The Power Rangers Movie Reboot… Is Getting Rebooted! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

The Power Rangers Movie Reboot… Is Getting Rebooted! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– This episode of “Nerdist News” is sponsored by “Borderlands 3.” The Power Rangers movie
reboot is getting rebooted. Grab your Morpher and get
ready to fire up your amp for some sick guitar riffs because it appears a
new Power Rangers film is in the works again. It’s been two years since the Power Rangers hit the big screen with their cinematic reboot
and fans have been wondering when the next flick would be a go go and more importantly, what
for the film will take. Well it looks like we finally
got our first real information about their next theatrical appearance, all thanks to the Red Ranger himself, at least one of the Red Rangers, and if you were a fan of the 2017 reboot, we might have some bad news for you. But first, a little history lesson. Now, in case you’ve been
living under a rock, it was 1993 when Zordon
first put out the call on American televisions for
some teenagers with attitude. Got a lot of responses. Based on, and using footage from, the long running Japanese
Super Sentai Series, the Power Rangers found
great success worldwide. There have been 26 seasons
across 20 different themed series that brought the Power Rangers across time and to such exotic and
imaginative locations as post-apocalyptic cities, outer space and Southern California. So it was no surprise that
such a successful franchise would spawn a couple
of big screen outings. Using the cast and characters from the U.S. TV show universe, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” came out in 1995 and introduced the world to Ivan Ooze while earning a respectable box office take home. However, when it’s follow up “Turbo” pulled in less than $10 million, it appeared the Power
Rangers cinematic dreams were to be put in a space
dumpster for 10 thousand years. So you can imagine how some
Ranger fans were delighted and others disappointed, when it was announced
that the Mighty Morphers would be back on the big
screen with the 2017 film, this time featuring a re-imagined mythos and an all new team of
heroes with new suits, new Zords, a new Zordon,
played by Bryan Cranston, who voiced one of the
original series villains along with a new version of Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, who is having the time
of her life in the role. Now while the film was not a flop, it did fall well short of expectations. Though it had decent world of mouth and has become something of
a cult hit in its own right over the last two years, it has left fans waiting for
any word or news on a sequel, especially since Tommy
Oliver as the Green Ranger was teased in a post credits scene and it looks like those fans
finally got their answer in a recent Reddit AMA, Ask Me Anything, for those that don’t know, 2017’s Red Ranger, Dacre Montgomery, who recently appeared as Billy Hargrove in “Stranger Things 3” was asked about whether more Power Rangers were in the pipeline
and he had this to say, “I think there is a movie in the works, “but it’s not with me and the cast. “So yes but not with us.” Honestly, it’s not shocking to see that there is a new film in the works. Toy company, Hasbro,
recently bought the franchise and the toy rights from long time owner, Saban Properties, back in 2018. While Power Rangers toys have always been a lucrative business, it seems like Hasbro
may have bigger plans. Since there is a new Power
Rangers film in the works, the big question on fans minds is what form the film will take. Could it be a full reboot
with a new cast exploring the origins of the Power Rangers or can it be something along the lines of the different Power Rangers series that sometimes builds
off of previous entries into the cannon and even have characters
meet and cross over. This is all just speculation but Hasbro has been very open about how it wants to create a shared cinematic toy universe
over the last few years, combining franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mask and the like and having Power Rangers
as one of its corner stones could be the final brick
needed to build that house. But again, just speculation. Ultimately, it’s doubtful that Hasbro will tie this into the past iteration of the Power Rangers
in any meaningful way. While there is a devoted fan base to the beloved TV series, Hasbro will mostly
likely want to use the IP to gain a new audience and sadly, the campiness of the OG
show may hamper that. Nonetheless, we will have to wait for more updates from Hasbro to find out what they decide to do. But what do you folks think? Which Power Rangers
series is your favorite? Who is the best ranger of all time and who else got in trouble
for playing Power Rangers on the playground as a kid? Erin did! – [Erin] Definitely me. – Let’s discuss. Thanks again to “Borderland 3” for sponsoring today’s episode. The original shooter looter
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100 thoughts on “The Power Rangers Movie Reboot… Is Getting Rebooted! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)”

  • All they got to do is make a few minor tweaks and adjustments from the first one and just build off on that with a sequel don't try to put no propaganda or political BS into the movie by trying to make Tommy a female.

