The Newsroom - SDCC 2019 Special Review

The Newsroom – SDCC 2019 Special Review

and now a quick message from our friends at sidekicks toys and collectibles welcome to the new episode of the newsroom Comic Con edition 2019 tons of stories Walking Dead arrowverse Top Gun it in so much more so what welcome back to newsroom I am Steve this is Steve Allah to my left all right whichever way we're watching whatever all right – what did your chat so let's get into talking about the comic-con let's talk about something that was a big surprise no one thought was gonna show and surprisingly one of the hits of comic-con was top done maverick Steve the also trailer one of the launched with Conan O'Brien introducing Tom Cruise on stage and Hall H to a roar of yeas increase Ennis yeah well first of all this has been a very big film coming out the casting in the production of it's been huge his enthusiasm behind it has been inspiring to sound cheesy he just sounds so passionate about it and then on top of that and I I'm not being hyperbole Steve it is easily one of the best trailers I have ever seen in my entire life I am members he does look old in one shot he looks very old when he's riding on the back with the girl behind him and this face is all the windows in his face he looks oh before once he was old and it is crazy I believe he is old I know every time it makes it a movie steams gonna start looking slightly older I hate to bury the bad news that people age but I think he looks fantastic the trailer itself had the perfect mixture of old stuff that we loved there's topless volleyball there singing in the piano bar and then more importantly they have some of the best footage of aircraft I have ever fhh – absolutely porcine including a high def camera of him being launched off of the deck of an aircraft carrier into a spiral and then of course it ends with an f-14 Tomcat which doesn't even fly anymore into the sunset so I think this is one of the best trailers I have ever seen in my entire life I would give you bumps after so many years oh it's insane it's so iconic at this point it's brilliant sorry oh I am from Monash let's do the 1 to 5 scale one to five now on top oh this is yeah five I'm sorry this is big time for me this is gonna be a huge family Crellin movie so I have a quick story for you now I know we have to keep this tight back went top gun came out on VHS a long time ago my mom and dad loved the film so much and they lived about an hour north of the Miramar base where this was pretty much filmed in San Diego they were pumped and my dad wanted to be in the Air Force to fly so badly it was crazy they purchased the VHS of this which was like $120 you remember that hundred bucks well anyway word started eating around the neighborhood that my parents owned a copy of Top Gun and people kept borrowing the VHS tape until my parents are getting a little this is a big investment for us so they stopped lending it out to people so it just shows you the top gun might be the most important Kremlin films because they spent $100 on that VHS tape probably back in what is it 1987 yeah yeah 88 so my parents are gonna be pretty effing pumped to go and see this so I just haven't at all for you know they could just not like what did it think thieve what if it is a bomb that would suck obviously big time if it did but I have to tell you when was the last time and don't say Jack Reacher that well hold on you know let me finish my sentence don't say Jack Reacher because I said one that he is not passionately behind he is passionately bhai man but he's not a part of the group Mission Impossible films get better and better every year because it's all this is just like that so I say about something it's a good movie usually that it's a good way of saying what I'm saying big I love that movie I freaking love that movie possibility Karen yes it's so funny don't have time for this let's move on winds will run from your wrongness let's talk about it chapter 2 trailer dropped version to version 2 it check it check another best trailer I've ever seen this was a brilliant trailer okay I'm trying to like it I'm trying to like it I watched it one more time since I watched it the first time it's it gets better the second time I watch it looks ok I just I don't know I maybe this is just not a movie for me could be they really it really could be and I was the one that was the most negative about the day that it came out and we had to keep sitting it because different people wanted to see it after the fourth viewing I was like I totally misjudged this everything about it correct and now to this day we still watch it at home and I'm loving and but more point like I told you before on my on the list of most anticipated fall films this is my number one because I still believe it is the best casting I have ever ever seen so I will see it even if the trailer was garbage I would see it for this cast a long hard core 5 hardcore 5 I had this is gonna be a fun fun year for movies and I am very excited I would say 2.75 okay really I just I don't know I mean I it looks beautiful I mean it looks well shot I mean I like most of the actors in this movie so I'm probably gonna like this more than the first one maybe but I mean Chris wants to see you so I'm gonna go see it it's not like I'm not gonna go see this movie so also they released the new poster for and it's one of my favorite movie posters ever I immediately ordered it off eBay that thinks that I looked at where it's coming from and it's coming from Hong Kong which means I won't get it until the movies out on it's just white and it's the red of Pennywise his eyes at the bottom with his face yeah it ends is what it says so it's a brilliant poster and great trailer it ends until they want to make another one without it let's get into the other horror announcement evilly you can take this one cuz you have a huge Halloween fan here time and I remember when I told you the news you asked me if it was overkill yeah and I completely disagree so they've announced that