The Paley Center for Media – Collection of Television History

The Paley Center for Media – Collection of Television History

The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California was named after William S Paley who built CBS into one of the top three television networks, but when the Paley Center for Media opened on the 18th of March in 1996 it was originally named the Museum of Television and Radio. This occurred almost 20 years after William S Paley opened up the Museum for Broadcasting in 1976. But the first museum was not located in Beverly Hills. Where was the first museum located? That answer is coming up soon. [Title with music: Southern California by Riot] Hey, I’m Larry. Hey, I’m Tony. We came from Oklahoma to California to explore investigate and enjoy. If this is your first time here and you are interested in California traveling, and other California related stuff, then click that subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing. For anyone interested in entertainment history our in-depth knowledge about your favorite television shows The Paley Center has a rich treasure of knowledge. Not only is a Paley Center a beautiful place to visit but its website has an extensive collection of Television and radio history. For example, I looked up the Six Million Dollar Man which was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid. All right, the Six Million Dollar Man. Here’s an episode called Burning Bright that aired on April 12, 1974. And one of the guest stars was William Shatner. I’m gonna have to find this episode on YouTube and watch it. I did not know that Captain Kirk was in an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man. But whatever you’re interested in as far as television shows or radio you can go to the Paley Center and look it up on their collection database and pull up information about whatever it is that you’re interested in. Now, let’s look up Gilligan’s Island. In the results was not only a list of episodes but for each episode It provided information on the air date the cast and crew and also the commercials that play during the original broadcast. However, their website does contain much more than just historical information. There is also information about PaleyFest which takes place in March and PaleyLive. The Paley Center also has a channel on YouTube which has a collection of videos with interviews of casts and crews of the popular television shows. In the description below this video I have provide a list to the links of the Paley Center website and associated websites. So where was the first Museum of Broadcasting opened? Well, that answer is New York City. New York City! That’s right, New York City William S Paley opened up the Museum of Broadcasting in 1976 in New York City. Thank you for watching this video. If you found it helpful, enjoyable, or interesting please click that like button. If you didn’t find it helpful, or interesting, or just didn’t like it. Click that like button. I can use as many likes as I can get. Also, remember to click that subscribe button if you have not already subscribed. Thank you, and I will see you next time. Yeah, now that we’re done here at the Paley Center we’re going to go over there and get Sylvester Stallone’s autograph. Because he’s such a special person. And yeah. That’s how it be sometimes. You know how life goes. He played Rocky and Rambo. I don’t know any of those people.


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