The Reality of Truth – Must Watch Documentary 2017 – 2019

The Reality of Truth – Must Watch Documentary 2017 – 2019

There’s a story in the bible about God providing mana from Heaven Food to sustain the israelites while they’re wandering in the wilderness But it never said specifically what it was. What was this mana from Heaven When I asked that question, I had no idea how much my life was about to change The first miracle that jesus was reported to have done was turning water into wine at a wedding the story goes that they ran out of wine and Jesus put a portion of the Mana into the water that they boiled as tea He told the waiters to pass it out as wine So I call up Deepak and I said Deepak. I gotta talk to you. I go. I just found some stuff in the bible That’s not making any sense. I think I found some psychedelics in there. I think there’s meditation like what do you think and he’s? Quiet on the phone, and I was like Deepak are you there and he said yeah? He said Where’d you where’d you find this exactly like send me what you’re talking to me about what do you want to do Deepak? What should we do about this you want to write something up and Deepak was like this is too important It’s like why don’t we have a conversation about this could part of the religious experience have to do with plant sacraments In deep box tradition the mystery plant Soma was used to bring people to communion with God Could have been that the hymns of the Rig veda Were actually son to this plant which had no seeds? That had no flowers that was really mushrooms There’s a scene in the movie Noah starring Russell crowe where he has a dream that he’s underwater with animals floating past He wakes up knowing that God wants him to do something, but he doesn’t know what? He goes and sits with the wise man in the cave played by Anthony hopkins Who gives him some pSychedelic team he drinks it and has a detailed vision of exactly what God wants him to do first of all that’s a possibility Secondly why does our brain have receptors to these things well because we are part of the same nature you know we’re not separate from nature science is based on a subject object split on the Separation that is artificial me and the universe when in fact, I’m also part of the universe more so the same electrical storms that create thunder and lightning in the sky Create synaptic firings in my brain which creates thought We are part of a wholeness and what the religious experience is to experience that wholeness. What is enlightenment? But being one with the source so whilst they gave people What I wouldn’t even call altered state of consciousness, I wouldn’t call them hallucinations they have people break out of the everyday in the elucidation of separation and to The reality of truth and whether they did it through wine or mana or so ah who cares doesn’t even make any sense? How could these ancient? Plants that connect you to God be somehow taken out Could these plants be the ancient wisdom that we need for our modern problems? What we call today everyday reality which we take for normal Lives on less than two dollars a day the environment is totally screwed up, and we say this is normal It’s psychotic right and it’s psychotic because we have created it What do you think it would take to break through that boundary at this point man here. We are in this 21st century That’s of a budget. We’ll bring everybody down at her room and Enlighten the foots of the parts, and that’s tricky I’m in the Deepak Chopra Just tell me to go down to Peru and drink Ayahuasca tea one of the most powerful pSYchedelics known to man still dazed by with Deepak had recommended I bumped into our friend Jerry who had generously loaned us his beach house for the interview I was curious what he thought about what Deepak said, I didn’t realize at the time, but Jerry’s world was spinning out of control Despite having sold his company for almost a hundred million dollars Jerry was abusing drugs Drinking a lot of alcohol. His family was in shambles, and he was basically trying to kill himself slowly more than I realized Deep hox words were really sinking in at this point. You might be wondering who this zappy guy is Let me tell you a little bit about myself I’d done everything society told me to do go to school get a job Make a bunch of money fall in Love Start a family. I was living the American Dream. I bought beer comm for $80,000 a few months later I sold it for seven million dollars here. I am starring in my own Super Bowl ad Life was becoming very surreal Even though I had it all my conversation with Deepak made it clear that there were other Experiences that I needed to have the value that I place on the experience is more important to me So I always felt like I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house of a certain type it occurred to me that like most people I’ve been searching for happiness outside of myself, and I was having the Realization that I might never be truly. Happy unless I went inside my own mind to look for some answers Albert Einstein famously said you can’t fix a problem With the same consciousness or thinking that got you into the situation what this meant to me? Was that if I wanted to solve a problem in my life? Or if we as a society wanted to solve some of the big problems, we have like violent Eco destruction addiction Depression We needed to change our collective consciousness Could society use some of these ancient techniques for its modern problems I was inspired by people who came before me that seemingly had it all but chose to take the risk of going inside Their own minds These people were what I would call psychonauts sailors of the mind and I saw that these people were going inside their minds and Exploring inside their minds as part of what they wound up doing and I thought wow I have to do that I figured before I got too extreme and sat with a Shaman I Should go out and talk to some a deep ox friends about our so-called reality only identify with the realm of three dimensions if you only identify with the realm of the body if you only identify with the Mortal Circumstance in the Mortal experience then to that extent you are at the effect of those circumstances Faith is standing on the conviction standing on the knowledge on the conviction. There’s something way bigger going on here What we see is only a small portion of the total reality See we have three states making dreaming and sleeping But beyond that there is a state where it’s neither of this three But it is a restful alertness that Dawn’s dignity There’s nowhere where we escape from being energy? So we’re always energy what we see as it looks physical material is actually the reflection of light Photons of light that hit our energy and bounce back, so we’re reflecting light But we’re reflecting it as a Force field the tornado of energy if we can stand within the unreal world the ultimate unreal that appears real that seems limited by the laws of time and space and Yet have faith in the realm Beyond that literally invokes that realm into being It seemed like what everyone was saying is Reality’s just a concept I needed to have the direct experience of going inside Could ancient wisdom have included plants and meditation I Was excited to learn that a lot of celebrities people like Jerry Seinfeld Martin scorsese were doing this meditation for a long time and recently people like oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz and Katy Perry had taken up the meditation and it seemed to be making them even more creative I Wanted to see if some of this ancient wisdom could help me to tap into my creativity in the 1960s a funny little man named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Came out of the himalayas to the United States, and he wound up teaching his Transcendental meditation technique to the Beatles and the rest is history Today there are more than seven million people worldwide doing transcendental meditation What I like about a Tm, technique, is that there’s no dogma attached to it It’s really just a simple technique of silently repeating a Mantra to yourself Which causes you to transcend into your quieted mind to subtler and subtler? states of consciousness until a point that you reach a place called universal consciousness endless field of energy that connects all of us, we’re all knowledge is contained and where everything is manifested from when the Maharishi passed away in 2007 he put John Hagelin in charge as a quantum physicist and a meditator he had successfully Used Quantum theory to support Maharishis model of Creative intelligence being at the center of all creation Waking consciousness is all about being aware of something this that this concept that person Mm-hmm transcending is Leaving all that behind to isolate and experience the self itself. It’s blissful. It’s not the end of the story 1020 minutes of that is enough the