The Real Reason Kourtney Is Taking A Break From KUWTK

The Real Reason Kourtney Is Taking A Break From KUWTK

Stop the K-train, Kourtney Kardashian wants
to get off. The eldest Kardashian sister sent shockwaves
through the world of reality television in November 2019 when she revealed that she would
be taking a step back from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Why is she calling it quits? Here are a few guesses. If Kourtney Kardashian hates being on Keeping
Up with the Kardashians so much, why didn’t she quit before now? It’s a question the raven-haired reality star
answered herself during a 2018 episode of the E! series when the Kardashian sisters
fell out big time over some family Christmas card drama. Kourtney turned up 40 minutes late to the
shoot, which led to a nasty argument about her work ethic. “Maybe if you had a f—ing business that
you were passionate about, then you’d know what it takes to run a f—ing business, but
you don’t. So don’t even act like you know what I’m talking
about.” An angry Kourtney let her guard down and revealed
that she only turned up at all because she needed to get paid, saying, “If I had enough money, I wouldn’t work, I
wouldn’t do the show. I would be a full-time mom. That’s what I want to do.” Perhaps not coincidentally, in summer 2019,
Kourtney launched her health and lifestyle website Poosh, which describes itself as “a
curated experience and a destination for modern living.” It’s possible that Kourtney found that extra
source of income she needed to wave goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians and concentrate
on bringing her kids up, and she has that now. Being a Kardashian most definitely has its
perks, but according to Kourtney Kardashian, fame isn’t everything. The Poosh founder appears to be getting pretty
sick of life as a celebrity, and she blames Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Speaking with Paper in May 2019, Kourtney
revealed just how “quickly” fame came for the family after they decided to create a
reality show, saying, “I never thought it was going to become this
thing. From when we shot the sizzle reel or whatever. It got green lit straight away.” She went on to fantasize about a life away
from the cameras, and not for the first time. Kourtney has been telling people that she’s
tired of being famous for years, making no secret of the fact that living in the limelight
has become increasingly tiresome. Speaking to Now back in 2014, the reality
star revealed that fame has never been important to her. “I never really thought about fame as a kid,
and even when we were talking about doing the show, I didn’t really think about it. Sometimes I wish we weren’t filming. I love being a mum and sometimes I just wish
no one knew who I was.” It’s a little late for that now, but some
time out of the spotlight might be exactly what Kourtney needs. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was in the
middle of filming its upcoming 18th season when Kourtney Kardashian told Entertainment
Tonight that she wanted to focus her energy elsewhere. “It’s being filmed. Currently. In this room.” But it seems like she’s lost all interest
in keeping the show going after so many years. When Paper asked Kourtney how she would feel
if the cameras stopped rolling tomorrow, Kourtney said that she, quote, “would be very happy”
about that. She hasn’t just expressed this view to journalists,
either. The atmosphere around the Kardashian clan
has become toxic according to momager Kris Jenner, who complained in a new promo that
it was all getting, quote, “a little Mean Girls” for her liking. “You would be happy if the show ended?” “Yeah, who cares?” “As much as I love you, you fight a lot dirtier
than you used to fight.” Kris started working on new deals for all
five of her girls after Season 16 of Keeping Up saw a ratings spike thanks to the Tristan
Thompson cheating scandal that played out on the show. But Kourtney’s contract will likely need some
reworking now that she’s announced her intention to take a step back. The fallout from the big Christmas card row
continued during a tense phone call between Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. The latter claimed that she just had “different
values” than the rest of her famous family, and she threw some serious shade at the middle
Kardashian sister. Kourtney said that she “didn’t agree” with
“who Kim was as a person,” and then things started to get really personal. Kourtney told a shocked Khloe, “Honestly, it’s like, we have a disgusting
family. Like, I’m ashamed to be part of people that
like…” “Oh my God, you’re ashamed?” “No one cares!” We know what you’re thinking, all this drama
over a Christmas card? The reality is, the festive photo shoot was
just the straw that broke the camel’s back for Kourtney. When she next came face to face with her sisters,
the mother of three called them both out for being too preoccupied with making more money. “At the end of the day, when you die and when
I die, it doesn’t matter how much money is in our bank accounts. But what matters to me is my memories.” The now infamous Christmas card bust up came
to a head when Kourtney Kardashian dropped a major bombshell on her sisters; she wants
to move away from them someday, perhaps even to another country. Worst of all, she said she’s been “faking”
her relationships with her sisters. “But I cannot wait for that day, and hopefully,
like, just don’t have to have these fake relationships.” A shocked Khloe asked for clarification, and
Kourtney confirmed that she was talking about her and Kim. This isn’t the first time that Kourtney has
expressed an interest in putting the family’s hometown in her rearview mirror. When she spoke to Paper in May 2019, the reluctant
reality star mused, “I always say I want to move away someday
and just be away from it all. Sail away. No one will ever see me again.” Speaking with Entertainment Tonight about
the real reason she’s taking a break from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney
Kardashian suggested her exit was temporary, but that fans would definitely be seeing less
of her going forward: “I just decided to spend more time as a mom
and put more of my energy there.” During a prior appearance on The Real, Kourtney
confirmed the persistent rumors about her leaving the show. “Whoa! So you actually considered it? “Yeah. At the current moment I’m happy and very into
my blessings.” Later in the discussion, Kylie Jenner’s immense
wealth came up, and it turns out that the young makeup guru’s meteoric rise actually
made her older half-sister want to leave the family show even more. Asked about Kylie’s billionaire status, Kourtney
said, “I mean, probably subconsciously it makes
us feels like, ‘When’s it enough?'” It seems like Kourtney is determined to be
a mother first, reality star second, and nobody can blame her for that. “Because I don’t like missing out on certain
things, like doing my kids’ homework or certain after-school activities.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason Kourtney Is Taking A Break From KUWTK”

  • BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading says:

    Good for her…..Cory thinking he put hands on her kids was a wake up call……being an Aries , family comes first.
    Not a fan of the show but i respect what’s respectable.

  • I can appreciate the way she is speaking up for herself in an honest way. It seems like what she is saying is that she feels taken far away from a life she wants.

    She isn’t living a real life-none of them are. I don’t envy the fame or money they have. It’s just too much.

  • Kourtney is the laziest person on the planet and always complaining about something! You'd think with the emphasis that she's putting on being a mom her kids would be better behaved!

  • I hope for own sake that she leaves for good. She has always been deeper, more sensitive and more mature than the rest and I feel that she’s never thrived. I can see her thriving with being a mother, studying, healing, herbs, tai chi and yoga, having a less materialistic life style and more devoted to finding herself, spirituality etc. She will never be happy where she is today, she needs to find her wings and fly and the others need to let go of their control of her.

  • Farzaneh Rahmani says:

    As MUCH as I don't relate to her personality and decisions, I don't want to be the one who SHAMes her for her instinct and need for sanity. Not everyone is made for fame and Kourtney is (LATE!) to realize that.

  • Because she's rich and wants to live her life in peace with her kids. I don't think she ever cared or wanted fame tbh. She's the best in that family tbh❤

  • Tbh, she wants the money and the access without the work for the super fame lol. I love her and I feel it, but it’s true. I know people call them famous for being famous. But it takes work to constantly market yourself, your beauty and lifestyle. And make people interested for years. Interviews, photoshoots, living under a microscope, press junkets, scrutiny, constantly pushing products and brands, tons of meetings; all while making it all look easy and fun. That’s her sisters’s view. But her view is that mom life is most important and they’re way too obsessed with vanity, attention, and money. To the point where they get ‘mean girly’. Both sides may be valid. As long as she does what makes her happiest, that’s all that matters. She’s given a lot of her life to the fame. Maybe she feels like it’s finally enough. It’s ending inevitably though, whether they like it or not.

  • I think she should leave and then if she wants to come back when the money well is getting low she shouldn’t be allowed. The show is what’s got them their big houses and fancy cars. Her kids maybe wouldn’t have the private schools that they do either. If they show is so real why does she have take time off to be a mom?

  • Trendy Reality TV says:

    They don’t understand Kourtney and her beliefs. Which is hypocritical because they expect everyone to understand them. Why do they put so much pressure on a mother of 5 ? Seems like jealousy to me. Leave her alone and let her breath like, damn…

  • LMAO… The real reason Kourtney wants out is because she can't have Scott back, and she's feeling some type of way. He has moved on with Sofia, but, cares a great deal about the mother of his kids… I think Kourtney waited too long to win him back.

  • Not only is she sexually frustrated she's food frustrated she wants to eat cheeseburger and steak but cant cuz she's worried about her sex life looks

  • She is hurting, it's written all over her, you can see it and feel it. She is hurt, by Scott which she wants be with him. But she is afraid that Scott, will go back to his old ways. And her family which, also hurt her in all of it. Scott and her needs to work it out. No one else needs to but in let them work it but something needs to be done one way or another.

  • Kort is to me the most down to earth sister of them all…i have a lot of respect for her and i respect her choice to leave and be a full time mother for the children sooo much respect…i mean if she wanted she could stay and continue with that lifestyle but the fact that she wants to be more hands on with her children is great and who knows more then she does as for what her children need or don't need.❤❤🙏 love kourtney

  • Celeste Villalobos says:

    You can tell their was tension between the sisters when they went on the real. Khloe was the divider between Kim and Kourtney.

