The woman hoping to make history in the white house is now in for a vicious fight.>>People ask me all the time, well, who do I want to run against? That’s not for me to decide. But given what they’ve all said, I will take any one of them. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]>>Bob: The billionaire who’s somehow surrogate for the little guy. His party running against its own presumptive nominee. The vulgarity and half truths seen as condor and a fresh voice. Blame it all on the establishment. Credit a clever strategy. Or call it a perfect political storm.>>It’s brilliant in a lot of ways what he’s done. He’s manipulated the entire political media system. it’s like any good long con. You know, everybody’s gone from the scene by the time you realize you’ve lost your money. That’s what it’s going to be like with Trump. People will not going to realize what he’s accomplished until he’s already in the white house. (♪♪) (♪♪)


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  • Who cares about the united states. Its a ghetto country and Canada should stay away from it. Canada will be America's greatest country weather any other American country likes it or not! America will be a better continent with out the united states.

  • donald jackass trump is the false prophet evangalists warned us about , but unfortunately their followers voted for him anyway , now that's intelligence isn't it? if america doesn't turf him out of office in 2020 , you are going to get what you deserve, a lier and con man , nothing more , just more bullsit and hollow promises.

  • you dummy's need a whole new system for voting. a hillbilly's vote shouldn't count as much as a person with a brain's vote. i know it's the only way the gop can win. every time the dems win they have to spend half their term cleaning up the mess left by the kkk i mean republicans.
    this time is like no other, trump is as low as a politician can go. constant lies and dumb as a bag of nails.

  • Trump has shown us just how evil and corrupt the media is and has been for quite sometime! Trump has exposed what we all suspected…there are two parties in Washington…but they all get off the same bus!

  • OH, just wait for 2020! Trump will play the game of the century. Get your popcorn! He has so much on the swamp he's holding back for the right time. Expect current and former congressmen (women too), senators, heads of departments, mayors, governors, judges, TV personalities and CEO's to be indicted. The left knows it, that's why they are freaking out and will resort to desperate measures.

  • Trump wants to make America great again…yes sure like during the 50s.
    They don't hung african American anymore, his followers just take a high power shot gun and using Trump poisoning
    Go out and massacre people that aren't blond and have less melamine.
    Make america great again.
    In order to make America great just dismiss yourself from the presidency.
    He's as good as a president
    As his Atlantic city casinos.
    If he will be elected for another term , the entire US will most definitely look like the Atlantic city casinos.
    He's just an old , ignorant crazy old man.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  • Isn't it strange that 95% of all the people being interviewed in this video are against Trump.

  • samiamcramer4truth says:

    Trump is doing a good job. So much news is slanted. I almost didn’t watch this. ABC news isn’t totally truthful.

  • Probably no more of conspiracy than Russa / Trump collusion. Both side have their nut jobs and main streem media feeds them.

  • I usually like fifth estate stories. But this is the biggest and most biased documentary even. So much speculation and loaded with Liberal commentators and trump haters. Sorry FE I completely disagree with this one.

  • Let's hear it for Donald Trump. The man in the army that will change the world. Canadian sit back and watch as Donald Trump changes the world mark my words. Just wait until Donald Trump drops all the information he has on the Democratic Party, people are going to jail and going crazy you can take that to the bank. Let's hear it for Trump?????

  • tammen Jnobaptiste says:

    This program is not being honest, this not journalism rather this is a protest against whom ever they disagree with what a shame ?

  • The most enjoyable and funniest thing for me is, the media doesn't even realize how hard they're being trolled, it's priceless.

  • Trump is a nothing but a raging ? lunatic he’s forever threatening over countries he is gonna turn the planet into nothing but a great mass of destruction he needs to go ASAP

  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band] says:

    I Have Many Views on Donald.

    I Believe He's Trying to Fix The Corruption that's been going on In America, but trying not to go as far as Racism and Discrimination.

    He's Trying, Man… Why Can't People See that?

  • Dear CBC, Did you anticipate the responses you have received? I Imagine your so out of touch (afraid to express your real thoughts) that you cannot comment on this. Will one of you guys please step out of line.

  • Joseph Sokoloski says:

    I say let in over 1 million legal imagrints all from central Americs, Africa and the Middle East, No more European people. Every year 1 million migrants from non English speaking 3rd world countries gain US Citizenship.. Another 2 million come illegally.. How long before the US is a Hispanic country?

  • The Most Deplorable says:

    How wrong the media & career politicians were. Not to mention the Hollywood lefties. Trump has done more for this country in 3 years then any president in modern day history. He also exposed how corrupt the media and democratic party are. Trump has done wonders for America. He also hasn't been wrong about muslims or illegal immigrants and how they take advantage of our country and sidestep our laws. Trump 2020 is going to happen.

  • Joseph Schwarzkopf says:

    Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald.

  • wakey wakeypeeps says:

    It’s a Christian country whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t have to move there do they, and if they do its America not the Middle East remember that!

  • Why so much hate to my fellow Mexicans, I know we are beautiful, and even though Mexicans were the original peoples living in our nation, at no history time have we known that Mexicans traveled the 7 seas landing on a foreign country sweeping all natives from the country by killing everyone with dirty nasty deseases.

  • steven leftery lewis says:


  • I love my patriotic President. He kept every single campaign promise in the face of complete adversary s of political corruption and controlled main stream news. He is amazingly intelligent. They never seen him coming. Let them all expose themselves.
    Trump 2020

  • June 7,2016, I never got the chance to vote. If he says the American dream is dead then he is failing as a president. No one can make America great again, it should already be great.

  • Trump is right. America does belong to the WHITE Christians. Why would that change now when it has always been that way since 1776?

  • Doctorshockstudios says:



  • And your news broad cast to bash the president doesn't fuel the fire? News is horrible any more these days! Stop it!!

  • African Family says:

    I love how liberals, the greatest and most degenerate basket of deplorables and greatest gas lighters in the history of mankind act indignant about Trump and say facts don't matter. I am not fan of Trump, but he is a light weight next to liberals when it comes to lies. Liberals hate competition.

  • ernest johnson says:

    Notice the positive comments for President Trump . Most of them have hundreds of thumbs up compared to negative comments against him !!!!!!!!!!!!!Ernest E. Johnson

  • You know what hes getting the job DONE and we like it . We believe in him doing the job and getting done.What did the last 5 do for us nothing but throw us under the bus. Hes doing just what he said MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • Americans eat the whole lies of Trump without digested or question !!
    as longs it sounds good they believe it .oh well the Russians are gonna take over them in a blink he is giving his country away to the Russians!!!! Karma is a u bumerank!!!

  • Hey everybody vote for make Russians great again! ..let's give away vthe country to the Russians .to take the number first place!..the Russians dream!

  • Terrence Joseph says:


  • We dint think he might win ,but he did,you never know he might win Again if peaple sit and don't go to vote. We need to take him out!

  • Rose Spaulding says:

    President Trump is the best president we're ever had. He's kept his promises nearly single-handedly. On the heels of the worst president we've ever had who spent eight years trying to destroy America, President Trump has been saving America.

  • John anonymous says:

    Okay so I want to see your Hillary Clinton video don't forget all the put the negative stuff in there also Joe Biden supported segregation let's see the Joe video as a matter of fact let's see the Democrat video of all Democrats in their history

  • Nathaniel McGuire says:

    You guys don't realize that without Trump there would be a civil war right now because Hillary would try to take the guns away…there's already been a civil war in the past because of this and the left seems to ignore this. The loss of life was so high u could walk across the battle feilds and not touch any soil. That's how much the body's stacked. Don't make the same mistake again left. This is a fact not an opinion. Period.

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