The Nightly Show – Panel – Donald Trump’s Abusive Relationship with the Media

The Nightly Show – Panel – Donald Trump’s Abusive Relationship with the Media

All right, welcome back.
I’m here with my panel. First up,Nightly Show
contributor Rory Albanese. (applause and cheering) AndNightly Showcontributor
Franchesca Ramsey. (applause and cheering) You can see him
in the spring premiere episode ofEmpire,
“Death Will Have Its Day,” on Wednesday, March 30
at 9:00 p.m. on Fox. Actor Jussie Smollett,
everybody. (applause and cheering) And for everyone at home,
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using the hashtag #Tonightly. Okay, so, we’ve been talking
about Trump this week. SMOLLETT:
Oh, damn. Oh! -And we’ve talked about him
every night. -SMOLLETT: Oh! Well, here’s the thing. Here’s
the thing I wanted to cover. So, the media’s been
extremely Trump heavy in their coverage
of this election. I mean, he’s gotten more
air time– this is true– than the entire
Democratic field and three times more attention
than Rubio and Cruz, okay. So, do we think Trump
is the creation of the media? Is he the creation of media,
or is he just exploiting it? Ooh, I think
he’s just exploiting it. -Hell, yeah.
-He’s good at it, though. I have to remind you that he had
a very mediocre television show -filled with…
-(laughter) -How dare you, Franchesca!
-(laughter) -Listen, it was full
of D-list celebrities. -Yeah. -And it was ratings gold…
-D list? -Um, Gary Busey. Hello!
-Oh, my God. ALBANESE: Um, hello.
National treasure Gary Busey. SMOLLETT: I think, though,
at the same time, though, what we have to realize
is that yes, he’s-he’s manipulating
the media, but the media is letting him
for ratings. Do you know what I’m saying?
I think that we can all agree with that.
You know what I’m saying? It’s just,
and we’ve come into… we’re in this world right now
where we’re… we’re stuck -with this reality-TV world,
-WILMORE: Yeah. but this is…
reality TV is fun, but not when we’re talking
about the presidency -of the United States
of America. -RAMSEY: Whoo! -(cheering, applause) -That’s
not what we’re talking about. But it’s funny
that you said that, ’cause here’s a quote
from Les Moonves– he’s the head of CBS now. He says– he’s talking
about the coverage of Trump. He says, “But, you know–
it may not be good for America, “but it’s damn goodfor CBS,
that’s all I got to say.”
He’s admitting
it’s a horrible thing!
So… are we… is the media…SMOLLETT: Yo, at least
the brother is admitting it. -Yes. -‘Cause all
the other people are like, “Aw, yeah…” Well,
they know that it’s the truth. It’s the truth. It’s horrible
to say, but it’s the truth. But I feel like the media’s,
like, in an abusive relationship -with Trump, you know what
I’m saying? -RAMSEY: No. -It’s all right, baby, I’m not
gonna… -No, because to say that they’re in an abusive
relationship with Trump would be to say
that they are being abused and they are not victims. The media’s not victims
and Trump is not a victim. So for that, they’re not
in an abusive relationship. But America is the victim! Wearethe victim.
Of course, of course. Or we’re going to be
if we continue to be like, Ah-ha-ha-ha, Trump,
ha-ha-ha-ha, Trump,” until we’re like,
“Holy (bleep), that’s Trump, and he’s in the freakin’
White House.” WILMORE: Well,
we’ve been saying that, right? Well, first of all,
let me just say this, ’cause I think through
some sort of media conglomerate, Les Moonves is our boss. I think what you said
is great, Les. Uh… -(laughter) -Good call,
Mr. Moonves, uh, good… Um, but I think… the thing
that’s odd to me about this is why we’re all so surp…
I’m surprised we’re so surprised that this is the guy. Like, our leaders are
a reflection of our society. This is our society. We prioritize fame,
we prioritize, like, capitalism, -greed, all the (bleep) Trump
stands for, -Mm-hmm. Right. and now we have him
coming to the… -Like, this is on us, do you
know what I’m saying? -Yeah. I agree, I agree with that,
I agree with that, but there are different types
of prioritizing of fame and wealth and things like that. Are we also a nation
that supposedly prioritizes racism and bigotry -and building walls… -RAMSEY:
That’s what built this country! So that’s really what
we’re talking about. -Know what I’m saying?
-No, I agree with you, but I’m saying, are we a nation
that supposedly does that? No. But historically speaking, are
we an extremely racist nation? -Yes. Yes, we are. -That’s what
we need to be talking about. ‘Cause to me,
it’s not about the money. Listen, politics is about money. At the end of the day,
that’s what their job is to do. Their job is to raise funds
for their campaign, which is absolute bull(bleep)
to begin with anyway. -(whooping, applause)
-But the point is… the point is,
the point is, though, is that their job
is to raise money. We’re talking
about more than money. There’s nothing wrong
with money. WILMORE:
You’re talking about candidates? Yeah. What’s wrong with that
is when money is then attached to… hate. And to me,
Trump is the mogul of hate. WILMORE: But here-here’s
the thing, Jussie. Trump isn’t raising money
and he’s not spending money. This is what I mean. The media is
his campaign partner in this. ALBANESE: Like, I agree–
the media is exploiting him. WILMORE: Well, I wouldn’t say
they’re exploiting him. No, I… no, I think
they are exploiting him, ’cause this… like,
we’re doing it right now. Like, this is
a money-making industry, talking about Trump–
we’re doing a show -Very true. Very true.
-about it right now, right? Yeah, but we were doing shows
before Trump was here, -we’ll do shows after Trump.
-But CNN was doing shows -before Trump, too.
I’m saying right now -Right. the way the media is run–
and it’s broken, the whole CNN, MSNBC system is the same on
the entertainment rating system. They just want ratings. So Trump is the way to get
ratings, so it makes sense that they’re gonna be
talking about him 24/7. No, I understand that,
but it’s not… I mean, it’s notthatclean, because
he’s running for president. -Right. -It’s not like he’s
just saying this crazy (bleep) in his living room,
and some cameras showed up– “You (bleep) got
to watch this (bleep). I mean, he’s saying
some crazy (bleep).” But, you know, it’s like,
“Who is this guy! “Thank-thank you, CNN! “I never would’ve known
about this guy. But I’m gonna vote for him
for president.” But I’ll give you… like,
I’ll give you an example. Like, you know, I was at
The Daily Show
for a long time, -when Bush became president.
-Right. Eight years of Bush
at a comedy show– but people were buying
summer houses on that guy. You know what I mean?
So, like, there’s a part of it that’s like, “All right,
eight years of Trump– like, I’m getting a jet ski.”
You know, like, it’s, like… See, we’re all… like, you
know, there is a feeding frenzy around the clown, and he is
the clown with tiny hands. -We know that, you know? But…
-WILMORE: We do know that. There’s a feeding frenzy. WILMORE: Do you think the media
plays favorites? -What are we talking about?
What, what? -Do-do you think the media plays favorites
outside of getting ratings, do you think they actually play
favorites in their coverage? Sure, I think they do,
and I think that that’s the… that’s the terrible thing
about the media, especially in this
day and age is that… I’m sorry, I’m an absolute
1,000% liberal. But I shouldn’t
even be looking at any network and looking at a journalist
and seeing that they’re obviously
liberal or conservative. I actually, as a journalist,
I should be looking at journalism and I should be
looking at news channels as only the truth,
because there’s-there’s always three sides to the story: there’s your side,
my side and the truth. If anything, news organizations
are supposed to be only reporting the truth
and the facts -andwe’resupposed
to make our decisions. -Yeah, it-it really does feel
like a reality show. -Yeah. -Yeah.
-I mean, the GOP is like an episode
ofThe Bachelorat this point. I… Ben Carson is the black
girl that never had a chance. Good-bye, I have to go.
Farewell. Honestly. And Donald Trump
is the unhinged drama queen who doesn’t even
like the bachelor and just wants screen time
and her own spinoff. -Wow. -(cheering, applause)
-And that’s why -they’re getting
so much attention. -So sad. It’s the exact same thing.


