The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

is diabetes an incurable disease type 2 diabetes should it get worse all the time as it usually does or is that a simply that is that the course were treating it totally wrong or not even treating it at all that’s what I’m going to talk about with my guests today I’m not dressing fit from diet doctor for Carmen I’m here with dr. Jason Tania neurologist from Canada welcome thanks very much so I just watched a presentation by you I thought was really fantastic um it was about how we treat diabetics today in a medical system and your nephrologist you meet you meet diabetics when they’re when they’ve had issues for a long time and they’re really sick right yeah so I treat people on dialysis that’s a lot of what I do and it’s very disheartening too because what happens is that when they develop their disease are so sick but the diabetes itself is actually quite reversible and that’s one of the things that I realized a short while ago and that’s what needs to be understood is that this is not a disease that needs to progress but we often tell people so that it’s a chronic progressive disease and that’s not simply me talking but if you go to the Diabetes Association’s whether it’s the American Diabetes Association or the diabetes Australia they all put out there that this is a chronic disease and they tell people essentially that you have diabetes you’ll have it for the rest of your life you might as well get used to it but the problem is that that’s simply not true and it’s actually pretty easy to to prove it because if somebody came up to me and said I’ve had diabetes told I had diabetes I watched my diet I lost 50 pounds I cut my carbs I cut my sugar and now they took me off of my medication I’m fine now that’s obviously true nobody would say oh you’re lying right so that patient who has lost the weight who has changed their diet has increased their exercise for instance their diabetes actually got better and the thing is that if that patient got better what happens to this idea that this is a chronic progressive disease well obviously it’s not true because anytime that happens every time it happened it means that the disease is actually reversible but you have to know how to reverse it if you don’t know how to reverse it then you’re just going to get worse and the thing is that the drugs don’t actually do anything for the disease and this is also not controversial because the thing is that type 2 diabetes is a disease of too much insulin resistance and that’s not controversy so everybody acknowledges that right so if you have very high insulin resistance it’s going to cause high blood sugar right but that’s the symptom of the disease the disease is actually too much insulin resistance so the treatments that we give are are all targeted at blood sugar right that doesn’t make any sense because it’s almost like to give an analogy if you have an infection if you have a leg infection well you need to treat that infection so what was causing it was bacteria you give antibiotics but that infection can give you a fever but that fever is not the disease if you start treating that fever as if it is the disease then that leg wound is going to Fester because you’re treating the symptoms of the disease and ignoring the disease but that’s what we’ve done with type 2 diabetes we’re treating the blood sugar but it’s not it it’s not a disease of the blood sugar it’s a disease of too much insulin resistance so what happens is that because we’re not treating the disease the disease tends to progress so if you look at what happens over a period of 10 years 15 years what happens is that you start off with one medication then you take two medications and three then you take insulin and more incident more insulin and after ten years you started with one medication now you’re on 100 units of insulin a day well you’re taking more medication to do the same job to keep that blood sugar the same that means your diabetes is worse even if your blood sugar is better your diabetes is worse than it’s ever been because you’ve never actually done anything about treating the insulin resistance so that patient who went and lost weight and exercise and cut out the carbs and cut out the sugars they actually reverse their insulin resistance and therefore their sugars came down which is far different than making your blood Sugar’s got to go down by force by medication and ignoring the actual disease so that’s the fundamental mistake that we’ve made over this last 20 30 40 years right we’ve treated the disease of type 2 diabetes which is too much insulin as if it was type 1 diabetes which is too little insulin so you got to understand that type 1 diabetes has too little insulin so that makes sense you should give them insulin type 2 diabetes is too much insulin you need to reduce their insulin but instead we’re giving more insulin to a disease state that has too much insulin well of course it’s crazy that’s crazy you had an analogy there as well that in your talk you’re saying it’s like it would be like treating an alcoholic whether exactly so if you have a disease such as alcoholism where is characterized by too much alcohol the very last thing you want to do is give more alcohol and that seems very obvious right but if you look in the short-term as you take away the alcohol they might get the shakes they might get delirium tremens if you give them alcohol they will feel better in the short term right but that doesn’t mean you’re going to make the alcoholism better right that’s the real problem it’s the alcoholism you can’t treat the short term thing at the expense of the long term what we’ve done