The Power of Social Media Ft. DoktAURA!

The Power of Social Media Ft. DoktAURA!

What’s going on guys? We are here at Med School Insiders with me,
Dokt Aura and Dr. Kevin Jubbal with Jason. So, check his adventures out here in Manila. Next stop is in Saigon. Watch out guys, It’s going to be epic! For sure. What’s going on guys? Dr. Jubbal, Whoa! Hi five. You’ve only been to Makati and BGC. Yeah. Welcome to the real Manila. Is this the real Manila? The Manila Manila. Because Manila is like a collection of cities. We call it Metro Manila. Uh-huh. There is Manila City in Metro Manila. Yeah. And this is? The Manila City. Hospital of Manila. What happened to the H? Ah, it is Filipino version. I was just kidding. Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s a Filipino word. Ospital ng Maynila, so Hospital of Manila. Yeah, Ospital ng Maynila. If you can notice, police here are wearing
something like a Spanish guard. AURA got recognized on the streets. Because I studied here. Oh, they know you too for sure. They definitely do not know me. We’ll find out. She’s so intelligent. She’s so smart. She’s amazing. Yes. So, Aura what is this? It’s taho. Yeah, I need taho. [00:01:38] in describing taho, so it’s warm
and it’s made of soy and he puts sago pearls syrup on top that. So, actually the Chinese have this too? Oh, yeah, it’s basically tofu. Yeah. Yeah. What is this called again? Taho. T-A-H-O. T-A-H-O. Taho. It’s for you guys. Pleasure showing us around. You’re welcome. Are you going to get recognized again? [laughter] She got recognized. You just love this, don’t you? I’ve never hung out with such a celebrity
before. And the funniest thing has happened, Dokt Aura
has been recognized by so many people. I am surely hanging out with a celebrity here
in the Philippines. She’s being so kind. She’s like actually showing me and Jason around
the Philippines. Giving us like a tour which is super awesome. We were just grabbing lunch earlier and now
on this spontaneous adventure. Impromptu, yeah. So, thank you again Aura, this is awesome. My pleasure. So, now we’re walking up a wall of some sort. What what is this? Called Intramuros. It’s a walled city. It was a previous centre of government here
in the Philippines during the Spanish regime. This used to be a fort? Yes. So, this is part of like the fort? The defense structures? Yes. Okay. And it’s surrounded by – now, it’s been surrounded
by golf course. Oh, man. But before it’s been surrounded with canons. So, they used this awesome armory. It’s very interesting to see that there’s
this military defense structure and then you got golf course all around. Quite a juxtaposition. Obama stayed at this hotel. I’m sold. If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough
for me. Three floors. I’ll just take one floor though, I don’t need
three. And our adventure is coming to a close or
at least we’re splitting ways. So, thank you Aura. Thank you Noe for showing us around. So nice to meet you. This was so awesome. Meeting, hanging out with the true Filipino
celebrity. Yeah, wow! Thanks so much guys this was, this was awesome. Wow! This is gorgeous. Wow! So, that was – I was just telling Jason, that
was literally the highlight of my Philippine trip so far. So, thanks again Aura and Noe for a fantastic
time, for showing us around, had so much fun. So, now we’re here at the bay. Right close to the Great Mall of Asia and
the adventure continues. [Music] Alright, so, we are here, the Mall of Asia. One of the biggest malls in the Philippines. And one thing that is really cool, so Jason
and I we’re just talking about this as we are walking up here, social media has so much
more power than I think a lot of us initially realized. So, we went on this – like this was literally
the highlight of our trip, hanging out with Aura and Noe and them showing us around and
just like the friendship, the jokes, the experience was again, the highlight of the Philippines
for us. And we’re talking about how none of this would
have been possible without YouTube or Instagram or social media as a whole. It actually connects people from other sides
of the world. It’s really something cool. Really something I’m so grateful of. And I’m curious to see what other experiences
and adventures we go on on this trip. So, because we’re foreigners, obviously we’re
easier targets. So, we just got in a taxi from the Great Mall
of Asia to here, which like this fish market, which should be pretty cheap and he tried
charging essentially three times what it should be. So, lesson learned. Make sure that you see the driver start the
meter, because he didn’t the meter, he just tried to charge us a lot much higher rate. So, lesson learned. But now we’re here at the fish market, stoked
to try some of this fresh food. Should be good. That’s a big boy! Lobster eggs. So, they keep these mantis shrimp in a plastic
bottle because their claws are so powerful that they can actually break glass. So you actually order the live seafood here
as fresh as it comes and then you go on this other side to these restaurants, bring the
seafood and then they cook it fresh. You can tell you’re in a very touristy area
when a lot of people are saying, “Hey Sir Sir Sir, This way, this way.” they are all trying to get your attention. They are tying to get your business. So, we’re heading out of this area, probably
I should go and get food somewhere else. We’re trying to bargain to get a taxi back. And the first guy we get him down and then
another taxi pulls up and Jason is talking to the guy, and then the drivers start yelling
at each other to make sure we can’t bargain as effectively. So, We are walking a little bit further away
now. You know, we’ve realized that we are like,
we’re talking about like $1 or $2. So, let’s go with the first guy. Not the most effective bargainists. All right guys, that’s a wrap. We’re heading back to my Makati. Again, I want to give a shout out to Dokt. Aura and Og Millennial MD, they showed us
an awesome time here in Manila. So, make sure you’re following that both on
Instagram and on YouTube. I’ll have links down in the description below. If you guys want to follow along, we’re off
to Saigon next, follow me @KevinJubbalMD on Instagram. Thank you all so much for watching and I will
see you guys in that next one. And that’s a wrap guys, thank you tuning in. We are so happy. We spent our time with the one and only brother
Jubbal and… the one and only Dokt. Aura, and Noe, and Jason and my younger sister
Bea. The whole crew. This is a lot of fun. We appreciate what he’s doing in the community
with save our doctors. Yeah, it’s a different challenge that he is
up for it. Up for the challenge. We appreciate him doing this. That’s it. Thanks man. I appreciate that. [Music]


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