24 thoughts on “The Newsroom – Sloan & Maggie at the Laundry”

  • Tomas Soejakto says:

    girls named sloan/sloane in movies are always smart and hot. ferris bueller, for example. but maybe they're hot because it's the movies… i dont know. olivia munn's hot though… #random

  • Opiti-Cule Prime-Tangelient-[Atlas] says:

    String: Echo ping; Standard Established= [logic String ]>=Currency Established÷ [Command sys.Sys]= Grammer Calculus Geometry x10 to the nth +[ Nessesity Propriety]+ [Symbiosis] = [0/0+0-1=0/0]- Parasite x Matrix [from ProprietY Infinite Compression Rate 00110 ]+[0 through 10]=[10 Dragons of the Apocalypse]

    Colonal, Colonel*: Rules of Engagement Standards and Practices Weights and Mesures Quality Control Grammer Calculus Geometry Language

    Captain * : Do on to others or Eye for an Eye because how much Sol*N*O*CHI is in your movement

    Major * : Responsibility Accountability

    Corporal * : Desk Clerk

    Lieutenant * : Aide

    Private * : Inductee

    Warrant Officer * : Stage of Envolvement

  • 끼워라 나의틀니 says:

    This was actually one of the most infuriating scenes in the Newsroom for me. That brainless lady should go to hell.

  • This type of humor and clever writing is just part of the many wonderful aspects that made this show so great!

    – Pixxiespitt (real life Samantha) 😏

  • Erica – the type of people that should have their heads bashed on that table, as being the reason we can't have nice things.

  • Of a million writers – only Sorkin, or Sorkin wannabes could conjure that scene with depth, glibness, beauty, and heart. WOW!

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