The Polarities Of Book Marketing

The Polarities Of Book Marketing

creatives I'm Johanna pen from the creative pen calm and today I'm talking about the polarities of book marketing now why is this important well I see a lot of Facebook posts and comments and articles and people always ask you know the number one question so how do I sell more books what is the magic bullet how how can I use just one thing to sell millions of books of course if there was a magic bullet we would all be using it but the point is that there is no single correct answer it's going to depend so much on your book your genre your personality type how your published the country or in the situation you're in there are so whether you have a budget there are so many polarities so as we go through this you'll see that you know is it this or this is it this or this and those different decisions you make each time are going to shape the type of marketing you do now of course I cover a lot of this in how to market a book which is quite a long book which tells you something marketing is not simple I mean it can be you should choose one thing but I try and give you a lot of options so let's go through some of the polarities that you might find along the way so first of all short-term versus long-term so doing something like a book bub promotion which is an email blast that goes out to readers on a list that is a short-term spike promotion most authors who do it find their books go up the charts and then they come off the other side that is a short-term promotion long-term promotion would be something like this YouTube channel for example or my audio podcast I've been podcasting and youtubing for nine years at this point as I record this now I've not made millions of dollars from my podcast or my youtube channel but the point is over time individual viewers listeners come in some of them might buy my books so long term market is there kind of the content marketing the brand building the helping people the convincing people almost one reader at the time that they might be interested in you another one is the focused approach versus the eclectic approach now I kind of wish I could be that focused person but I'm not my more of an eclectic person I don't like doing the same thing over and over again every day but we hear marvelous success stories and particularly with something like paid advertising Facebook as Amazon ads where people spend their time every single day focusing on that one marketing method and it really shifts a lot of books whereas I you know do a bit of that but I also like doing podcasting I go to events I do blog posts I do social media so you have to find what works for your personality can you just focus on one thing do the same thing every single day and become really focused and excellent one marketing activity in which case awesome do that or are you more eclectic where you want to try different things and see what you enjoy then there is income focused marketing versus brand building so this is really interesting for example when you're starting out you think that the number one thing that you should do is get on TV if I could just get on TV then I would sell millions of bucks and I could retire but actually most people who go on TV don't necessarily sell any books TV is one of those kind of scattergun approaches you know that yes there might be millions of people watching but how many of them are actually your target audience so I would say that TV is more about brand building it's about getting your name out there that you can then say as featured on the BBC or as featured on Sky News and I've been on the BBC and Sky News I've been on TV and didn't necessarily sell books for me that day but it can be parlayed into other things over time a version of income is that circling back to you the book club ads or like Amazon ads these if you're bidding properly and you're paying less than you're receiving they are going to make you direct money per ad so it's very measurable I guess you could also say measurable versus non measurable and brand-building type activity so those are you would do those for different reasons but if you're searching out TV interviews and doing PR and expecting income you may be disappointed whereas if you're doing ads and expecting fame you will also be disappointed so do you see that there's these these levers I guess that we can pull with our marketing another version is paid advertising versus free advertising which again is money or time so if you have a budget then sure dropping a couple of thousand dollars on a book club and Facebook ads Amazon ads whatever else you fancy doing you can do that and you can send your book up the charts and you will have spent money and not much time but if you don't have a budget if you have time and not money then you can do other things for example YouTube is it doesn't cost me anything to put videos on YouTube and some of you might even go and buy one of my books you never know the point is that doing something or podcasting again I've been podcasting a long time the podcasting is about building an audience slowly writing lots of books in a series and not necessarily paying for advertising that can be another way so you have to consider do you have a budget do you have more money than time or more time than money and you do need one of these things either put time and all money into things and yeah I mean it really will depend on your situation nonfiction authors for example people who might run their own business already will often prefer to pay someone else to do the marketing for them because they have the money and they don't have the time whereas many fiction authors will generally find that they have some time or they can make the time and they don't necessarily have a load of money to drop on marketing that novel so again will depend on your situation another example is standalone marketing versus series marketing and this can work for both fiction or nonfiction but is more common infection so a few years back I co-wrote written boards with the awesome horror writer Jay thorne and I love this but it's based on when I used to live in New Zealand and it's about Maori gods and yeah it's really fun dark fantasy but and this is a standalone and it's a very very hard to market this book because it's not in a series which means there's no promotion you can do on book one that will sell through to later books whereas end of days which is Brooke nine in my arcane series I market this book by marketing book one staying fire and the box set and I have lots of options for marketing this book because it's in a series and also I know if people discover end of days and they're interested in reading it and they may well go back and buy all the other books so it's worth investing in marketing a series rather than a standalone because you're far more likely to get your money back now I do have a full article on the all of these polarities and they go on for a long time so we're not going to cover them all in this video but I do have just a couple more things so exclusive versus white is another really common polarity now this is really for self-published authors because if you go exclusive with Amazon on KDP select then you have five three days per month you also get certain visibility in the store if you publish wide and you have to do other things for your marketing for example what I found works well with white is a permanently free first in series because Kobo iBooks Nook have the promotions for a free first in series also box sets sell really well on Kobo promotions and iBooks so those are some things that you do with KDP select versus white there were different promotional tactics for each one then of course I think a really interesting thing around personality is whether you do local Marketing and in-person marketing versus global marketing and online marketing so this is very interesting also will depend on where you live so I'm an introvert I get energy from being on my own I do I'm not a shy introvert I perfectly capable of having conversations I just like being on my own or not so I don't go to a lot of conventions I don't do a lot of out there in the world type stuff but that might suit you I know lots of authors who love doing events they are fairs every week they're at conventions they're doing in-person things and of course you can generally only do that in your physical location where you are physically I much prefer online marketing it suits me as an introvert because hey I'm here on my own right now but also I can put something out in the world and you can see it wherever you are in the world so going digital can mean you have more of an international reach but you can also do it from your own home so that again will very much depend on your personality do you want to be out there meeting people doing book signings doing events or would you rather be doing digital stuff where you can connect I mean like have kind of virtual eye contacts but you're doing it from your own home all right so those were some examples of the polarities of marketing and why it's important is really you know don't ask a question what is the number one thing I can do to sell more books because all those different things will come into your decision what suits you what your budget is where you are what your personality is like what your book is what genre you what you're writing in there are so many things that will impact what the best marketing option is for you but don't write anything off and of course I cover everything in-house and market of books that you can go and check that out also leave any questions or comments below the video and do subscribe because I will be back next week so happy writing and I'll see you next time


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  • I wish I would have heard of you before releasing by book. It sold a whopping 3 copies in 10 months and I had a website. I was too clueless about the marketing. Marketing is a skill that does not come easy to many people.

  • I love your YouTube channel and podcast, Joanna! I have learned so much from you. All summer I listened to your interviews as I took walks in beautiful Colorado. I actually gave you a shoutout in my latest video. If you want to check it out, here’s the link: Thanks for all you do! ❤️

  • DarkBlue Matter says:

    Marketing…I’ve heard you talk about Risen Gods a bunch of times and it keeps sounding really interesting. Finally, I was like, I’m going to buy that. So I just did. Good work! ???

  • Alison F. Haring says:

    Amazing content as always! I have How to market your book in ebook version but I'm thinking about buying the paperback because I feel I need to make annotations. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  • Great content as always, Joanna! I love watching your backlog and keeping up with your new episodes as I work towards finishing my first book. All the best.

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