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    I made this video over a year ago and since then it has gotten quite a lot of views, a lot more than I originally anticipated. Im very grateful for all the views, comments, and likes. It has really touched me. But since this was made a year ago and since opinions change, id like to readdress some of the things I said in this video.

    First to what I said about repetitiveness in worship. I should have clarified a bit more in that part of the video. I don't mean that repetitiveness in worship is a bad thing, as a matter of fact many of my favorite worship songs repeat themselves a lot such as "How He Loves" (which was originally written by John Mark McMillan, not David Crowder) "Beautiful Things", "Stir a Passion", the list goes on. I believe those are good examples of how repetitiveness should work in worship. Beautiful lyrics with strong imagery that leaves you with nothing but to participate in the chorus. However in songs like the one showed in the video, it comes across as a sort of crutch for lazy writing with vague symbolism that doesn't impact the listener, leaving a feeling of "meh" which is the last feeling we should feel when worshiping the creator of existence itself. It also doesn't help that the instrumentals sound like every other worship song's instrumentals. I have nothing against the artists making these songs, they are incredibly talented, however I have to be honest, I find that their content leaves much to be desired.

    Now on to the examples of christian music that I found to be creative (and still do!). I saw a lot of comments saying that they all sound similar to each other, which I understand (they were all slower songs after all) but this was honestly all I had found of this "indie christian music scene" at the time, and it was just what I liked. I get not everybody likes that style but it was my taste. Since then, I have found an OVERWHELMING amount of creative christian artists who all have their own distinctive sounds and genres. I have put almost all of the ones I have found on a Spotify playlist titled "Spirit". Heres the link:

    Lastly, I received a plethora of comments that disagreed with Gungor and didn't believe that their music should be heard within the church because of their views of Genesis and evolution. To that, I say stay tuned 😉

    And also, apologies for the sudden loud bursts of Shake. I thought it would be funny but didn't take into account that a lot of people don't find it humorous.

    Thanks for watching my video and reading this! It means the world to me. God bless.

  • Alyssa Mayle says:

    My favorite gospel song is "he's the rock I'm leaning on" by the easter brothers. It's an old song but it has so much meaning and depth. My dad actually sings it better in my opinion but either way the meaning is still there

  • Joseph Ballard says:

    Uummmm, that band that believes in the big bang theory and the gospel doesn't really make sense. Read the first page of the bible and it would make sense to you why they where rejected by christians.

  • Oh my goodness! You made a video of what has been going through my mind. I find myself no longer listening to the Christian music of today and just ree listening to old music like Keith Green and Rich Mullins who really has a message and creative song. How sad the Christian music is no different the industry of the secular world. It doesn't move me at all… The songs are so repetitive it's sickening. It's so sad, as you said we should be making the most creative songs but we're not! And like someone else said in the comments, it's a reflection on the Christian…

  • PushandillPushback says:

    The problem with Christian music isnt any single thing you mentioned. The problem is it doesnt exist, there is NO Christian music. Christian isnt a genre. The music made either pleases God or it doesnt, it isnt based on how many fans you may or may not have. It is a MASSIVE responsibility to create Godly music, because the music isnt made for man to feel good on, but to pull men toward God. Some music does this and some music doesnt and not always when meant to; Godly music is an enigma and should be taken seriously. All of the music shown could be Godly, or none of it could be. By what measue do you standardize what God considers "Christian" music?

  • D Isaac Faddis says:

    As far as the band in the video that believes in the "big bang" theory, well that god is not the God of the Bible which is Jesus Christ.

  • D Isaac Faddis says:

    All musical creativity died in the late 80's. Jesus said that the world would be better at stuff in Luke 16:8 "And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

  • I remember that before we moved churches, if you removed “God” in any of the songs they sounded super suggestive and much like every other banned song that Christian parents told us were works of the devil. One thing that I agree on with those people is that I do believe that the music you listen to affects you in character and mood, because of how much music can move us. But if that’s true then why did they want us to listen to boring, uninspired, cash-ins? I don’t support the flawed ways of Christian music, no matter the origin or intent, it only feeds the machine.

  • Great commentary! Would love to read/hear/see more of what you have to give. Next time, might consider looking into other-than-White artists, and pique the interest of more Christian music lovers. Love your vid – thanks for your voice!

  • I'm sorry, but that person singing about the color green has those satanic crosses slo through that video…… do you not see them? And yes, those are satanic

  • Valance Bohm says:

    1. I love Josh Garrels.

    2.I play in a worship band And I cannot stomach the music that passes for worship. Especially Hillsong.

    3. One day I was walking by this well know bar/grill that hosts secular open mic nights in my city. During the day they have a radio station that can be heard from the sidewalk. They usually play classic rock and popular hits. As I was walking by one day, and to my chagrin, I heard them playing reckless love(truly despise that wasted breath of a song). I thought it odd, however when I gave it a little more thought, I realized that it was just an example of the world receiving it's own.