  • Joseph Farhat says:

    Video was good .. But Video was DISSLIKESED cuss this vid was supported by anti consumer compy EPIC GAMES !

  • Best rangsrs off ALLTIME
    Then you can't forget about Rocky… Adam… And Aiesha

  • I thought the training scenes to learn to morph and fight was stupid. In all the series they were told how to morph, and the knowledge of how to fight came with the power, was stupid to change that aspect. I for one though did like the Megazord, though not the individual words. My biggest gripe was how they took mainstay villain Goldarr and turned into a walking mountain of gold. With the new reboot, maybe put people in charge who were actual fans of the show, we should get a better film that way.

  • I enjoyed the 2017 reboot I'd was really hoping for at least 2 more movies it saddens me to see this movie/tv series is stuck in a reboot cycle like other movies atm that seem to fail

  • 2017 was a huge build on the characters “not much power ranger action” but if they did a sequel they could really make it great since they already spent the whole first movie introducing the characters

  • Deadpool Gamer86 says:

    Austin will always be the best Red Ranger. MMPR old school was the best, activating megazord come on who's old school with me here?

  • I wish they reboot RPM or time Force or maybe put all the theme together? Would be cool to see horde of power rangers

  • Kirrren Madrid says:

    Well it did suck. They didn't even look like the power rangers anyways it looked like some G.I.Joe shit zordon was a dick. Zordon was never a dick to them.. the mega zord didn't even look like the Megazord goldar is supposed to be a character in the series not a monster with no emotions or no dialogue that dies after the first fight, come on. And where's Redas other minions that hang out with her while she looks thru that one telescope. and also there's no Bulk and Skull ? there pretty important characters that provide comic relief in the series. where were this guys in the movie…. see too much was left out and fucked around with that's what made it suck, just like the dragon ball z live action movie. There was no krillin no tien no chiatsew piccolo didn't even look like piccolo there was no kami or mr popo etc.. that whole movie was thrown to shit. Unfortunately power rangers was too, better than tha live dbz film but also trash. That's why I hope the reboot is better, also Dragonball z live action film needs a reboot

  • The 2017 Power Rangers movie did deserve a sequel if it got more money in box office and people wouldn’t think the movie should be more nostalgic. I was so excited for the next movie to come out and see Tommy in it. But apparently beauty and the beast got more money.

  • How about no sequel or reboot. Cause the 2017 was garbage. And I mean garbage, cause I'm pr fan and I should know when its quality over shittty ness

  • Kim Young Jin says:

    Why not make Pirate ?‍☠️ Power Rangers? The power rangers that can change into any power rangers with their technology… like Power Rangers: Megaforce…

  • A.S.j. aka Jason the og red ranger is the best cause he's a hero on and off the screen he served as a medic in the war overseas and paramedic and fire fighter here in the states.

  • David Hernandez says:

    if earth didn't win people over. lets send them to space. who doesn't like a space adventure. or Lost Galaxy. or how bout time travel? with Time Force.

  • Paul McDougall says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m all for a reboot, but as long Hasbro sticks to the OG Power Rangers style especially when it comes to The Zords and furthermore The Megazord, I also like to see makers of The Transformers movie franchise get on board, anyways here’s my dream reboot cast:-

    * Josh Hutcherson as
    Name Jason Lee Scott
    Ranger:- Red
    Dinozord:- Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Weapon:- Power Sword

    * Donald Glover as
    Name:- Zachary “Zach” Taylor
    Ranger:- Black
    Dinozord:- Mastodon
    Weapon:- Power Axe

    * Brenda Song as
    Name:- Trini Kwan
    Ranger:- Yellow
    Dinozord:- Saber-Toothed Tiger
    Weapon:- Power Daggers

