49 thoughts on “The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle”

  • What would you propose to solve it? Giving problems without solutions is useless. Youtube cant possibly monitor every video that gets uploaded (if you were to watch every video uploaded to youtube in one day, the runtime would be longer than human history), nor should they as a platform (as opposed to a publisher)

  • Encrypted Codename says:

    My little sister watches those videos all the time, and I was always thinking about this… Sometimes the parents need a break, constant requests from toddlers are tiring and they don't know what else to do but turn on a video for them. Those videos are quick, free, and easy, so it's understandable why they turn them on. I just wish that it was easier to obtain normal educational videos for children.

  • joseph roszell says:

    Lady asking the question "is there a resistance to the robotic takeover?" Obviously wasn't paying attention 😾that's not what he was talking about. I'm fine with people worrying about a conqueror program but I hate how every conversation about robots and AI immediately turns into Aaaaaaaaah oh no machine thinking = death to humans. To me it's like old people not saying kids these days don't understand value it's like saying the teenagers are gonna eat me!! Why because they have teeth and stomachs so danger danger danger !! People who automatically jump to robo apocalypse ironically sound like the robot on lost in space "DANGER! HUMAN RACE DANGER!ROBOT CAN RECOGNIZE DANGER THEREFORE IT IS DANGEROUS THIS IS LOGICAL!"

  • Sandra Seals says:

    I can't stand these videos. I don't let my son watch them. They're crazy, especially the videos of cars backing over things. I only let him watch Netflix and actual shows. It is very rarely he watches youtube and then it's shows and not random videos.

  • "Im James, and I'm a writer and artist".
    In other words, he doesn't want a real career so he's gonna stand on TED stage and pretend he is someone.

    (yeah I know who he is. It's a joke you techfreaks.)

  • Why dislike.. are you stupid.. this is a wakeup call.. to all.. parents.. our children are the future of our nation..

  • Surface Girl Massive UT Fan says:

    im pround theres no just me who thinks YouTube Kids need to stop


  • Daniel Hedrick says:

    Parrents..You aren't supposed to be friends with your kids…sometimes you need to be the bad guy that says "no". The computer is not a baby sitter…nor the TV. Allowing that to happen is like putting a total stranger in charge of your kids with no supervision.

  • Amelia Goyden says:

    Search up pink fong. It has like almost all of these things and my little sister and her friend are addicted to watching the “potty song” over and over. It’s like there getting brainwashed!

  • Chocoboi Kweh says:

    Solution: Don't give your kid a damn tablet AT LEAST until they are primary school age if not older, if you do simply make a playlist of content that you yourself have watched and WATCH IT WITH YOUR CHILD. If they kick up a fuss that their friends have a tablet and they don't, discuss this issue with them but do not give in, that teaches them to follow trends without rationalising the consequences. Better yet, buy them DVD's or send them outside. The internet is no place for a child.

  • Sir Laughs a Lot says:

    So the bigger picture is……?
    No doubt, something that it takes a step back from the techno-thrall to actually see.
    I think the biggest danger is simply this:
    There is the real world. Reality. Natural law. The stuff we grow up learning how to adapt to. For good reason. The more adaptable we become, the better we are able to participate in the real world according to life's natural law. Actually, natural law doesn't really give a crap about life. Go ask a tornado, or cyclone, or earthquake sometime. Have a zesty discussion in a nest of rattlesnakes. Get in touch with the natural aging process. Etc.
    The unreal world, the world created for entertainment, fun and profit, the one that pickles itself in God complex fantasies – is not compatible with the real world at all, much as we might wish it was.

    We have been serving up crap for some time now, pretending it is a la swank. There exists a shelf life for the things that we forget that give sustainable meaning to human existence.

  • TwistedLight says:

    What I took from this video : I'm extremely grateful I only got access to the Internet after I was 14.
    Don't get me wrong, it still ruined me, just not in the "addicted to monstrous YT videos" sense.
    And if I ever have kids I'm not getting them a device for Internet for as long as I can.

  • I was only born in 2002 but I'm grateful I got my first actually working phone with 13 and not like others with 10 and that even though I was allowed to watch tv and use the internet I only did so to watch the series I enjoyed and my mom made me change the channel when she thought there was something I shouldn't be seeing

  • Jacquelin Powers says:

    This was amazing! We had to take away YouTube from our special needs son because he just doesn’t understand.

  • David Derifield says:

    He says these algorithms will end up flagging "queer" videos.

    1. Actually it'll flag the opposite.

    2. "Queer" is accepted as proper?

  • Marie's Wonderland says:

    I wish it was 2013 or any year before that. I miss old YouTube. I miss Fred and original Shane Dawson. I miss when Minecraft was new and wasn’t a meme. I honestly just miss my childhood 😂

  • Angus Thermopyle says:

    When my kid started watching these, I scratched my head as to why. Why would someone watch an adult open toys? Why would someone watch an adult play with toys? I came to the conclusion that's because they want to open toys. They want someone to play with them. So, i took the time and sat down and played toys. A grown man, playing with ponies and paw patrol. Guess what? She stopped watching them as much, and branched out to more musical videos.

  • Audrey and Remington says:

    2:17 The next time I catch some kid watching these videos, I'm unplugging their computer and screaming "You're on crack!".

  • the algorithm is doing its job, giving more watchtime and providing more revenue. the issue is unresponsible parents

  • Desmond's Corner says:

    me: doesn't notice who uploaded the video, clicks expecting a revisitting and review of videos i watched as a kid
    video: forcefully hits me with the same annoying, tired, worn out "technology is bad" attitude getting shoved down my throat literally anywhere and everywhere else
    kinda proves his point though, i was in no way interested in a video like this and still got recommended it, thumbs up for being well put together and well thought out even if i disagree with everything about it

  • ailsas stuff says:

    I walked into my sister's room and saw her watching one of those spiderman elsa type videos smh😒. I don't understand the point of them. She also watches videos of other people playing with those ugly lol dolls. Looking back compared to this stuff third and bird raised me well

  • Sushrey Srivastava says:

    No way there are millions of surprise egg videos. Thousands, maybe yes, millions, no way. This ballooning of figures…Finally, I find someone talking about this issue. My heart sinks watching my 3-year-old niece addicted to screen. Here you go, that is what unaccountability will do to you. Freedom of Speech cannot be synthetically manufactured.
    Okay, egg surprise videos, fine. But these finger ones and other nonsense are just malicious people behind the keyboard, to be honest. They need to be punished and banned from this platform.

  • Its not just irresponsible parents. Its tired parents, maybe working two jobs. Youtube advertises Youtube kids as safe for children. The problem is people are too trusting. You have to be a critical thinker.

  • Zig and TK Challenges and Gaming says:

    Not to be rude or anything your an idiot to think video games are the problem, it's these cartoons

    Video games like zelda and Mario or actually help kids with their puzzle skills and think of ways to beat the level

    Sure they may get addicted but that can be sorted out

    Fornite,nursery rhymes, peppy pig are the problem

    Not video games

  • Really when I was kid I used to watch just power rangers on Xetix and bob the builder 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄

  • Gabriel Anthony says:

    This ALL starts and ends with parenting. Parents do the right thing now so that the future generation can clean up the messes you (we) have created and or added to. Climate Change and Social Media both need a massive correction and it all starts and ends with what we are doing with our children right now.

  • Floridafanatic28 says:

    Or you could just grow up and be a parent and not allow your child to watch video after video of this stuff. Who cares if he/she throws a temper tantrum if you don't allow them to watch what they want? Adults should be making the call as to what is right for their kid, not the damn kid!

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