31 thoughts on “The Next Step to Win on Social Media”

  • Tech Unboxing Videos says:

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  • dapetdetective says:

    Been trying to follow this for a week or two now! More posting, contenting, interacting. Makes me feel like I have more of a purpose than just self PRing haha. Love it!

  • Natural Health Resources says:

    So great! Thanks for this Monday Motivation. Love the tips especially focusing on niche specific podcasts! Grateful! ???


    People are looking for the easy way to do things and don't want to hustle or pivot. Once you understand what marketing format works for you, you need to figure out how to continue to serve your audience.

  • Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing ????


    The next thing for social is the production value will match television, you have to try really hard to compete with that.

  • I would absolutely love to produce more content and I know that's the most powerful method for growth. The only problem is English is my 3rd language and it takes me a lot of time really to put out a video. I just started building my personal brand 2 months ago and I'm working on a lot of different projects right now, unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and I need to get at least some sleep. Do you have any suggestions? And btw I'm currently outsourcing everything that's possible to outsource but some things you need to do on your own… Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • "What is NEXT is doing the things that working right now – way MORE.. "

    I love that.. This man Gary Vee has inspired me so much with all his videos.. He is the reason that I'm producing content that i want and think would HELP others.. Stop by my channel if you wish or get motivated on insta (@beingpras)..??

  • Super interesting point Gary made about how these brands "want all of us.. think about how fuckin hard that is." To me it makes sense why brands invest so much into influencer marketing because people are more focused on celebrities more than anything else in the media.

  • Gary is like a pop star in the charts, belting out tunes that were once big hits but now sound repeated and tiresome. His constant drive to do more in places he is doing well ignores the fact he is fast becoming a caricature of himself and diluting his staus as a decent guy with solid business advice. Sales is a complicated and psychological game and it's becoming quite apparent his once authentic and hard-working ethos is starting to look a little contrived. He needs to take a leaf out of Casey Neistats book and disappear for a while, not for his sakes but for the sake of his audience…The last thing I hope is that he overexposes himself and starts being resented for this very thing, once on that slippery slope, things start to get ugly quick. Essentially, what I'm saying is he needs to let his audience breath and be more measured in his approach…

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