The Reelness. Think Branded Media

The Reelness. Think Branded Media

(click) Did you see the thing where those guys sneak into everything with vests? Yeah yeah Mic check… Like, they put on the yellow safety vests and get a clipboard… They get into the movie theater, they get into, like, Universal Studios… Mic check… I’m the diggy diggy…. they get into the zoo, they just like walk in like “hey we’re here to check this…” and they’re like “Ok, go ahead!” Because they have a vest. Anyway… Um Alright. “Real” is a very ambiguous, relative thing. What’s real to me may not be real to the next guy or the next lady, but when it feels right it just feels right. We all choose to connect with the things that are around us, because it feels right to us and that’s kind of the nuance of what I do, what we do as creatives is trying to identify that feeling, you know, that you get when you heard that album that just like changed your life. You know, the feeling you got when you bought the first car that you just absolutely had to have. It’s like, it just feels right and if you can capture that lightning in a bottle, then you’ve got it! That’s what your people are looking for that’s what your audience is looking for and that’s what we do and it’s more than just like telling a story it’s making people really find purpose in a brand or in their own life and connecting that that’s why I feel like a lot of people find so much meaning in certain brands. Whether it’s the car we drive, the shoes we wear, the jacket that’s on our back, the shows that we watch, the music we listen to… I think it’s beyond lifestyle… You know, it’s about purpose. And that’s… that’s maybe the most important thing for us to accomplish because when we start a relationship, when we start a collaboration we have to invest in that situation and in that vision for however long the duration of that project is and we have to feel it. It has to be real. We know when something feels right and when it doesn’t feel right and that’s what makes what we do unique. That pursuit of it feeling right and feeling real is the horizon that I’m always after. We capture meaning and purpose. and… You know… You can just cut that next to anything else and it’ll come out pretty good. (laughter)


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