The Newsroom Season 2: Thomas Sadoki Interview

The Newsroom Season 2: Thomas Sadoki Interview

we'll had a real show if you would have being a newscaster when you watch an m1 wow news night with Womack for Israel would i watch it yeah I think I would watch it I think that there's something really thrilling about the way he does the newscast I think that sort of unapologetic uncompromising fiercely intelligent lawyer you know having a lawyer there to adjudicate on behalf of the populace I think is really it's exciting going to be really cool to see yeah oh it's the best you know I've it's been you know a long career for me you know catching as catch can and sort of building this career in the theater and then coming out here and man any any day that you're working is a good day but to be working on the show that piece like this that's something you really believe in something it's really inspiring something that challenges you as an artist and in something where you as an artist get to challenge your audience that's a dream come true no that's never gonna happen unfortunately I know too many people who would never allow that I hope Don Keefer Don is the sort of oppositional voice in the newsroom he is he is he sees I think he has the same goal as McKenzie and will to to sort of deliver the news but he the way he wants to go about doing it is somewhat different and he's not afraid to sort of ask questions of these people forced them to really think through the reasons that they're doing things and how they're going about doing things you know there's a there's there's so many for our show I think that that opening monologue that Jeff has enough in the pilot episode is extraordinary we have you know the dealing with the gabby giffords episode you know the that's a key moment for my character well you know everyone sort of turns to dawn and asks you know what are we gonna do and he says you know that the doctors responsibility is to pronounce oh you know the the patient dead not the news and i think there are so many key moments and as the series goes on you know the episode five one they are dealing with the death of bin Laden and sort of getting to see how important that was for all of these people and getting to see that team operate in crisis but you know i think there were a couple of key moments for the character like i said there was a gabby giffords moment and then later on i think there was a there was a serious key moment when sloan comes to him and says you know the only reason I'm single is because you haven't asked me out that's you know it's a big change real – yeah it was beautiful yeah it was very very unique incredibly moving I remember getting that script and calling up Olivia and being like wow I did not see that coming and she was like neither did I it's so exciting you know and what a great way to go about doing it and it's so cool it's so like Sloan the connect character is so cool it's a little it's a fantasy TV show it's fictional we know it is it's it's aspirational you know it is it's sort of like hopeful in a perfect world this could be what it's all about but you know it's we know we're very well aware that we're a TV drama we're a workplace drama and that not every newsroom operates this way although we have been contacted by a number of journalists who work in cable news and they say you know it's shockingly close you know it may not be a hundred percent accurate but there are moments that an um where this is very very accurate so that's that's always nice to hear but


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