idea is to come back into activity and increasingly integrate and Stabilize the experience of in a reality inner silence along with outer reality, and that’s when life really gets to be interesting in front The mind has two aspects to it. It’s the brain this which is very concrete you can measure it you can touch it But it’s interacting with this field of consciousness and what they come together is our individual self our individual Personality and that’s what most people think they are I’m 5 foot 11 I have this education and this part in society of this amount of money But it’s not fundamentally who you are and to know that you need to have the experience of that, and that’s where meditation experience comes in Was Found that square root Or 1% in some cities here and there and there and it does create Positivity in the atmosphere in the tendencies of the people what excited me about this was that if we wanted to change? Global consciousness, we only needed a critical mass of people tapped in when I found in the bible verses that said Be still and know that I’m God the kingdom of heaven is within that’s what the meditators are saying it’s so obvious It’s right there the bible is saying meditate These days religious affiliation is shrinking I? Needed to go speak to some of the religious leaders and top scholars of our time about whether meditation was once part of religion When it comes to religious leaders. There’s no one more high profile than Joel osteen I Wanted to ask Joel what he thought the mana from Heaven was I did not expect that Bible descriptions from moses and Jesus sound more like mushrooms than bread in fact Every other miracle that jesus is reported have done was after they drank the mushroom tea, St. Mark’s Basilica in venice, Italy, here’s all the disciples. There’s Jesus and giant mushrooms behind so uh That jesus over here with this giant mushrooms behind them painted Jesus, but the Giant mushrooms Then I wanted to talk to some people who’ve been there done that I probably had as much Psychedelics is anyone alive when you fall away for a minute something happens That’s actually the beginning And now you have to relearn the world just like you were a baby What I found max Ayahuasca very special number one is it’s the only Mind-altering substance that needs more than one substance and the other fact that’s interesting is that both of these? Substances the mao which is Harmelin or tetrahedra hama law or the DMT both of these substances? Are produced in every Mammalian nervous system? So there are substances that our body produces? Filemaker Foster Gamble’s documentary Thrive Shattered many of the myths that we’ve been presented by regular society that keep us slaves to our so-called reality So it seems to be a natural inclination to alter our consciousness somewhat And I think one of the reasons for that is when we alter our consciousness We can see our daily consciousness in a new way And it shifts tends to raise and expand our daily consciousness and to me that’s the point and if we can use substances whether it’s broccoli or Ayahuasca, or you know C sharp major To give us a glimpse of what’s possible for human beings and specifically what’s next for me? What am I ready for when my consciousness separated from my body it changed the paradigm entirely I realized aha There’s something more than this meat vehicle that we have and that one realization set me off Writing all night furiously until the dawn and it just really tada And from that point on I’ve been on a journey of experiential Spirituality finding the answers myself and the plants have been the greatest teachers in that quest Many times there’s a huge benefit with one experience because it really gets to the core of what’s been happening So it’s almost like you know 10 years of therapy and seven hours Kundalini Yoga icon gir mooc teaches many celebrities how to journey inside Using the Kundalini technique. She had her own experience with mind altering energies I do not regret anything I’ve ever done You know people say I just drugs. I sit. Well, so what it got you here forget it I’ve met other people that I wish they had because I feel They can’t Go through the barrier. They can’t go into that sixth dimension however you want to look at it It’s going to be the unknown and you have a choice fear or faith you know face that you’re gonna come out all right that the lessons are gonna be valuable and that the medicine will guide you or Fear fear that something else is Gonna happen It’s gonna be the unknown either way so might as well choose faith there are times in life where through different means and God works in mysterious ways We’re shown the mountaintop. It’s like through grace. It’s like the hand of God Lissa’s up and just shows us the moon io a definite debt of gratitude to my experience with various substances I can’t endorse it unless you’re at a certain base in a certain environment with certain true healers Because it can run habit just like alice stated. They are powerful transformational tools and have to be respected and If you approach them with enough humanity any respect I tend to believe you’ll be fine People are afraid that when they go down there and do these medicines They’re gonna lose the things that they love the most about themselves And that’s the gist this common fear you know you get someone who loves their career not What if I go down and I tells me I want to be a yoga instructor I’m like it’s not going to do that man And if it does you’re gonna be even happier about the fact that it did there’s an opportunity to use Psychotropic drugs which will open up that mind and show you my God who you really are I’m fascinated by it I’m interested in it. I I believe it will have real utility somewhere I just it’s too soon for me as somebody that’s trained and you know certain way do no harm help You know I really really be clear about what you’re doing. We’re not clear yet Whatever it takes whether you do the drug or whether you do the the meditation exercises or whatever wait. I don’t really care there There’s no doubt in my mind that the first Indication the first formal use for hallucinogens will be an end-of-life because it’s clear what I’m reading and seeing in the research is that it? Improves our ability to Be connected with something and feel okay about the dying process and God knows we need help with that in this country the traditional psychological model or the traditional medical model it usually takes years and years and years of therapy and years of intervention and working with a team of experts to get even just a little progress in someone’s life what I’ve seen in the Analogy I give is it’s 10 to 20 years of psychotherapy often in one to two plant medicine sessions There is a relationship to plant medicine when it is entered through the door of the traditions that brings people more to a sacred recognition Of their life their path, I think the word drug is really has a lot of negative connotations I can’t think of you know. Maybe if some if some drug actually cure someone’s it’s medicine Yeah, I haven’t heard of people there as I’ve seen people die Before I took the final leap I needed to hear it from a pSychedelic badass That person is rom dass his real name was Richard alpert born to an affluent new England family He attended harvard and after graduation began as a researcher at the university It was the 1960s and LSD had just been discovered the government was studying its effect on individuals and enemy combatants while a researcher at Harvard Alpert and professor timothy leary started to run experiments on students with psilocybin mushrooms in LSP Both of which were legal at the time The results were nothing short of miraculous Users were reporting that they were having life-changing experiences Including a study that showed that 60% of alcoholics that were given one dose of psilocybin Mushrooms in the right set in setting were never alcoholics again How everybody not know about this? Discouraged with the west he headed to India His guru named him ram dass and when he came back to the United States and published his book Be here now. He was followed around by massive groups of young people if anybody has the right intent To wanted to go to Their own spiritual inside the psychedelics are Wonderful for them wonderful would you recommend that somebody yes looking? Yes? So seekers should go find a shaman a door and go down and grow Sure, that was it I was gonna Gather up a group of friends wanted to take the risk and go as deep into our minds as humanly possible Things should just seem to be falling in place. You know It feels like it’s guided. It feels like it’s meant to be so for me. I’m just letting it. Go. You know I just assumed every miracle that Is going to happen is about that and then I should just kind of enjoy it and let it happen I have chosen to work with the Meza. Which is