  • Rob stayed away, even kylie and kendal is like staying away. The girls are maturing. When you have kids, and people keep on commenting about their discipline and upbringing must have been the last straw for her.remember there was an episode about her daughter hitting the nanny, and corey made some remarks about spanking. So i guess that was the last straw.

  • Just fuckin quit. Like the world would be happy without her monotoned ass on tv. She will never quit cuz she needs the Money and doesn’t wanna stop taking extravagant trips. She wants the Money but doesn’t wanna work? C’mon 🙄🙄

  • Kourtney wants to be normal. I always prayed for her that she would choose to leave the show and do her own thing. I think kourtney would honestly do well dating a “normal” person who isn’t famous. This is why I would never want to be famous! Can’t imagine if my whole life was on camera

  • And Kortney is the smart one in that family she values being a good example for her children more, and being there with them mor then fame or money and she should be applauded.

  • Good for her! She has always been my fave (I mean, I'm not a huge KUWTKs fan, but I have always liked her*). I just really *hope she sticks to her gut on this.

  • Andrea Labastida says:

    She’s the most sane and rational of her family. God Bless Her, we need more people like her, as role models, than Kim and Kylie who are insane and mentally unhealthy. I guess that’s why they run for more money and less boundaries.

  • Kourtney is such a hypocrite. She’s so mean to everyone especially to Kim for the longest time yet will turn it around and make herself to be the victim. She always talks about wanting to be a mom yet she barely watches her kids. When she took a trip with her family in one of the more recent seasons, she had Kim and Khloe watch her brats throughout the entire flight and she slept through it all then dare boast about what a good sleep she had. And her kids were the worst behaved. She didn’t even care to bat an eye or watch her kids yet Kim and Khloe just let it go like they always do. She’s so lazy and annoying!


  • She certainly loves the money she gets from the show. If I had to go on TV and argue a little to get a million, I’d do it. 🙄

  • margareth michelina says:

    The show is way more focus on Kim (Obviously), Khloe, Khris and Kylie. Kourtney probably tired because she doesn't get too much attention compared to her sisters and her mom. Even Kendall and Rob don't appear too much in the show.

  • Pretty Sassy Libra says:

    Kourtney you have more than enough money to never come back to the show….regular ppl leave there jobs for less. Is this a joke🤦🏽?

  • Laura Hope Remen says:

    Kourtney: She needs happy pills, but seriously, she needs so much work to break free of her resentments.
    I think she’s depressed. That’s at the heart of all of this. She’s got so much pent up resentment. Omg. It’s off the charts! 🌺

  • I think the real problem here with kourt is that they all started together in this blitz business milking on the kim's sex tape.. Here kourt thought that sooner they all would fizz out and quit the limelight. But what she didn't realised was that kris was in for long game and hence she ventured her daughters into different businesses.. Everybody was in the same bus kris was driving except for kourt.. She just couldn't katch up with the business acumen of her other siblings.. She was always the laid back feeder child of the family.. And that reality bit her bad.. Of lately the kind of attention Scott and Sofia are getting is also bothering her.. Good for her to take her time off the glitzy life..

  • Can you blame her Kourtney Kardashian is awesomeso I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to Branch out on her own and say see you later to everything

  • This show is full of SHIT. And I can't believe that they are still on TV & followed by the Paparazzi & mainstream media. The whole family is FAKE. Are people who actually watch this crap stupid or just ignorant?????? IMO the entire family along with Scott, are a bunch of media whores who will do anything to keep themselves in the spotlight short of pimping themselves out for sex.

  • Kim is a mother. Shes studying to be a Lawyer. She curses like theres no tomorrow. Soon her children will all start cursing and swearing at her. Charity begins at Home. They should all stop cursing and swearing so much. I'm with Kourtney. Her privacy is important. They have no privacy. It's very sad.


  • Fake relationships? Then she goes off and does a kkw fragrance collaboration with her sisters? Lolll looks like poosh isn't making enough! She wouldn't survive moving away from her family!

  • She wants to move away but doesn't want to forfeit all the luxuries and comfort she gets from being a Kardashian. She wants to have her cake and eat it too!

  • Kourtney is definitely the most natural beauty out of this freak show and she should just focus on her kids and get away from all this fake ass shit.

  • She has no charisma. She's just famous because of her family and not her character or talent.
    There will be no impact on the show if she's gone.
    Let her go and don't pay her anymore.

  • Her kids are at school. What is she going to do during the day while they're gone, if she quits the show? Her sisters seem more than capable of bringing up their kids, as well as working. They have a lot more going on than the show.

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