62 thoughts on “The Nightly Show – Panel – Donald Trump’s Abusive Relationship with the Media”

  • Honestly, if the politicians in power didn't make such slow progress I bet Trump's supporters wouldn't keep saying that he'll get things done. There's frustration that says the current government is too busy arguing with itself instead of making progress.


  • Abraham J Lincoln says:

    While you guys living good and trash talking about someone you don't know. Millions of people is losing jobs each year. I believe you guys don't give a rat ass about anyone but yourself. Live well my friend, while other is living in poverty .

  • Maybe you (as in comedy shows like colbert, trevor, seth myers, john oliver) should focus of making fun of the media and not trump himself. If you make fun of Trump then you're just a part of the problem you describe. In a perfect world making fun of trump would be a tool to defeat him but it's just adding to his gain.

  • Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Can't believe the freaking racist and hate bullshit everything they don't like is racist. God give us patience and love with this stupid libtards please!!!!!!!

  • Just a thought… I looked up Trump's net worth, which seems to be 4.5 billion. His dad loaned him a million to get started. If he started at age 19, that's 50 years of time for him to increase that fortune. A compound interest calculator online tells me that this means Trump increased his money by about 18.3% each year. A good Swiss bank account with a 1 million initial deposit can get, I think, 15% interest. Maybe a good investment firm can do better. Trump could literally have put that million in the bank, done nothing, and end up with roughly the same result. It wouldn't have paid for his lavish life style, but if he was sensible, he could have a similar life style along the way, doing nothing, just living off interest. And the US presidency is not meant to pay for that life style, anyway, is it?