medicine bundle meditations rituals counseling and Working with ancestral medicines such as ottoman or San pedro which our ancestral medicines that have been used for over 5,000 years in the andes of Peru by pre Incan cultures who are masters of accessing Dimensions of consciousness that are so deep that we often don’t access know if you’re like It doesn’t matter where in the world you go. It’s like you’ll always find you know your kind and When it comes to spirituality I I? Respect anything that or anyone who kind of walks respecting the Planet loving Nature and opening their heart to you know the universe and Love itself as long as that’s the main priority behind your religion or your you know ceremonial spiritual belief and you know I’m down with you. I’ve got a few attempts something very personal if I’m gonna try and bring back to my family and loved ones And try and take some of that knowledge or the glimpse of the other dimensions that are out there which? I’ve been trying to do Artificial ways I mean sometimes group my own artwork and my creativity, but in other ways with less natural things and Sometimes that’s an anesthetic, but pain or just do day-To-day life that gets you down but Yeah, this is something that’s been calling me for a while to come and do this But it hasn’t been the right moment in my life So it all seems to just fall into place naturally. I’m here to have sort of like a rebirth To you know tap into a place that I guess I’ve never gone so I Don’t know where that is I don’t know what that is But hopefully it’s a good thing and you know and I’ll be able to get through it when you drink the medicine 50% of the medicines responsibility is to do all the healing all the cleansing all the awakening of the clearing all the Harmonizing that it needs to do but the other 50% of taking it further of taking it deeper is always yours part of my My work in this is to make the most gentle transition possible from being Very sleepy to be in fully awake Really looking forward to tapping into some of those guys stuff upstairs The Son Pedro Trip was was gnarly it was really insane because Freddy Puma you know the the shaman that introduced us to the to the catalyst to a spiritual journey You know which was the San pedro the drink he so in tune that guy and I recall you know being at that at the at the top of the mountain you? Know at this plateau where we all you know we’re just so tired from this massive. You know High altitude track and We’re finally you know getting some air and you’re you’re looking off at these amazing clouds that are flying right at you and you’re at the precipice of this mountaintop and you know you see hundreds of feet below you and I got this enormous sorrow that I kid I was overwhelmed with and the Sorrow that consumed me was something that I’ve been carrying for many years kind of like a But a little rebellious anger like why am I here like you know like Dad? You know like I didn’t knock on your balls You know to come out into this you know Universe kind of anger that I think that I’ve been holding since I was a teenager, you know what I mean Why stay in the cows? Why suffer why struggle? When you can liberate all of that and be of higher service while being gentle on yourself I know that you need your ups and downs. So you can be human and enjoy life And transition cuz it’s part of the beauty of existence is to be sad and enjoy happiness. You need to know both sides But this overwhelming sadness Wasn’t mine It didn’t belong to me Ever since I was a little kid, it didn’t belong to me. It’s not mine I’m a passenger like Iggy pop says you know what I mean I’m here to ride this you know and and and in a respectful way Respect every everything that I come across and you know walk my path with love and you know say goodbye after my journeys done and he came out, and he just I Felt this warm energy behind me and there he was while I was on the rock Overlooking the the clouds that are flying towards me. I’m just crying you know and he touched my shoulder, and he said it’s not yours if my trip ended today I’ve had you know 20 years of Heavy pain lifted off of my shoulders, and I’d be a happy camper without doing the ayahuasca So um you know I’m funeral. I’m feeling really really really really light on my feet happy Appreciative and receptive very feminine you know, I’m such a tomboy kinda about time I step into my femininity my full intent coming down here my macro intent was to try to share with Everybody in the world for that matter the fact that there’s different ways to see reality and that we sort of in this moment of Chaos need to take a step back everybody and You just try to see things a little differently the only way that you’re supposed to fulfill your role is by being yourself That is the heightened you You attract more love and you attract more energy? One of the one of my intents of one of the things I asked for was to face my fears And I realized that no, I don’t need to face my fears. My fears are not gonna. Go away First I have to accept myself with my fears each person have a pattern and that pattern is 50% woven by the person and 50% by the Divine Ayahuasca is capable of changing that whole pattern From being one person one day the next day you’re completely another person I’m open to light and love and just good vibes and anything that isn’t on that vibration or frequency I’m just like I don’t even see you. You don’t exist So that’s how I’m walking into this ayahuasca. Trip. I’m just in a very receptive place I just you know I know what I’m about I know what I stand for and I know what I resonate with and you know I just I just hope to walk that path And you know whoever is walking on along that path You know that I hope to meet you when we can join hands and you know take this trip together It happened for me in my ayahuasca experience when I was sitting there and I realized that I had just died as I was looking at death and Experiencing death I saw how dynamic it was and how much was going on and I realized that I never needed to fear death again it was totally liberating and as I spent time in this ayahuasca experience I Realized that I was sitting in a place where I could ask any Question I could go into the future I could go in in the past Whatever. I wanted to know I’m gonna ask a big question so I decided to ask why do bad things happen and Immediately upon asking that I was lift out into the edge of space back to where when you’re a kid you go Yeah, but what’s past space and people don’t owe more space, and what’s the past that more space? I was out there on that edge looking at everything in the universe basically contained like God would look at And as I’m looking at it spirit said to me you see that it’s totally balanced it’s perfect And I looked at I was a wow That’s true. It’s totally balanced and perfect if something happens over here They’ll just be made up over here and as soon as I had that realization I sucked right back in I was sitting in the room again And as I was coming out, I just started a laugh I was laughing and I realized that I had just gotten the entire Human Cosmic joke Here we are with God the man with the white Beard and Buddha and muhammad Jesus all these men and I was with God and it was a woman that Has stuck with me every day since my ayahuasca experience? well for me Ingesting the medicine was a destruction of everything I’ve ever known everything. I’ve ever believed in everything. I ever thought was true. I tried to reason it for a while two days after try to reason the idea that it’s a hallucinogenic drug Michelle it just you know it takes things from your subconscious and Projects them you know there’s absolutely no way that. There’s any truth in what you envisioned That it’s it’s it’s just a trip. You know you read tons of books on alchemy You know you have tons of you know information about Symbolism and religion deep embedded into your brain since you’re a little kid But I know in my heart of hearts. It’s not true And that everything that I have ever known Could quite probably be bullshit and It makes me happy I Felt a peace and calm, but I’ve never experienced in my life an overwhelming feeling that I could relax a sort of constantly machete we’re way through life my urban armor on it was stripped everything away and put me in contact with something that was a Benevolent higher power as the only way I can really describe it It’s such a hard time in The middle of it like a surgeon And I thought my balloons ah my wounds just opened up, I was feeling pain and then huh Like I grew up and hey say, but she won’t love myself a bit Once I got through that hard part or the part that I needed to get out it was just Definitely the best life-changing experience that I’ve ever been through When people access these medicines they need to access with full love with full willpower otherwise They need to find other ways people