18 thoughts on “The Newsroom – The NSA and the post 9/11 lack of privacy”

  • It's pretty clear what this was based on. See "News International Phone hacking scandal" which dealt a heavy blow to Rupert Murdoch's media empire. The parallels are that New of the World (a tabloid) was really hacking phones and deleting messages. Summarily, this tabloid was shut down in the same way Newsroom's TMI was shut down.

    The tie to an American company is the warrantless wiretapping thing has been going on since 2007, but media hasn't brought a lot of attention to it.

  • Zefferwindow says:

    Yeah, they were, so it would not have been Snowden who inspired the story. My point was that "late for dinner" is patterned on a real person the way that Ted Marcus (from the West Wing) was.

  • Yann Buccellato says:

    I need someone to explain this to me. They predicted the thing?
    On what facts the producer of "The newsroom" made the episode?
    I read that the episodes of first series were produced between 2011 and 2012, so how could they make it possible without Snowden's interview?

    please suggest me answers, help me to think about it.

  • Evidently many out there were in the know before Snowden ended up being the one to leak the info, the first one with enough courage to let everyone else know. Now, this premonitory scene is even more interesting for the reference it makes to the soviets and how they controlled the Russian people…

  • hotsauce3888 says:

    If anyone wants to look for illegal implementation of governmental power they need not look any further than the recent Boston bombing. Now I'm happy they caught the bastard, but the pursuit of a perp absolutely cannot be used as an excuse to implement martial law or a police state, because they did so without approval or acknowledgement.

  • Zefferwindow says:

    No, Sorkin didn't predict anything. He said himself that the plot was based on a true story, though he didn't go into detail. It may have in fact been Snowden who inspired it for all I know.

  • One point worthy of making is that it is also drowning the US Alphabet-agencies in information so chances are unless they have a reason(made-up or otherwise) you're a proverbial needle in a haystack, and besides they construct sociogram(think of it as a map of who you know, related to, work with etc) before they decide to illegally wiretap yo' ass.. I ain't saying Sorkin's wrong here, just that issue is hella complicated 😉

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