is treat the short term we say wow your blood sugar is high let me get it down right but it’s like well what’s happening to the disease who cares what’s happening to the blood sugar what’s happening to the disease it continues to get worse so it’s just like that alcohol too much alcohol the disease is too much alcohol The Cure cannot be to give more alcohol right so to declare giving insulin to write comments touch two diabetics one it’s like giving out called alcohol exactly exactly so there’s too much it’s insane in fact it’s not simply that it’s not treating it it’s going to actually make it worse just like giving that alcohol you have a disease which is characterized by too much insulin you’re giving more insulin you’re not making it better you’re actually making it worse so the session gained weight and they will their insulin resistance will you just work exactly yeah and the funny part is that the patient’s all know this cuz this is what happens and I talk to a lot of patients and they say they go to their doctor they start insulin then they gain 15 pounds 20 pounds right which is we all know that happen that’s not a secret because insulin is what really drives weight gain so what happens is that they take the insulin they gain weight and they go back to the doctor and say doc what’s this you tell me I need to lose weight to get better then you go and give me a medication that makes me gain 20 pounds this is not good and the doctor always says something like well what are you going to do you need to take the insulin and go exercise right but the problem is that it was not the lack of exercise that made them gain weight it was the insulin that made them gain weight so you need to treat that you need to reduce it so what do you do what do you do if you’re a type 2 diabetic well the thing is that it’s a dietary disease right and if you’re a type 2 diabetic it’s a dietary disease it’s a disease of essentially too much sugar so if you understand that like that then the answer is to get that sugar out get it down so the first thing you need to do is cut out all the sugar cut out a lot of these refined carbohydrates which are just sugar so the brad’s in the past does right so they’re all chains of sugar that’s all carbohydrates are chains of sugar as you eat them they get broken down into sugar so if you have too much sugar if diabetes is essentially too much sugar you got to stop taking sugar otherwise you’re going to make it worse so that’s probably the first thing you can do more exercise try and burn it off and the other thing that you can do is try to do something more extreme such as fasting for instance you can a more extreme than a strict low-carb diet okay fasting tell me more about it so fasting is actually the most efficient and the most effective weight lower insulin there’s really no drug that does that there are actually two but they’re not very effective to lower insulin but if you understand that the disease is too much sugar too much insulin then you go to say well if it’s too much sugar too much is so let’s get rid of the sugar let’s get the insulin down how am I going to do that right so the thing about the sugar you can go on a very low carb diet a ketogenic diet and that will get your Sugar’s down but it doesn’t necessarily get your insulin down because the proteins and the fats still raisins then not to the same degree that carbohydrates do but they still raise insulin so you can get that sugar down but you won’t get that insulin down so you can actually put people on various periods of fasting because you’re not taking anything it’s it’s not simply low-carb it’s low protein and low fat right it’s nothing nothing at all so think about what’s going to happen here the body is not going to have anything coming in so what it’s going to happen is it’s going to start burning that sugar and that’s perfect that’s exactly what we want it to do it starts burning sugar burning sugar after burns the sugars and sugars come down you don’t have to take medications you don’t have to take insulin after that it starts burning fat that’s perfect that’s exactly what we want to do and there’s always two questions that come up when you talk about fasting one can I do it and the thing is have to understand is that literally billions of people around the world fast on a regular basis through their entire lives right so the Muslims the Hindus the Buddhists the Catholics almost every major religion in the world prescribes fasting not because it’s super harmful because it’s very beneficial and what they what happens during the fast is that your insulin levels go down perfect that’s exactly what we want but so what we’re doing is we’re burning off all that sugar and getting it out of the system right as opposed to just getting it out of the blood we’re actually get out of the entire body so the fasting does both things it lowers the insulin and it lowers the sugars the other thing that always comes up with fasting is is it harmful and this is what always comes up am I going to go into starvation mode and what’s interesting when you look at fasting is that studies of fasting show the exact opposite you don’t have less energy you have more energy so there are certain things that you activated when you’re fasting so growth hormone goes up for instance to preserve lean muscle then you’d start burning just fat adrenaline goes up to give you more energy and you’re fueling all that energy with fat because you can measure free fatty acids in the blood and they go up so what’s happening is that you’re burning fat you’re preserving your muscle and you’ve got plenty of energy perfect that is like the perfect treatment you