will transcend anyways now is the time and these medicines are Major assistance Major Helpers major masters you know assisting this process of transition for humanity from one level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness I’ve Lost a lot of anger a lot of hatred and a lot of you know. What if you’re an asshole be an asshole? It’s your fate. You know what I mean like I’m easy now look I’m not angry anymore, and all the mean people in the world You know because I accept that they’re part of it, and it’s all good. You know what I mean, it’s not my walk But you know do your thing, and I respect your path But don’t come near me with your evil energy because I’ll knock you the fuck out It all comes down to intent for me if your intent is right. It’s gonna work. It’s Gonna be Better than you thought and you’re gonna have a lot less Chaos it seemed to me that nature recognizes that people are highly stressed and that people need healing medicines for the problems of addiction and Depression I Kept looking for ways to transcend on a daily basis And I was introduced to sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his breathing technique called Sudarshan, Kriya the technique is being done by millions of people including prisoners and Inner-City youth who’ve been trained by Sri Sri to use the technique to overcome their physical environment and give themselves internal strength Sri, Sri’s logic goes that when we’re born we draw in our first breath And when we die we let out our final breath? but most people think nothing of it in between when in fact Breathing may be our most valuable capability Is an important tool? For every emotion there is a particular rhythm in the breath and if we attend to the breath by manipulating your own breath You can slip into the altered state of consciousness at will I? Learned the Kriya breathing which blew my mind the fact that I was able to put myself into a pSychedelic state with just my breath Lightning bolts were shooting out of my hands and feet Time stood still I Continued to get together with my friends to talk about our experience, and how we were integrating our psyche not training into our lives There’s a whole group of scientists very few but enough We’re saying maybe brain doesn’t produce consciousness Maybe brain filters consciously you say more transmitters good transmitters And what your transmitters are is that infinite potential that you spoke of that field of possibilities? And so when you start to break down the boundaries then all that’s left is the infinite so the boundaries are like your Prejudices things that you know that you’ve accumulated throughout life that you’ve either repel or attracted yeah Every Boundary is a conceptual laundry in consciousness. This is an Earth Rover This gives me an opportunity to come to this planet step into this suit Have these life experiences be creative and and and and marvel at this that this planet that that we come to and it’s so funny because a I Started this whole thing not spiritual Being once I saw the nature of the cell Membrane the self receptors. I said oh my God Instantaneously, I had to recognize a few by the science, and it’s not is there is there not there’s a spirit So it really helped me to bring my scientific mind and my kind of spiritual experience into Gathering really They’re not different at all. We’re just discovering through all these pathways how all of that is one after I started to really journey with the plants was when things sort of changed a Friend of mine. I was like 24 at the time he told me I was an idiot and He said you need you you you were very passionate, but you have nothing to back up How you feel about the world you’ve got you don’t read you don’t have you know You read One book and you can get twenty years worth of research in one block And he kind of like opened up my mind to do research and to fill my mind Now when I see the world I do a pSyChedelic. I think metaphorically. I think I’m so many different layers You know and of course. I enjoy the moment – I can chase sensations like any of them. You know I love to feel good and have fun and interact with people, but You know information is so beautiful, and if we could just tap into the reservoirs of fountains of the people before us You know you never know where it could take you I Lost Paul, I was like I Went through about a year of just being like an n like what could I do? physically to just get my mind off of Existentialism get my mind off of how transient life is and how we just come here and can disappear at any moment? How can I get my mind off that sighs just read fuck summer crazy nuts? circle like I did everything I could possibly do to hide from myself and I’ll tell you that my ayahuasca trip Made me sad that He left me here It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone. It was more like a jealousy that he’s there first I think it was affirmed to me in the ayahuasca experience and some other trips. I’ve had in my life Where what was happening is when I took the medicine Or it meditated and I went inside that there basically I was taking filters off is what was happening so all this bullshit reticular activation system It’s like doors of perception when he popped it Yeah, he felt like that filtration mechanism that we create by the age of seven it was just lifted off You know how like you’ve received so much information and you’re in your visual Cortex But your brain only accepts a certain amount so that you’re not overwhelmed. That’s your regular activation system deciding According to your wants likes and and and fight-or-flight Deciding what information you’re gonna. Take it each time I got together with my fellow psychonauts We felt stronger and stronger about the need to get the information out so we could help others to access some of these ancient Techniques that had been so profound in our lives just you know this true reality society should set up the place in like Costa Rica like a haven where people think the same way put them all around the world within a consciousness of it is like. I’m in alright everything’s rolling along things are falling into place and You know like everything in life you you want validation. You want to know that it’s having some kind of an effect Beyond just hey, I’m having a good time. I’m learning a lot I’m having all these cool experiences, but you know am I really is something really happening And I was looking for some kind of sign that you know it was making a difference because I couldn’t see what the difference was and Other than my own friends and people around me So I was kind of think God give me a sign here that you know this is is making a difference that there’s something to it and Then the phone call came from Jerry who I hadn’t seen since we shot with Deepak in his apartment years earlier Unbeknownst to me Jerry Had taken Deep Hawks advice as well And he went down to Costa Rica to plant medicine called Ai boga that comes from an African root It’s the strongest PsyChedelic known to man and Jerry was taking it to see if he could break his addiction The full Moon came to Jerry and asked him if he wanted to see why he was so messed up Now because of my life, I had like addiction issues tons of women issues ego issues out the gazoo smoking drinking And you name it I was a fan right, so I said what’s what’s wrong with me and so what happened, then is that my body went to a House that I hadn’t seen in forty-eight years it was my grand my grandfather’s house and in Scranton, Pennsylvania And at the front of the house like three-year-old me Has gone like this to me. He’s like waving me in and I’m looking at the floor and there was a kid I knocked over Cranberry juice or grape juice and it hit the wall and that stain was on the wall. This is how perfect detail and then next thing you know the kid opened the door and like went like this to me like go look at it, and My grandfather was sexually molesting me And I was three the moon told Jerry to go see his dead grandfather and have him explain Why he’d done it and give him an apology Jerry went to see his grandfather who denied it ever happened and sent him away She told him to get his father to help him to get an apology from his grandfather and he said that he was sorry, and I told him I forgave him and Even though he wouldn’t do anything for me and then The guy the Shaman goes hey go to the moon, so I went to the moon back to the moon and I Said Mrs., Mrs.. Moon. What can you? Do for me and she said open your chest and I went like this and my heart was in there and the moon took my heart out and Washed it, and she I said what the sean saying. What is she doing? I said she’s washing it like this like if she has hands, right Crazy, but truth. She’s washing it. He said I said, what should I do with it you know to the shaman? He said have her put it in your left hand I said Mrs. Moon