The Newsroom's Will Mcavoy - Why Americas not the best country in the world

The Newsroom's Will Mcavoy – Why Americas not the best country in the world


37 thoughts on “The Newsroom's Will Mcavoy – Why Americas not the best country in the world”

  • Michael de Angeles says:

    "You nonetheless are without a doubt a member of the worst period generation period ever period." hahaha, when someone became so arrogant about his/her status. But in fact he/she just inherited it.

  • MAGA ….. Trump was sent by god to save america and make it great again … Plus Trump is giving everyone a $4,000.00 Tax rebate !

  • "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", I think the whole world want's that America again. The one that turned pettiness and religion aside to accomplish marvels…

  • WertheimConsulting1 says:

    Owing to its sheer size (and certain other things), the USA has the very best and at the same time the very worst of everything.  You can take your pick. That's what freedom means.

  • America was never the greatest country in the world… it was founded for shit reasons by traitorous bastards. It was founded on slavery and bloodshed… and even now it is a shithole. Its never even been a good country. 

  • Jamie Warren says:

    Regardless of the facts in this clip, the people in general have been brainwashed into believing we as a nation are something better than we are. We simply let this happen as it allows life to continue as we know it. The bad news is the wealthy of this country as well as the world have taken advantage of this. We have lost our innovative ways and drive to move forward.

    It was almost like the show was created to make some people to think. It seems all to often though that people from one nation project opinions of a people as a nation rather than the real culprits for a nations outlook in the world. We cannot keep warring with nations or cultures when the typical reasons actually reside with the wealthy. One wealthy group wants to change or take another wealthy groups power. Lately, this has been the role of the US. Police the world aka the wealthy power struggles that victimize the poor.

  • Oh and the Nordic countries don't have an equally bloodstained history? You know who the Vikings were right?

  • Michael Huddleston says:

    The cold war was more of a threat to that generation then anything else since World War 2. A real threat that was managed by a series of Presidents that did not allow the U.S.S.R. to "cross a line". Everyone in the world except for USSR knew what was accepted and not accepted, and you didn't have the chaos that is in the world today. All because of a generation of informed and moral leaders. The problem is, my generation thinks they are the best, and they are immortal. Morals are no more.

  • You killed native Americans. Do I have to mention what you did to Africans? Greatest country in the world?
    -WTF from Finland

  • Uh, yeah. I'm gonna call BS. Not because I disagree with the thesis that we've lost our collective greatness – which we have – but because it's the generation represented by Jeff Daniels' character that lost it. They decided that they were the end of history because NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION was coming, and they sold their souls to win the Cold War and after it was won they didn't know what to do with themselves and didn't know how to coexist without an enemy.

  • He missed an apostrophe. Sue him. This was from the "primer" for the series. It was also the first scene of the "premier". But I get your point. lol

  • there you go america- now put your money where your mouth is.
    do you realize we have a problem?
    ok now solve it.

  • Bullshit! 178th in infant mortality? Where does that figure come from? Like most authoritarian propagandists, McAvoy doesn't bother with sources or standards of determination, he just strings together one assertion after another. And how about his bullshit version of the "good old days?" "We used to fight for moral reasons." Was the Mexican War therefore more moral than what we are doing now? He should really dig the Spanish-American War of 1898, since media twits like him incited that one.

  • In his rant he talks about infant mortality, ranking the US 178th. But those ranking don't have a standard for what qualifies as infant death. Most other countries don't count still births and births of premature infants under "infant mortality", while the US does. Basically, all the premies and no-chance infants aren't counted in other countries, but are in the US.

  • Holy crap, no one has disliked this yet!
    I'm canadian so maybe my opinion doesn't count, but i agree with this. Not sayng there aren't things wrong with my country either, but i agree with the video

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