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  • Vernanda Lionel says:

    It is very true I like that video the medication make it worse God bless you also during bush medication that will help diabetic it’s your veggie or salad and exercise it will go away thank you God bless you

  • Thanks for being a intellectual honest, dr you are telling the truth , but I think it is not good for your profession, dieting fasting loosing weight is the best way for diabetics.

  • welcome to reality says:

    love how docs are so surprised & confused about how big pharma profit agenda affects their healthcare but dont call it out, or change their practice #IndoctrinatedDocs

  • My Doctor wants me to come in so they can start me on insulin. I'm type 2 diabetic. I can't get my blood sugar down under 200. It ranges from 205-340. I take trulicity injections. I sometimes take Metformin. I dont like to take Metformin.

  • Amran Noordin says:

    When on keto, it reminds me of the movie, "Six Sense". You see "dead" (and I don't mean in a derogative way) people around, and you try hard to convince them that they're "dead" but it is so hard to convince them of that.

  • Dr Jason, will eventually find the cure for type1 diabetes, like he found the receipts for type 2..
    Hopkins university just find out
    about " Hybrid immune cells" are attacking the insulin for type 1..
    I know Dr fung is for the science, he will figure what to do with type1,
    Not with medication but with the food..
    God bless you drfung, you are a blessing to humanity..

  • If carbohydrates causes diabetes then how come rice eating countries like China aren't totally riddled with diabetes?

  • But that's not true for all patients, my father was diagnosed with type2 diabetes at age 35,he was never overweight, his BMI now at age 60 is 22,he exercises every single day & eats only home cooked meals, no sugar, no junk.

  • Thank you , I well try it .Well that last .? If you ever do trials in UK please consider me ,I would love to do it ..if am steel live . Thank you ♥️???

  • Sylvia Capture says:

    I took Dr. Fung advice and he changed my life. I seen my primary care Dr and my blood results came back with great results. My a1c is 6.5 now, previously it was 7. My goal is under 6. I will post again in 3 months.

  • This man is tearing the pharmaceutical company apart limb by limb. He's also calling in question what we have been taught in medical schools.

  • Thiago Toledo says:

    The thing is… insulin resistance houses at least some more five diseases. The impact in Big Pharma revenues would be IMMENSE if people knew that. Insulin resistance causes: high blood pressure, high uric acid, high triglycerides, high blood sugar, chronic inflammation, some cancers, etc… so… treating blood sugar is VERY profitable and employs a lot of people.

  • Awake andreborn says:

    I rarely go to the doctor because every doctor I've gone to has only pushed pills on me. I don't have a problem diabetes that I know of but my family sure did. Most doctors I see as killers and drug dealers. I wish more doctors would seek to cure the disease instead of covering over or numbing a symptom. More and more people are waking up to what's going on in the medical field and there has to be a change because we have lost faith in doctors who make a ton of money off keeping people sick. We aren't Guinea pigs to practice on.

  • Excellent video! Doc would it be ok to make a request? I just found out im pre diabetic? I started changing foods walking 2mi day cutting carbs bread pasta processed foods insulin spike foods etc..
    Can u make a video or direct people like myself to a guide or data on food tips what kinda foods we can eat?

  • I get a little angry watching this while remembering friends and family who suffered through this reversible disease. All in order for the pharmaceutical industry to prosper.

  • Rajeev Ranganathan says:

    Simple but truly amazing. Contrary from what all doctors told me. Can anyone guide me as I am type 2 diabetic but quite Thin. So can i follow intermittent fasting

  • One thing that should be highlighted is that there are people who do not want to change the diet and think they can get away by simply popping pills or having insulin

  • He's talking about the keto diet. What is not saying anything about is the keto flu. You get that when you first start the diet. But just like the regular flu you just work through it

  • I fast in islamic month of ramadan that is no food or drink untill sun is in the sky and i am planning to fast every monday for rest of the year insallah

  • Dr Jason Fung has a couple books The complete guide to fasting and the obesity code. I was told and told about him and just a week ago started listening to him and ordered his book.
    Holy cow!!!!! Get the book, watch his videos, ignore the people that know everything and tell you you'll die if you don't eat 6 times a day!!!

  • I have PCOS and have been obese since puberty. PCOS causes one to be insulin resistant. I was on metformin before I was diabetic. By 50 I was on 7 diabetes medicines. I was told there was no cure only control. My hemoglobin A1c was a 12 with those 7 medications! Today I'm 56 years old take a zero medications and my hemoglobin A1c has been anywhere from 5.1 to 5.7 for the last 3 years. I would call that cured by anyone's standards! What did I do? I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. At first I only lost the 30 to 50% of my excess body fat like they say you will. I weigh 240 pounds a day of surgery and lost down to 190 lbs thank stay there for several years until I crept up to 205 lb in 2016. I went on a very strict diet New year's Eve 2016 ain't got down to my goal weight of 150 lb. I'm5'8" tall and postmenopausal. 150lbs is a good weight. Also considering I'm carrying about 20-25lbs of excess skin that could be removed in just one afternoon dropping me to 125 or so lbs. I got sick last fall and got down to 137lbs. I looked nearly anorexic. I look best about 145 lb. Below that my face begins to get way too skinny above 155 I get way too much fat on my stomach and my blood sugar's creep up a little. Visceral fat in the middle will make your blood sugar go up. if I ate the diet that the government says is the diet to eat for diabetes I would have been dead twenty years ago from diabetic related disease. I'm convinced the government diets are there to control population and not to make people healthier okay. That sounds like a big conspiracy theory but nobody can honestly believe that that food triangle is the best way to eat. Lots of healthy fats and proteins and very few carbohydrates have made me so much healthier and feel so much better. They used to say a fat greasy dude eats fat greasy food. If I eat fat-free foods I am far from fat free! He stripped the fat out of food you strip the flavor up and you got to put it back somehow so they pump it full of sugar and salt! Nuff said!