Would you put it in my left hand and she put it in my left hand he goes? I said what do you want me to do with it? He just put it in your chest, and I went to put in my chest nick got here, and it was black again So it only stayed pink for like I don’t know Five seconds, and I said, I’m not putting this thing in me Because it’s shit. That’s terrible and uh He said ask her for a new one, so I said Mrs.. Moon cried, please have a new heart You know she said yeah, and then she gave me this new heart and then I put it I said what do you want me to do with that? Just put it in your left hand put it in your chest and then the next day I Was a different guy he hasn’t touched drugs since and he’s able to have a drink socially Without needing to get drunk. He’s reunited with his family and for the first time He’s in a real relationship the first time I was invited to do plant medicine. I thought the person was crazy I was like you’re gonna. Take a drug to get spiritual I don’t think so, and I wanted nothing to do with it, and it freaked me out you know my mom’s a meth addict and I was a meditator and finally this woman, who’s like just a love in my life invites me to go and I couldn’t say no, so I went and that night She told me set some intentions of what you want to see and I said okay I want to see why I keep attracting the same psycho guy over and over and over with a different face sucking the light out of me and The second thing that I wanted to see was what was I here to do and so that night was just one of the most amazing nights of my life I was shown exactly who I am what I’m here to do and Exactly why I kept attracting that same psycho guy over and over and over again It’s just amazing cuz Jerry and I wake up every day and we’re just like wow is this our life like we just feel so blessed to be in love with our best friend and to be Doing what we love immediately when I came back and my kids saw me they knew I was a different guy and they knew something Changed as soon as he walked through the door I can like Visibly see a difference let alone When I was actually talking with him, I was like shocked. You know I was like well I got to give this thing a whirl if I could They could turn him around 180 Look at it. Dude me the first time. I saw gerard after he did plant medicine He didn’t even have to speak or say one word to me I could tell as I walked up to him about 15 feet away. I knew he was a changed person the chances of someone Coming out of that severe of a lifestyle case is very rare. I didn’t want to drink anymore I’ve spoken to packs of cigarettes a day went from that to nothing immediately I Can’t even think about doing drugs like I can’t even I wouldn’t even have the thought to go do some drugs. He’s like zappy Not only did I take plant medicine and break my addiction in one session But I’ve actually opened up a center for people to come and expand their consciousness heal themselves break addiction and it Exists, and I was like oh my God it Manifested from that conversation with Deepak that day where he said stir it up in the pot drinking the Moon told me and then this sounds so ridiculously crazy, but told me to go buy a center and to make it a plant-based Center told me what building to buy told me what to pay for it Told me how to treat my girlfriend Told me how to treat my children I? Told me that that everything would be okay? His place is called rythme ‘ah and where is it set up a place in Like Costa Rica? This is the miracle. I needed this place had manifested out of that single conversation and the Desire to help people break the wiring The First-ever clinic where people can go to expand their consciousness and heal themselves While you’re at rythme ‘ah you can receive counseling and spiritual development including a program developed Specifically for rythme a– by reverend Michael Beckwith called the answer is you it’s a consciousness Expanding program that allows people to one take 100% responsibility for their own life Come out of the shame and blame game blaming others, too. It moves you through a period of Forgiving yourself and forgiving all others as you can be clean inside 3 you begin to embrace the vibration of intentionality by having an intention Or direction of how you want your life to be you have to choose this if we don’t choose it then the Undertow of the Human Society is choosing for you going to a place like you know It’s being created with me as a place where you can literally just come back to life’s rhythm you know the miracle that you’re gonna get is that you’re gonna get the real truth and the truth is that That we are all all of us connected from the same thing and that love is the thing holds us all together and When you get to that truth? That’s that’s the whole thing that you’ve been running from your whole life is that one truth? And then you come and you you come to a place like this and you get to see that That’s the truth then there’s the miracle and then you come walk away, and go you know it You know I lost everything this weekend or this week, but I gained in my life And what more could you ask for in a in a vacation? Everything I’ve gone through has truly been worth it Because even before this movie’s finished. It’s already changed the world because this place exists Every act that comes from purpose is supported by nature and has the potential to change Things in ways you could have never dreamed of how do I channel all of this? connection into being an efficient human being in society Into giving back because for me love is everything if you have to almost have a way to reenter the ayahuasca experience Almost on a daily basis the States have been through And that has to beat your medication. It’s for something that would deliver you back there if only for a moment all of us had life-changing experiences So the question is how could these incredible plant energies be illegal today to consume or even a study? It turns out that the answer to that question may be even more sinister than the reason they’ve been taken out of religion money The pharmaceutical companies are only interested in selling their patented petroleum-based Medications that people need to take for the rest of their lives These drugs. Do not cure, but only mask the symptoms and have significant negative side effects Here I am living my entire life sustained by plants I’m eating vegetarian and my day job is bringing out a plant-based formula to help people with addiction I Owe everything to these ancient tools plant medicine meditation breathing These are some of the tools that were once part of the religious tradition. It’s time to bring them back We started the true reality society to create a peace army to counteract Mass violence in the world and to bring together people who believe in the importance of going inside their minds Good every time asleep. I’m back in your future because shoeshine changez always changing face I’m going through face Lakshmi Sorry, Mama Lakshmi three my Lakshmi Sri, maha Lakshmi three my Lakshmi Genome aha three my Lakshmi Sri, maha Lakshmi, oh Dream my Lakshmi oh 3:03 maha Lakshmi my Lakshmi normal phone Shri Mahalakshmi, Namaha slowly and then breathe out slowly On the in-breath perhaps having the thought piece And on the out-breath the thought joy peace on the in-breath and joy on the out-breath and Bring your awareness into your heart now and remember a great experience of love remember a great experience of compassion a great experience of Joy A great experience of equanimity the peace that passes understanding And now bring your awareness back into your whole body and allow the boundaries of your body to slowly dissolve and merge with your surroundings Recognize that every Boundary is conceptual There’s no boundary there are no national boundaries. There are no tribal boundaries. No ethnic boundaries no Racial boundaries, no religious boundaries They’re all imagination And they have limited our potential We are the stars and we are the sky and we are the moon and we are the galaxies We are the Cosmic Horizon We are the big bang We are the laws of Nature we are planck scale Space-Time geometry where everything dissolves into all possibilities We’re platonic values like truth Goodness beauty Harmony evolution are embedded as the essential raw Material of the Universe Where there is mathematical truth, but also musical truth? Where there is the poetry of the universe and the of the universe and we are that dance? The Sufi Poet Rumi says look at these worlds spinning out of nothingness. This is within your power become spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust How to beyond all ideas of right doing and wrong doing there’s a field I’ll meet you there so remember the field that you went to It was Beyond right doing and wrong doing it was the field from where we come and which we long for Let Roberto Finishes Peruvian Shamanic song