    4. I refuse to play worship music though I am very talented and have played for 18 years. I sometimes feel like I am letting God down for putting my candle underneath a bushel. But then I hear worship music and I am horrified disgusted and extremely angry for the tripe it spins about this so called love of God. Nothing about justice and righteousness. Disgusting.

  • Chris Henniker says:

    I'm an agnostic and I think you're right, it reflects the malaise in the wider culture. Popular music is afflicted by the same disease, of being formulaic and there's even studies by a Spanish university that says popular music has become more simplistic and repetitive since the 1950s .

  • Psalm 96
    Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.
    Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.

  • sees title and grinds teeth
    A. "Problem?!" With. Christian. Music? YOU JUST OFFENDED MY SOUL!!!
    watches video and facepalms
    Oh. That problem. Okay, THAT I absolutely agree with. Sorry for jumping the gun.

  • Dainis Ektermanis says:

    Josh Keefe, if You are a musician yourself, all Your concerns about Christian music is maybe a true wake up call from a God Himself who speaks through You. Make a change, make a difference. God in my opinion can't be put in a box or in one music making formula and so on and on. I like Tedashii's and Andy Mineo's music, aswell as Don Moen's. All different from each other, but all pushing in same direction towards Him! God bless!

  • There are like 100 hymns that repeat the same lines constantly. This video is so dishonest there are countless bands that have incredible spirit filled music , hillsong United worship and young and free, elevation worship to name a few

  • Mask the legend says:

    The only "Christian" song i like is i still believe by the call and i feel like people think oh your not a Christian unless you listen to only Christian music and its frustrating

  • Randall Ainsworth says:

    As a worship musician for over 20 years, so much of CCM sounds like U2 – the excessively delayed guitars and the style in general. We are very careful with what songs we do on Sunday mornings. Too much of the music is self-centered, navel-gazing fluff. You could play it on secular radio with no complaints. And don't get me started on the nightclub churches were you can't tell if it's a rock concert or a church service.

  • Marshall Williams says:

    I just want to say this God gives talents and styles to different people. I have no record label behind me. And my music has touch quite a few people and if I never get main stream I'm fine with that. Because I did what he told me release the project and those that hear will hear and I'm grateful. Be blessed everyone.

  • Edgar Bikermas says:

    Christians Say,Heavy Metal it's Satánic And Evil.
    So,Christian Metal it's Holy?
    It's Christian Pornography better?
    It's Christian Marijuana healthier?🖕

  • Jesus My lord and saviour says:

    That's why now am preffering singing psalms straight from the bible.. If it doesn't encourage change to the world and [email protected] you to seek Jesus.. It ain't true.. If it emphasizes more on money, good life here on earth.. It ain't true.. It has to emphasize more on love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, jesus dying for us, change u know more of the spirit less of the flesh.. We are the light of the world through Jesus…

  • Mohamed Elhaddade says:

    Muslim religious music get way many more views than those music know why ? Unity something that you guys don't have ..I mean most of these songs are made for only American Christians wonder they won't success

  • I agree to a point. Every once in a while a very great song comes out. One current one is "Is He Worthy" .
    You should really check out a band from Georgia called The Waiting. They are not together any more. I love that band that they are very different in all the song they produced. They have 4 cd's and I have wore them out.

  • Unfunny Meme #248593872 says:

    As a Christian myself, my biggest problem with Christianity and all others for that matter is the fact that the real life Eric Cartmans of the world use the story of our creation for a quick buck. Kinda makes me sad and admittedly sometimes even pulls me into apostasy.

  • Michael Jadwisiak says:

    Left out Christan metal. I know metal isn't very popular in the Christian community. I have had many people doubt my faith over the years because of musical taste. What people never understand is the harshly sung vocals are meant not in anger but passion. If you can't understand the lyrics look them up. you will see metal bands put a lot of thought and creativity. Majority of the Christian metal bands have been "kicked out" of the Christian community for cover art, lyrics ect. But in reality the bands did their biblical research. I'll list some of the bands highly recommend even if you don't like metal just look up the lyrics.
    I The Breather
    August Burns Red
    Oh Sleeper
    Silent Planet
    Fit for a King
    Texas in July
    Sent by ravens

  • Nah, the real problem with "Christian music" is that it's still connected to the "world" and they don't realize it. They think they are "worshiping" God but what they end up worshiping is "worship". Ministries become idols because today we no longer understand how, exactly, the flesh is waging war with the spirit. Most of this stuff is really just an indulgence of the flesh, in the "name of Jesus".

    Probably not young people's fault; they have so few good examples of what real Christianity looks like from us older Christians so they've decided to try to do it the best they know how. We older Christians have betrayed them, I'm afraid. Or at least we have let them down by settling for the things of this life ourselves.

  • Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen says:

    I can't stand modern christian music! There is a few good bands around these days like Citizens & Saints, but it's rare.
    But there is a lot of great older christian music though.
    Good christian music to check out:
    – Citizens & Saints
    – Glass Harp / Phil Keaggy
    – Keith Green
    – Jerusalem
    – Kerry Livgren / AD
    – Larry Norrman
    – Petra
    – Resurrection Band
    – Proto-Kaw
    – Barnabas



  • John Montonye says:

    Thanks for this. I was doing my late-night You-tube thing, watching all my old R&B, rock, retro … all the genres I identified with from age 6 through 40 … feeling unfulfilled in them all despite still loving to listen to them. I thought, "maybe I should try to find something more positive … maybe just try [again] to find a Christian song that will resonate with me." Before searching, I already felt defeated, because I knew what awaited … another song using ancient verbiage that is so unnatural today … something like "my cup over-floweth with loving anointment," or something like that. But instead, I decided to try a little Faith, and I typed into the search block: "a good Christian song that isn't bad." I got your video. And just as you said, and as I listened, I was overcome with gladness as I too discovered that I am not alone.

    Just to be clear, I do enjoy many of the old hymns. My favorite is "How Great Thou Art." My grandmother used to sing it with such love, such conviction, such belief. I think of her whenever I hear it, and it is hard not to get choked up. There are several contemporary versions of it. I heard one by Alan Jackson the other day … just wonderful.

    But my experience with modern Christian music has not been good. Accompanied by hands in the air, it used to make me wonder if I needed to be doing the same, unnatural thing. It didn't feel right, but everyone else was doing it! They also seemed to love the music, and hang on the words: the "overflowing cups," the "green pastures," the "anointing of a blessed [fill in the blank … child, lamb, hand?]." When I read the Bible, those words do not bother me … but when I hear them repeated in weird contexts that just don't fit today's age or don't fit anything that seems real to me, I just can't get into the music! I've tried to sing them, understanding that at Church, that the music is to be made in praise of the Lord (i.e., it's for Him, not necessarily for me). But what if they JUST AREN'T GOOD coming from me? Why can't I sing something in praise of the Lord that is REAL … that I mean when I sing it, or feel when I hear it? Something that is GOOD!?!?!?

    I will check out Rich Mullins. I heard the rest you mentioned towards the end, but I'll start there.

    Thanks again.

  • Brother_ Reign says:

    I mean, without sitting down with the artist and asking them their motive behind the music you really don't know what or why they made it. There are so many forms of worship, gifts God gave us to use in His name. Some songs are written in parables. Just because you don't understand it you critic someones ministry? I am a hip hop artist and I use my platform to serve God. Just like the songs you don't like or understand. If you don't like it, change the station. God gave us all a platform. We will use it. We are all tools in God's tool belt. Meaning we have different uses but the same goal. God bless you and try to understand the artist. Or not. No big deal. If it's not for you than it's not for you. Have a blessed day.

  • Ricardo Palmer says:

    Excellent video and you made an excellent point (in your post), that opinions do change. Our opinions on matters like these tend to be so fluid.

    Nevertheless its hypocritical to not* admit that the primary goal of Christian music seems to serve an industry or a market and not so much to save souls or serve the household of faith.

    My only critique on this exposè would be that the genre choices seems a bit lopsided. It doesn't explore the nuances associated with for e.g. "black" or traditional/jazz- based gospel music. Know it might be within your realm of expertise, but based on the title of the video (which speaks to "Christian Music")… you leave us a bit short-changed.

    Blessings bro,
    And much love from Jamaica

  • Shirley Robderts says:

    I think Christian music today is just a cop out especially African American gospel. They make couldn't make it work in the secular music industry so they take a rock n roll song place God or Jesus somewhers in the middle and that makes it acceptable to vocalise it in Church, and that is a bunch of hooey to me.

  • A lot of these criticisms could be easily applied to Christian fiction. Same storyline, same happy ending, no one has sex, does drugs or even swears. And while that may be great for people who like their stories g rated, the majority of people need stories that are realistic. In real life, people do things that they shouldn't, including Christians.

  • cyanure de potassium says:

    If Christian musics were really what they are supposed to be the message would be too hard for most of our modern day Christians

  • cyanure de potassium says:

    Christian music nowadays is more about political correctness, than preaching the Good News, that's why u don't hear anything about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit… Just empty lyrics about love or other watered down messages to keep ratings high

  • Michele Corwin says:

    I disagree. We should not be imitating the world and put a Christian label on it. This is a satanic tactic. Everything successful in the world is satanic creativity. Satan likes Christians to be popular because it means they sacrificed the truth on the way to worldly popularity. Most artistic creativity is fallen angel technology. He is very cunning. The Oscar winners are not great actors. Acting is a form of lying and the "best" actors are under the influence of Satan or channelling the personality of a demon.

  • Churches have become religious country clubs. Soon they will add more worldly things saunas, tanning booths, massage therapists. I recently attended a funeral at a mega church and the sanctuary was completely black. I felt as if I were at an indoor concert. The funeral was for a 28-year-old member who took his life.

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