  • Bird of paradise ngo says:

    After fasting 40 hours before eating my blood sugar was 3.5 and 2 hours after a carb meal it was 10.5.So did it mean while fasting my insulin dropped too much and when I start eating the insulin could not cop with handling the sugar? So fasting made the blood sugar raised ?

  • Cleophus Edwards says:

    I thank God for Dr. Fung !!! I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Through intermittent fasting (OMAD) and exercise I lost 80lbs in 3 months with no meds. My doctor said I'm no longer a type 2 diabetic. At first he was against what I said I had learned from Dr. Fung, now he just looks in amazement and is very impressed. Thank you Dr. Fung !!!!

  • Mushabeer Banu says:

    My sister has eczema .But when she fasts during the month of Ramadan all her eczema clears up.And it comes back when she stops fasting .Its amazing how fasting cures ailments.

  • Frank Foo Shyh Shyong says:

    This man became a doctor to cure people. God bless you , Sir. I have successfully reversed my Type 2 diabetes and I now teaches people to manage and reversed type 2 diabetes for free. For free information on how to reverse type 2 diabetes email me at [email protected] Cheers and May god bless you.
    From Malaysia.

  • I finally got what I did and why I still have insulin resistant after almost one year on keto. I need to fast to lower insulin. I've taken off 44 lbs and lowered sugar but not insulin! Haha! Eureka!

  • okay, question how do you explain, my cousin she is( 110 pounds she barely eats she likes lemon and drinking lots of water how come here Sugar rises to 400 500 300? she also takes medicine and nothing helpes

  • KETO Uber LA says:

    sugar causes diabetes,… so stop eating sugar… problem solved,,,, eat high fat moderate protein… little to no carbs

  • Dark Rainbow says:

    This patient has developed an insensitivity to dopamine. We need to give them more dopamine!

    [ignores the cocaine use]

  • Carmela Camba says:

    3 years ago my annual physical exam result said that I'm on the edge of being diabetic, so I watch what I ate, dissolve a teaspoon of acv to a glass of water everyday and after a year later my ape result is not on the diabetic edge anymore but still high normal, two years later my blood sugar is still above 90, normal but I want to lower it down to below 90, so I'm starting IF and 24 hour fast once a week, let's see what will my next physical exam will tell me.

  • I have had it for many years. I’m 39, my father had it when he was 2 he’s insulin dependent. ? how do you stop the frequent urination I urinate every 2 hours in a 24 hour period, 12 times mostly at night I dnt sleep normal haven’t for many years. Anyone with any information that could help me?

  • Less fast carbs processed foods salt sugar fitness meditation too many carbs insulin spikes wellness health longevity

  • I will have to disagree with you in one thing doc muslims dont fast they just sleep during the day and eat tons of food at night. Trust me i gained 10 lbs this last ramadan

  • Who, what and how do we impose this on Insurance companies that makes the medical choices for individuals? Here is where part of the problem worsens..

  • Hasan's LifeCam says:

    Thank you so much,dr fung you are the only one who inspired me when I watched your video about high blood sugar and how to get it back to normal.
    I was diagnosed with 12.8 A1c,in less than six months I dropped it down to 5.6 without a single pill in my mouth (only the first 3 days then I stopped them.)
    Lost weight,watched the food I eat(healthyfood), no more sugary drinks ,no more fast food.
    Thank you so much again for your informative videos.

  • Most doctors don't do research. Most doctors are just people who spent a lot of money to repeat what they read in a book. They may be able to school me on anatomy and the names of drugs and diseases, but they don't necessarily know any more than the rest of us about health and nutrition.

    Dr Fung is one of the few that are well educated, and not over-educated.

  • As a Muslim we recommended by Prophet Muhammad to fast one day every week if we could ..also fast Ramadan (( complete month )) every year.