100 thoughts on “The Reality of Truth – Must Watch Documentary 2017 – 2019”

  • Metro Customer says:

    This video had me in tears…..cause it's real. Crazy thing is that I never had one of those plant medical treatment deals. I would love to experience one and see how and what's the difference from just a natural meditation treatment deal… I love you guys,and I'm one that's walking with you. ?

  • Ντιμα Αγγελης says:

    How do I hate when DMT,or Ayowasca are labeled as drugs… They just want us blind and dum,but then Jesus was a drug dealer.

  • Ντιμα Αγγελης says:

    I too became a slave of our society-trying very hard not to.Since I couldn't find no more LSD,or DMT,I got hooked up on drugs. Fucked up my mind but not how they want.I just don't want their robot freedom or the wright or wrong they teaching us.Tried anything else to find the meaning(also unsuccessfully tried to kill me twice).All those people which go to Peruvian mountains, drinking eye openers,have the money to do it, but I live on the street… I hate money but I need it to leave!(also meditation is bs without"help").I'm almost 40and can't live in this fucked up, lying, bad world and won't work for anyone no more.It's not life or freedom.My mistake was their drugs…I could have a million now to get there.So,if you,or someone you know can help me"vanish"(hate begging)-please,do so…

  • Jeannette Oliver says:

    This video is absolute nonsense. The Bible was written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible does not say that Jesus put something into the water to make it wine. God created the universe out of nothing do you think He needed to use something to make another something? No! He says the words and it happens.

    People, don’t be misled by those that don’t know the truth

  • Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt says:

    Reality of the Truth …
    Truth is Reality … if you cannot tell what Truth is, then, there is no more discourse …however, perception of the Truth differs according to the perception of the Person seeking it.
    The Truth is that Jesus of the New Testament is a fictitious person show existence has never been proven. It is also like the Deity of Abraham, whose existence has never been proven. It amazes me that more than 4 billion plus (Jews, Christians and Muslims), seemingly intelligent, people of this planet tend to believe in the existence of both. When shall humanity accept that neither existed, exists nor shall ever exist. Humanity has come of age albeit Controllers, using Religions / Clergy still want to keep Humanity in shackles to keep on ruling the multitude for their own benefit.

  • wow, I am amazed at the number of level-headed comments here. There's still hope for humanity:) Don't eat mushrooms ppl it's bs. Be good to yourselves and others, it's enough for this world. As far as what's after death – we will all know for sure one day.

  • Yet another bullshit documentary that doesn't really get down to what the Bible really teaches. It's chalk full of allegories and parables which is still being kept hidden from the masses. It's all about raising the life force energy that is inherent within us. How do we preserve this energy? Don't ejaculate and transmute it up the 33 vertebrae of your spinal column. But hey, in a society driven by carnal pleasure and in a state of fear and survival, most people will never have the willpower for that nor are they conditioned to even want to follow such a path.

    Matthew 13:13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

    Be careful guys, there's an agenda to turn you into spiritual vegetables so that you'll be more accepting of the new world order they're pushing onto you and will do in full force very soon. The goal is to create a totalitarian one world government with Israel as its headquarter that's why they're going to rebuild the third temple soon. But first those zionists have to get rid of that dome of the rock this summer hint hint expect a second 9/11 event to happen this year

  • Amazing how every movie about spirituality always attracts a whole bunch of negative comments. And apparently from fanatic sceptics and ditto 'Christians' 😉

  • Jeronemo Cherikowa says:

    u where a jehovah withness and now u join ritual satanic connections, WOW, what get to your minds people like you, oh well it' your choise movie star

  • Tranquil vibes-
    All of us souls belong to the one Father. We belong to one family. We belong to one home. We are all playing our parts on the same stage. The original religion of all of us souls is peace and purity. – Brahma Kumaris.

    Spiritual voyager, trip to Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, India

  • i have seen whole documentary,….. but to know your self will end up all your desires, meditation is just the name…but to have the proper key to open the right door,… will connect you with source. to get awake need to die before dying…
    it is like …newtons law of gravitational is same anywhere in the world, but only language changes….law remains same…… same way to get awake will enter in same dimension and will come out from this time and space band…

  • Andrew Vardanega says:

    Forget the bible I've read it and it's.just a book like any.other .if u want to learn about u as metaphysics and study energy and how energy works cos we r energy living energy with intelligence and love .the bible doesn't mention this or.mentions metaphysics.I.suggest don't waste ur time with a Bible.if read it ten times it's just a story with.philosophy .a wrote it originally to.make money cos back.then..they told story's .now we have movies and the Internet.the bible had been.changed and times from.the original.teachings not bother with it.good luck.

  • this a feel good story and it works i know it's sad that centre's like this are only for the elite with money and good luck to them but try go to one of there centres with no greenbacks do you think you would be invited in ya right .i'm happy their happy they deserve to be happy.

  • Top Class Documentaries says:

    ✳️ ? Watch to discover THE FASTEST way to condition your mind towards the achievement of your most desired goals. Eddie Sergey's technique is easier than affirmations and much more effective than visualization… so, if you are struggling to improve different aspects of your life, his tutorial is a must-watch.

  • I've been studying this for a while, I'm going to try it and can't wait.. One thing is for Sure, the Shep of the west who will tell not to do it or that are not open minded to it, definitely don't have life figured out..Great film

  • Celebrity def. an overrated person (usually an actor or rock n roll musician) who owes their lives to capitalism. Yet, support worthless agendas because mentally they are retarded. Stuck at 12 or 13. y.o.

  • Darioush Bromand says:

    If your intention is helping people why is so expensive for most people to attend your program?
    Aren't you just another kind of farmacy which the reality of it's being is making money?

  • You used the worst movie to demonstrate a point. The Noah movie took alot of creative license. Also, the man Noah visited was supposed to be Methuselah.