    * Chloe Grace Moretz as
    Name:- Kimberly Anne Hart
    Ranger:- Pink
    Dinozord:- Pterodactyl
    Weapon:- Power Bow

    * Nicholas Hoult as
    Name:- William “Billy” Cranston
    Ranger:- Blue
    Dinozord:- Triceratops
    Weapon:- Power Lance

    * Liam Hemsworth as
    Name :- Tommy Oliver
    Ranger:- Green
    Dinozord:- Dragonzord
    Weapon:- Dragon Dagger

    * Taylor Lautner as
    Name:- David Trueheart
    Ranger:- White
    Dinozord:- White Tigerzord
    Weapon:- Power Saba

  • 2017 version was pretty good .. it just needed a good promotion So fuck Saban fuck Lionsgate and fuck whoever else responsible for the wreckage.

  • They should bring out a sequel to the 2017 movie. A reboot just makes me worried that it will flop just like the other.

  • Jacob Sullivan says:

    I thought the 2017 reboot was good the only problem I had with it is that when they morphed they didn't call out their dinosaur names so if they plan on really rebooting it again do it right

  • Derrace Simmons says:

    They should get Tommy and the other original Power rangers in the movie to Train the new generation, that would be tight

  • I had no problem with the movie, I wasn’t a fan of the suites or the Zord designs but the overall story they had going on was very good and it definitely wasn’t a flop. At this point I’m more into the comic and the show now and waiting for more news about the movie

  • So no real journalistic evidence that there will be a reboot? This video basically says. “Hey that guy from stranger things who played the red ranger says he THINKS there might be a new movie with a new cast, here’s a history of the power rangers” pathetic click bait

  • They should make a movie bringing back the original team perhaps Aisha as the yellow ranger since Twi died. Jason can be the red ranger and lead again and Tommy can be the green ranger and save the day somehow. They should do something like this before more of them pass away.

  • To further add on. Rita was one dimensional, lack the truly evil witch feeling. Zordon a crabby as hell. Rangers acting on impulse and almost got killed. Minions or enemy soldiers look like stone golems or rock men. Only monster that rita conjured up was Goldar? Wait, Goldar was Rita's body guard. So all we get was Goldar as a monster. The Combining of the Zords was nerff and to add on no theme song was played while the zords were 9n route to the town. And this is the one that nearly made me mad. New Rita as said earlier was one dimensional? I take that back she was terrible. And when she said make my monster grow. She had no hump with it. Now feeling. So for the love of God. No, No, reboot.
    I just stick to the fan made live action that was better than this underwear stain, that came from Lord Zedds ass.

  • I hate when companies buy out other perfectly fine companies doing just well smh they just fuck everything up afterwards. Well lets see

  • rebelliouslegacy says:

    That’s bullshit! I was really hoping for a sequel to Power Rangers (2017). My favorite series with the Power Rangers will be the Mighty Morphin one. I am eager to see this new movie but at the same time I’m bummed that it’s not a sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers.

  • Ashby Saddler says:

    Why can't Power Rangers Reboot Re – Boot Go back to where it all began Rita was found on the Moon & Zordon finds the some of the Original Powers then sends them to meet the Newer other Power Rangers of the History of the show come together to destroy all of the Alliances of Villians in 1 Superstar Film

  • Thank God. I didn't have a problem with the cast, especially with Rita. But I didn't like the whole Power Ranger concept or the outfits. I would prefer something similar to the MMPR movie but something 2019ish.

  • shadow blackdelta says:

    I think old version is good compared to the new version. The problem is lack of style concept suits if you observed iron man suits concept its like army style or robocop old version suits they have vibe like a real hero compared this new group rangers is like a ordinary suits costume design etc.. can't attract people viewers..

  • Edward Jacobs says:

    Sucks we didn't get that sequel , I liked the 2017 version . Tommy Oliver is the best and only Ranger to span multiple series.