    So everything Trump claims to bring (business savvy) could essentially be gotten by sticking money in the bank. So what is the point of Trump, fiscally speaking? If you agree with me and say "very little", then all you have left is someone without meaningful skills shouting about racism and violence and asking people to make him president based on that.

    Damn. I learned something today. Not something that happens every day, I tells ya…

  • Frederick Combs says:

    Why should we pigeon-hole the type of person that is to be President. Everything is subject to fashions of the day, including this show. No one person is 100% as bad as pundits like this say. I am happy to take insults from Trump if it can increase the chances for effective change in Washington. Obama's Christmas interview with Steve Inskeep on NPR was totally insulting to me. I am tired of having a President speak to me like an over worked college professor that has a monopoly and very little time to hear actual citizens or change anything for the better.

  • Throughout the past half year the media headlines were about: TRUMP says or does this, TRUMP appears on, TRUMP snubs media, Rubio criticizes TRUMP, a debate attacking TRUMP, a debate that TRUMP skips, TRUMP is racist, TRUMP is childish, protesters rally against TRUMP, a violent TRUMP supporter hits a protester, TRUMP reverses himself… and now the GOP wants to stop TRUMP…

    You do realize this is a man whose net worth is mostly only due to the appearance of his name, right? Every time you mention his name, he either gets richer, or gets free media. The reason he could get such attention for so little campaign spending is because the media allowed him a free ride. Were he the equivalent of say, Kasich, he would have had to spend well over a hundred million dollars (not counting superPACs) by now to get to this level. Of course, the media has never had such high ratings, so of course they will continue to man-milk him 24-7.

  • Man Jussie nailed it on that point about the kind of reporting journalists do these days. I feel the same frustration when I randomly tune into those networks. Right about now the only news I trust for the facts w/no bias is the stuff I watch on PBS -_-

  • I agree with Rory. It makes no sense this is surprising to people. He's the first REALITY star/celebrity to run for President. I truly think this would have happened to ANYONE in that field that ran that was already known to people. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jon Stewart. All of these guys COULD run for President and I at least think whoever did it first would do extremely well, the same way Trump is. Because we've never seen that before. Its such a funny concept that its like "yeah, why not vote for the celebrity. Let's actually see how far this goes." I don't know if people would accept it after the first time, but definitely that first time as we're seeing would be so new and tempting that I don't see why people would think it would go badly. So you've gotta admit one of two things, either that theory is correct or that its wrong and Trump simply a damn good politician. The first one makes him not seem like a genius and that its just a craze. The second means he's actually just plain what America wants, and thats much scarier.

  • Republicans are scary and ignorant! They consistently vote against their own best interests! It's unfortunate that the media gave Trump all the press he wanted, assuring him a place on the playing field without any personal cost to himself. Trump wants to bang his daughter! Trump supporters are imbeciles who aren't concerned about facts. Americans should be terrified of the prospect of a Trump presidency! He is a narcissistic megalomaniac with serious penis issues!

  • Such hypocrites. "The media is showing Donald Trump for ratings! But we are doing the exact same thing at this moment! But we are supposed to be comedy, so it is different!" Blablablablabla

  • Kevin McNamara says:

    That is some offensive bullshit…

    Gary Busey is totally a national treasure. He's a hero, a sex symbol, Even Nick Nolte's wife pictures Gary Busey's face when they make love.

  • I totally disagree, the same media that fearmongered the Iraq invasion ,is now propping up donald Trump. It should be obvious. They know the public is waking up at an alarming rate, so they are offering Donald to fan the flames of anger away from them and towards mexicans, Muslims,or any other group that fox has been hate-mongering for so long

  • mediocre? it had over 10 seasons, i can only imagine how many "good" shows youve seen that cant get ratings for half that….

    you can already tell this video is going to be filled with garbage

  • Alexis Williams says:

    You know you've picked good guests when you can just sit back and let them debate.

    Though I tend to ally most with Jussie's statements, each of them kept it real and made great points.

  • TheLastInferno says:

    I have never heard of Jussie Smollett but, he made an awesome first impression on me. He took the most objective stance, and tried to present all sides and the extremity of the situation.

  • Stop projecting Franchesca. Gary Busey (albeit a crazy motherfuckin wacko) has done more in his lifetime than you can ever hope to accomplish. You're the D list celebrity.

  • The Neo Normie says:

    Ah Ramsey being totally off subject with in 30 seconds well done maybe the nightly show should employ a female comedian or at least someone with a sense of humour cos she's terrible 0/10 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Marcella Respini says:

    wHERE ARE YOU LARRY? I miss you. I just saw a video with you interviewing six blacks for Trump. How is it possible? It just goes to show we can't generalize anything when it comes to race because just as many what is the word? dumb? brainwashed? Ignorant? what is it?

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