  • The bible might have some truth in it, but the God in it is absolutely false. The force that runs created reality with its mathematical formulas, physics and the force that guides the mind to believe in an existence that may not be so real after all, CANNOT be so small that it would be able to communicate with men. If by God we refer to the ULTIMATE POWER; the creating force that produced a kind of life forms that has the ability to EVOLVE, producing a very radically different organism as need to adapt to the challenges of the environment in order to guarantee the continuance of life, then GOD–not God, to differentiate it from the biblical and theological Go, is as real as our mind can conceive the existence of reality.

  • Simple Logic!

    If the creator god can do everything! Then we ask creator god to create a stone even creator god can not lift!

    If God say can’t, then it proves that he is not an all mighty creator!

    If he creates! Then we ask him to lift! He can’t because he has created something even he cannot lift! If god lift, then he can’t do the first task! it proves that he is not an all mighty creator!

    Cause and effect theory

    Effects get created due to causes and effects exist as far as causes exist and effects get changed when causes get changed and effects get disappear/end/destroy when causes get disappear/end/destroy.

    Ex: Tree’s shadow due to sun light

    Imagine the Sun rises and there is a big tree and you can see the shadow of the tree.

    Effect is Shadow, then causes for the shadow is tree and sunlight

    When sun moves then shadow also change

    If you cut the tree or sun goes down then what has happened to the shadow?

    When causes are not there then there are no effects, effects are created due to causes.

    See, no creator! LOL

    Then What is world we experience?

    For the start we should know that there are two truths in this world!

    Conventional truth (agreed on some conditions or define)

    Ultimate truth (true sense of the term it’s the ultimate truth)

    These two truths apply everything you and I experience in this world!

    Ex : Think about a handkerchief

    What is a handkerchief?

    It’s a square type cloth nicely saw boarders. It not so big and its fit to your pocket. It is not small that you can cover your face. This can be the general definition for the handkerchief.

    Actually, it’s a piece of cotton cloth! Then cotton cloth made of what? Its made with cotton strings.

    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton stings!

    Then cotton strings made with what? Its made with cotton wool.

    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton wool.

    Likewise, according to modern science, you can think of “there is no handkerchief, its made with only neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……

    In Buddhism it explains as far as we go deep we can only experience hardiness, heat, liquidness and space.

    to understanding purpose, we will stop in modern science discovery as above

    if you expand the world or if you can see the smallest thing you can see this world as collection of neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……

    That’s the ultimate truth experience.

    Assume we want to buy a handkerchief.

    Since handkerchief ultimate truth is neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… , we ask show owner neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… !

    Are we going to get a handkerchief? Not at all. We need to ask for a handkerchief.

    Then you need to define the handkerchief by saying “handkerchief”, then shop owner understand what is handkerchief and give it to you.

    How? because you and shop owner both define the handkerchief in a same way.

    That is Conventional truth experience (agreed on some conditions or define by someone)

    Ultimate truth is something else but after born to this world we are learning to define what we experience by using our tools (eyes – vision, nose-smell, ear- hear sound, tongue-taste, skin- feel) human body sensory

    We create our world! It’s an illusion since it’s Conventional but not the Ultimate truth of existence.

  • yesiand cruz says:

    I know I'm practically broke most of the time so to even get to these places is almost impossible. I do believe in what you were going for but reality is most of us can't because we are poor.. but thanks for the documentary…????

  • WOW! I'm @ 35 min now. So far think this is totally utterly brilliant. (I have always been more open minded since childhood anyway.) What a fantastical journey so far …Awesome. God is a women? WOW!? I like these psychonauts. Later on-The whole point of finally getting to the place of choosing your path vs not choosing it & being pulled into the undertow of society; painfully makes alot of sense. Getting to this is not easy. This is all of interest choice & great value to human kind. It makes me think of Greg Braden who took people to power spots around the world-25+years ago. Very interesting!

  • While I support use of psychedelics, honestly this entire film played out like a commercial for a religion that only the rich or well-connected could afford to indulge in. And the closing rant against just all pharmaceuticals in general, I guess, was so broad + generic that it came across as rather ignorant.

  • Basically this Doc is about a bored rich guy who loses direction when his income exceeds his lifespan to spend it. Goes and rubs shoulders with some dubious celebs and then goes and gets stoned. Nothing to do with Manna, or God or anything…Just a bored rich guy who has the wealth to self indulge in a very public way. Quite tasteless.

  • Take a xanie, drink ½ a bottle of whiskey, wait for that to take affect then as soon as is does, get a small vibrator, plug it in your butt(make sure it's vibrating, very important) then get some butter, lather it on your scrotum(if you are male) and quickly call the neighbors poodle to start licking it. You will slip into a dimension and you will hear a soft voice within your head ask "are you sure you've shut the blinds and closed the front door(?)" 😉

  • Javier Bonilla says:

    As soon as Deepak Chopra appeared on the documentary I felt a deep letdown. I will not enjoy this documentary. Chopra is a charlatan. Talks about quantum physics looking SOOOO stupid! A shameless charlatan.

  • Impressive Dent says:

    This documentary’s interpretations of the Bible are quite hilarious. I guess it is true that you can make anything fit into your own world view if you try hard enough.

  • BlackPearl Lily says:

    Calling the several millennia of the world traditions, faiths, history, mythology, – b.s. – wow ! Good luck young lady with such kind of thinking!

  • Each life is a unique cycle of experiences, trials, adventures, personal discovery, victories . It is important to remember that all of us is guided with a spiritual counselor, a holy one thst becomes more powerful when you open your mind to positive thoughts. Its always there, the one great omnipotent voice telling and communicating.

  • Stephanie Montgomery says:

    Ive also seen a documentary about iboga another plant based rite of awareness and cleansing. I often considered doing this. Or psilocybin mushroom shamanistic experience.

  • Lauren Wortman says:

    And this goes against the Bible altogether. God who created the universe, thought, ALL OF THE EXPERTS, and EVERYTHING is love and in him there is no darkness at all. His word is the Bible, and although Christ's gospel seems to contradict itself, it is people who have sin. These psychenauts are not the way to eternal life, and there are not many ways to eternal life. Narrow is the gate to eternal life and wide is the gate to destruction. If you die without acknowledging that Christ died on the cross for your sins, hell will be your destination.

  • the is a very real underlying truth that no one is explicitly saying. the only connection is water. thats it . there is no magical force. science is a theory to try to explain the unexplainable.

  • Multimillionaires selling books, DVDs and courses to the rest of us, all based on the idea that what matters is inside. Why don't they give their wealth to the poor and criticise a system that allows one person to become a multimillionaire 'selling' enlightenment, while  others work hard all their lives for a shit sandwich.

  • What I learned from this Doc. For one to become enlightened one must first lighten your wallet and have the means to find the eternal truth of existence. That looked like quite a nice vacation with famous friends.