  • a lot of people are resistent to change, and keep in mind medical doctors make money writing prescriptions, and performing surgery, not in getting people to change their lifestyle. I remember 40 years ago, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (including hard liquor) was very commonplace. Think of the insanity that people not only smoked at their desk at work, but also on airplanes, trains (with children sitting right next to them), as well as many other public places. Many people would drink alcohol (including hard liquor) at lunch time during a work day, and often people went out after work getting drunk with coworkers, on a weekly basis. Also lot of people would drive drunk (including high school students), on a regular basis. If you confronted people who were 'buzzed', they would often become beligerent and insist they were 'fine'. Back then, people who didn't drink alcohol were considered 'odd'. Now where I live dozens and dozens have bars have closed in the past 25 years, and the few that are open, are empty most of the time.

  • Roosevelt Raines jr says:

    He's right I have diabetes for the last 15yrs I stop eating for about 4 days. I went from 300/ to 89. In to weeks . I did this years. Ago just to see will it work. On my own. No help from Dr.

  • Too much money is being made off of prescription drugs and surgical amputations. Naturally patients are never told the truth.

  • Julie Christophe says:

    Thanks so much for this I am sick of taking metformine and other diabetic drugs for type 2 diabetes I am ill on these drugs side effects

  • EmbracingElevation says:

    This Doctor it the TRUTH! A month 1/2 ago, it all clicked ?. I had heard some of these ideas before, but nevertheless (11 years dealing with this ) I was still listening to my so called "Doctor's" who literally crammed carbs and insulin into me and then they made it seem like it was all my fault that I wasn't losing weight or getting it under control. I'm about to cry writing this, it makes me so angry thinking about it. Type 2ers need to see the #'s that's what got me, how I had the ability to lower my blood sugar without meds and the number one thing for me was the Keto lifestyle and IF for the 1st time on any kind of diet I am almost NEVER hungry. Get the CONTOUR NEXT ONE meter download the App, It's all FREE! Request it at Ascension Diabetes Care best way to track. I ♡ my meter/app. I do not work for them, but I will.

  • BRE BlancoRaceEngineering says:

    I was never asked to test my insulin level.
    I’m gaining weight for the last 10 years. But my fasting blood sugar always about 98 but few months ago I check my fasting insulin leve and was 23. And my A1C was 5,6.
    Im not a doctor, but I’m Engineer. So I realized that if blood sugar is in the upper limit and the insulin is also in the upper limit = insulin resistance.
    I totally removed high glycemic carbohydrates form my diet (few backsliding meals in few months)
    Next month I’ll check my blood. Hope to see every marker mid way. :).

  • A Better Me 123 says:

    I lost 195lbs and my diabetes got better from 550 down to 110 for my normal blood sugar testing but still taking 1000mg of metformin. I don't know what to do. The medicine makes me sick.

  • I find it ironic that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes went to four different doctors they all prescribed Metformin and every single one of them doctor said they were on the same medication I have very very little faith in any modern doctors today we're treated like cattle going through a slaughterhouse

  • Devin Waggoner says:

    You can cut carbs and sugars. You can fast, but if you start eating carbs again the diabetes will come back. It is not cured. You can keep it at bay, but it is never truly reversed and cured. Just like the alcoholic who starts drinking again will find his alcoholism is only gone as long as he stays sober.

  • How do I stop blood glucose levels going below 2.8 if I fast? I'm currently a type 2 diabetic and taking 1000mg metformin twice a day and 80mg gliclazide n the morning and 40mg gliclazide in the night.

  • Chug-A-Lug Doug says:

    Diabetes is a huge money maker for the healthcare industry. T2 is caused by sugar which leads to the obesity. To reverse T2, remove the sugar, carbs and obesity. It isnt easy but it works. I simply tell myself, do you want to live or do you want to die. Make no mistake, T2 will kill you. People with T2 live an average of 10 years LESS than someone without diabetes. It is truly a disease of diet. If you continue to eat poison (sugar-carbs) it will eventually kill you.

  • Can anyone explain. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes 22 years ago. But then i had a 15 year honeymoon and now for past 7 years on insulin. So sick of it all. I have never had weight issues but put on 25 pounds over years – now following Dr Kungg’s advice. Can anyone say if I can come off insulin???????

  • I think it's amazing that the defense department is going to have the military eating Keto! At least one government arm is listening ?!

  • Blood sugar control through insulin also disincentivizes exercise because it causes a crash in blood sugars. Or a crutch to allow more consumption of sugar. I've seen people who are on insulin eat crazy stuff then say well that is what the insulin is for.


  • this man change my life i lost 70 pounds in 4 months and my a1c went from 9.5 to 5.3 and i do blood work every 3 months and all my numbers are perfect. ??

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