The Newsroom Season 2 Preview with New Characters

The Newsroom Season 2 Preview with New Characters

the newsroom is introducing some new players for season two and we've got your preview hey guys I'm Melana Scantlin for entv and has the details hbo's new drama the newsroom is about to get more intense with the addition of some new characters Marcia Gay Harden plays Rebecca Halliday a First Amendment lawyer who must keep people like ACN fearless anchor will McAvoy from putting his foot in his mouth not an easy task as we know 14 months ago you went on the air and called the Tea Party the American Taliban I did what happened that Oh what with Jim out on the road covering the Romney campaign we get a new right-hand man for Purdue cert mckinsey named Jerry dantana played by hamish linklater I'm gonna give you a story what kind of story the kind that makes careers and ends presidencies turns out she's not too fond of her new Jim replacements what will go quiet I tita must be a problem the panel's your program I'll have a word with them he's very good if he's James guys and speaking of Jim could there be a new romance in his future here's hoping after chasing after the spastic Maggie throughout the first season and ultimately losing her to dawn in the end it seems that he'll find a better match in the tough-talking Hallie Shea played by Meryl Streep's daughter Grace summer you've heard the only answer you're gonna hear learn how this works cuz you're driving the rest of us crazy and we love the constant Zimmer is joining the cast busting balls as Romney spokesperson Taylor Warren expect some fun verbal sparring between Zimmer's character and Jim I'll say Romney rocks if you give me 30 minutes with the candidate why do I keep asking what do you know the answer is gonna be known it's what I can say I kept asking I hate the press in ways you can't even comprehend kinda reminds us of her day is going toe-to-toe with Jeremy Piven on Entourage I need to talk to you you know Dana the only time I've ever enjoyed talking to you is when your mouth has been full he said nice and of course we have more returning cast members including awkward financial whiz Olivia Munn as Sloan tech savvy Dev Patel is Neil Sam Waterston is Boxxy and Charlie and Thomas Adachi and alison pill is that annoying messy office couple Don and Maggie season 2 of the newsroom premieres this sunday july fourteenth we'll have a recap of the premiere on monday so make sure to subscribe below for that video click here for some new season for casting scoop on Game of Thrones and find out which major players leaving community just cook right here I'm Melana Scantlin for more TV news log on and stay tuned to ENTV for all your entertainment news first


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