  • Great piece but we can never be happy and at peace because war is so profitable. There are too many evil people and money and power drives them. I can say this and know it is true: we will never be at peace and happy as a whole, the world goes round not not by love but hate, money and power. This I say will never change till the end . The last days are here anyway . It's such a waste.

  • Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa prior Kristina Sangvita says:

    Thank you for an interesting documentary.
    I wonder, how often do you take Ayahuasca? Is one enough or does it become new habit and creaving?
    Where and who did you go to for first time ayahuasca ?
    Thank you

  • I am amazed of how these people takingn that medicine plants can heal their own worst nightmares , good for them. My experience was when I started the real connection with God but without drinking anything just an every day conversation in isolation and asking for mercy and help me to be a better person. that was when my life realy changed.

  • Dexter Cabello Relevo says:

    This documentary is giving reasons and legality for using plant narcotics. Shit don't legalize your addiction!!! It's what we called hallucination!!!!!

  • sherlock flores says:

    i have a theory that prophets could have drank this psych medicines to be able to connect or interact in terms of a DREAM with God. As I could remember that prophets always got up or woke up or REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS after their VISIONS had shown them.

  • Spirituality is the highest factional purist religion without the use of drugs…it's the best way to be in sync with God when you die your spirit leaves the body.

  • I hate how they like all "shaka bra, fucking shweet DMT man"…. this shit is intense and you should really be careful when messing with it, plus you can go into trance without taking things, it does work to use entheogens but it must not be taken lightly.

  • Jerry Williams says:

    The Greek word for “practice of spiritism” is phar·ma·kiʹa, which literally means “druggery.” This term came to be connected with spiritism because in ancient times, drugs were used when invoking the power of the demons in order to practice sorcery.​ You may have a spiritual awakening by doing these things but it’s definitely not from god he forbid these things deut. 18:10-12.

  • For the people asking the questions about why it's so expensive it's not expensive to travel to South America. The problem is many Americans have now found money in this opportunity and I'm taking advantage of the local communities and have turned it into a business. The real shamans are not part of these because their spiritual beingsand you can still travel to places and find a guide and find a real shaman to help you do this and it's not expensive.I know many people that have done it and also many people that have suffered from depression and if come out a different person when working with the right shaman.If you travel to Ecuador or Peru you can ask around and find the good shamans and places to go. I know this from experience because I've lived in South America for 10 years.

  • Zappy, you have fallen into the trap of influence and accessibility. You find yourself wanting for those who cannot and will not ever have your fortune to long for the life that you live. Your success is nothing if you truly believe what you say. It's tantamount to saying "You're in my prayers " to someone dying in front of you. Enjoy your success, but please , don't assume anyone needs your voice. Good luck

  • Godfrey Jemand says:

    This first guy said he followed what he was taught,,, School, Work, Marriage. Wrong… He did it. He accepted these things. He is actually blaming something else. He is not taking responsibilityy for his life actions. After meditation he is taking responsibility because it was his choice and his action. That is why most meditators change their concept of religion. All three western religions teach God's plan, Fate… What is "Wrong:" about most of this…
    Thezy are lecturing us about how we should be and they are close to being worshiped.
    Just another EEEEGOOOOOO.

  • People don't know many things about the Catholic Faith. One thing is that Catholics have taught meditation and contemplation for centuries. St Teresa of Avila was the most concise teacher. I trained in her Order.

    The focus of Catholic meditation differs from the contemporary American style. It is not directed at finding the self. It is oriented towards God, or the Absolute Good if you prefer. It is through this unity with God the self is reborn to itself. You do not become a different person. You become who you are.

    Each idea of religious practice exists in a vast, interconnected world. The Catholic world contains a purpose that reorientates it. Everything is underpinned by love. Catholic love has three components.

    "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbour as youtself"

    People think the law of love is twofold; love God and neighbour. The law of love is threefold. To love your neighbour as yourself presupposes that you love yourself. Love God. Love neighbour. Love self. Hold these is a balance.

    My friend insists she is "spiritual, but not religious". I try to say that to be religious without being spiritual is impossible. To be religious without being spiritual is like trying to live without breathing. The Catholic religion is simply organised spirituality. Perhaps you wonder why I embrace the idea of being organised, rather than running from it? This returns us to purpose. The Catholic Church is the greatest charitable organisation on earth. We must be organised because we have work to do. Our neighbour is in need. I do not run from doctrine, laws and principles either. A river is not a river without its banks. Costa Rica is a country in need. A beautiful country. A country of faith and laughter, of music and of grace. But, it is a country that has been trodden on by the boot of the rich man.

    I wonder the spiritual validity of changing the world by setting up a place charging large amounts of money so that rich people can find themselves?

    These same people often scorn the Church for her vast and priceless works of art and unparalleled library of books. A collection that represents the creativity and intellectual legacy that was responsible for building the most successful civilisation on earth, ever.

    You see, just as a part of the spiritual practice of Catholicism is meditation, the Faith of Christ has had the colour and joy stripped away. Smashed into a thousand pieces that American politicians scramble around trying to glue it together to garner votes.

    This is not the truth, as this is our subject. The truth is in a windswept monastery under a blanket of stars. Candles flicker and vast scriptoriums grind pigments to paint sublime illuminated manuscripts. Education and crafts, innovation, healing, agriculture and the musical voices of a thousand angels echo through the cloister.

    This was once the Faith. To some of us it still is.

    Ps. I'm not sure I'd get psychedelic plants passed the Bishop, but this Sister is game ?

  • Richard Madrid says:

    This man this person whoever he is should seek God first not the wisdom of man here man does not know what he's doing on this planet on this world this world is going straight to hell when he mentions the celebrities they're all demon possessed he does not know what he's doing what he's talking about he should not refer to these people as people spiritual guidance to anybody all they do is affect people's brains in the worst way so I say to you whoever you are with this video seek God first he will give you the truth what you're seeking is a Awakening to God just listen do the words oh God when he speaks to you

  • One big infomercial for an expensive retreat. Anyone that did LSD in their teen years could tell you the same experiences. We didn't have to wait until we're 50 odd years old and pay a heap of money. It was a cheap paper tab, or Magic Mushroom.

  • 8:25 WOMENS COMMENT SO TRUE, PEOPLE TELLING ME MY WHOLE LIFE YOU CAN'T DO THAT , OR THIS, meaning they can't do it so you can't but I did & continue to do it. Peace!

  • They say every experience in an individuals life alters their DNA therefore altering your future offspring pretty much changing history forever

  • Another example of how the Western consumerist culture is making a profit on everything including the medicinal plants used by the indigenous people's during ceremonies or special event. I find it disgusting how everything is being commercialised including the so-called "spirituality".

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