  • DaninhoSX Costa says:

    I think they should do the movie 25 years later. Tommy is older, and takes care of his nephew and niece (both twins). Billy is a billionaire of a advance tech company (tony stark of pr). He finally got both the white and green ranger powers to work but none of the original rangers can access their powers, because they were exposed to the morphing grid 2t years ago. Aliens try to take over earth, kidnapping some iconic rangers, (bring some old cast back). Group of aliens with the boss lead man go after tommy. Tommy goes i to zeo ranger red (zeo powers were never destroy) but he can only use them for short period of time. He tells his nephew and nieve to grab the morphers and morph. The happy, out going nephew gets the white power and the hot head cocky badass neice gets the green power.

  • Paolo Esguerra says:

    I think what "Might" happen is that since the Japanese Sentai Series Gokaiger (Megaforce in the US). They might adapt that concept of multiple cross overs, since Marvel is now dealing with the Multiverse. It's time to bring out the BIG Japanese Sentai Guns to the US big screen.

  • Christopher Marshall says:

    Ti be honest I couldnt even make it through the movie. It sucks. Not surprise that it being rebooted. They made zordon in the movie was selfish and basically tricking the rangers. The plot of zeo crystal in crispy cream was worst than in ivan oozed being in a construction site.

  • Let its go these toy companies need to get a clue! Dont market a darker themed movie or target milienials and then get mad bc toy sales are not where you want them to be instead of scrapping it-rebrand and make things we’ll buy like: shirts, swim trunks, keychains, phone cases, shaker bottles and etc. If you want toys sales to go up then market to children. STOP marketing to us and then getting mad about these toy sales and grow up! #Justice4YJ #JusticeforPowerRangers smh. And aside from the Ranger mix up and the mispronunciation of Trini the movie was great!

  • I don't want another reboot! I want all the Power Rangers to join forces again like what they do in the series. That would be a major nostalgia!

  • angelalunsford2005 says:

    I like the 2017 version. It wasn't what I experienced as a child, but it was different and entertaining. I was sad to hear that they weren't going to make a sequel. Hope that they wise up and choose to.

  • John Paul Gontor says:

    PRCU (Power Rangers Cinematic Universe)/Rangerverse:
    An Shared Universe of Movies based on Seasons from Power Rangers/Super Sentai and PR Comic Books from Boom Comics
    The Teams are:
    Mighty Morphing
    Lost Galaxy
    Time Force
    Wild Force
    Ninja Storm
    Dino Thunder
    S.P.D. (Space Partol Delta)
    Mystic Force
    Jungle Fury

  • Can't believe this was Chobot's last Nerdist News!! Wish she'd gotten a chance to say goodbye. Can't wait to see what she does next. And hope she takes Bizarre States (or some equivalent with her) with her. So many changes at Nerdist this year!

  • Literally all you need to do is make a movie with the same suits as the original…… That's all you have to do what is so hard

  • Croatoan EagleEye says:

    The 2017 film Deserved a Trilogy… Not to be offensive or anything but how many Transformer movies they got. Ppl just can't recognize real potential and talent . _ . The direction the film took was perfect and looked like it would have been better then Transformers tbh

  • Carissa shorty Shorty says:

    Man I thought the reboot version 2017 was amazing !! Sad that cast won’t be in this one but I’m open minded and very excited!!!

  • The Truth Hurts For Real says:

    To be honest the film was not all that and I'm a major pr fan growing up but it did not really have that pr essence like all the other movies and show had and it was definitely alot of different stuff that just did not fit like for instance Trini was gay she wasn't gay in the show or movie so why now like what the hell did they have to do that for like for just to have a gay character just to please this modern day society they could have kept that bullshit for real so yeah a real reboot please and stick to the original ways of the show.

  • Sad that this is Jessica's last video. I can't stand Amy, but I'm very happy that Maude seems to have stepped in to host.

  • when i seen there be a new power rangers movie and the clips is how they got there powers i was happy then disponted on how it sohow in the trailer is not how they got there powers and never smash any thing like a super hero or jump arond like spider man and it killed it for me

  • The power rangers movie from the 90s is my fav, like legit I think I know all the lines, that’s how much I’ve watched it… love it ?

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