they are doing Laurie Strode it's called Halloween you have the titles Halloween returns or Halloween kills and then Halloween ends and they come out it's there's one next year and then there's one the year after that right they almost seem like they're filming them together so Thank You Aidan ever and they're doing two more films in the Laurie Strode Michael Myers series meaning that Michael obviously did die at the end of the new Michael Mayer exactly which is the one thing that does bother me about sequels like this is that the killer never dies you know that good the second one either it's not gonna die in the third one they're gonna keep on doing it and doing it and the only one so pulling on this topic it is indirectly my fourth one and me think it would be the fourth one or the 15th however you want to read it to it that's where you're gonna be but yeah you are correct so this would be the it's called Halloween ends is the last now I again take that with a grain of salt if it's successful they're gonna keep pumping these things out but the good news is is the team that made the last one which I was solely throw it against and then ended up just loving they're the ones that are back doing the next year's the same I mean you watch sit here a bunch of times after buying it I am a big well you know what sadly see if this is one of those ones but you know you're gonna see a sequel to it you're you know it perfectly well Steve if you're gonna talk about pretty Denny's h2o was the perfect ending to all I mean it was the perfect film and they have to keep cook so just go into it knowing that this ever alright it makes it an easier pill why can't I stop I agree I'm sick of the reboots and all of this other nonsense in sequels but I agree with you obviously that being said I am looking forward to this because I do like the last one so much and if it's gonna keep going let it keep going with some of the characters that I love Jamie Lee will not be rebooting this again in 20 years I guarantee it so this is gonna be the last time see Jonesy you're gonna eat if he's gonna be around that long and she's I love her so so this is the five for you for both of these this is compared to the other ones before there's one step down not in a bad way just more like I'm more excited for those other ones and I knew that this was coming and if I didn't find out that was by the same writers and directors that would have been probably a three I'd be like yeah cool you know great I'd be more like two point five for me for both of these okay I mean we're not that far off things that won't die Steve good segue for this one Walking Dead the movie the Rick Grimes movie only to be in theaters not gonna be an AMC direct like we all thought in the beginning The Walking Dead these zombies won't die in either world series fear although Michonne is leaving that's it that was just nuts as well so do you if it's a Rick Grimes Walking Dead movie will you go no I will not go I wouldn't go if it's a new store I wouldn't go up it's a Rick Grimes I don't care this is the show to me that has gone so over its welcome they didn't learn anything from lost at all they just did not learn and that depresses me because that just shows that you know they keep making money they're gonna keep pumping it out you're not gonna the creative Walking Dead knows how to end it he he just ended it saying anything to anybody okay this is the end they wanted and that's how it's gonna end so what can happen exactly I'd rather have an unpopular last season like Game of Thrones and end it I'm sick of it it's done it's so done also there is a massive oversupply over saturation of zombie stuff I think oh we forgot I think that the only one that's going to come through two clutches ovulate see because that's that's just a comedy okay so the one that came out of cahoots with Bill Murray not a driver was good it's just people are done with zombies and zombie comedy the only one that's gonna work a zombie land too because everyone loves those characters and the first one is such a hit other than that I don't want to see zombies again at all I mean we even saw a peak of Zack Snyder's dawn of the world of the Dead and I think that's even done I'm like I know he did a good job with Dawn of the Dead on there he did a very good job I freaking love them you did a fantastic job on that written by James Gunn yeah but I'm just done it's no one cares anymore you gotta move on dude it's just stop do people care about James phone Bobby Moore's team to that trailer dropped to reboot I Steve I thought I was like the worst trailer okay I'm glad you can't flick back you don't you see everybody I really Steve feel I know that this is your baby right I just hold the burnout on it to burn it out I just get that I like it I like to place at the beginning of the red bait Raiders called cock smokers it's just stupid that big said stupid humor I can absolutely do it and I do it I can see that and sing the tusk kid wasn't just a long a minute no I just tell you what's going to annoy me is the fact that this movie is built 100% around cameos including his daughter I'm like okay okay all these people love you it's it's as a dissection of reboot with it being a reboot of a reboot I mean if it's almost kind of brilliant in his way but it's also gonna be really dumb funny and I will see it and take it I'm at a three or a two on this after seeing the trailer but I might just not be giving it the benefit of the doubt I do what else would I want for a geophone Bob movie yeah and they have the guy who said lovely tea party that the first one so I'm down for that one Dietrich Dietrich obvious last name but he's funny all right I was getting the TV real quick Steve let's go with Watchmen first Steve you did a deep dive on this so I did I will give you a very Cliff Notes version of the deep dive here since I don't want to show to the low watchman is the TV it's a novel a graphic novel that was then done in 2009 by Zack Snyder according to Abby which people said was unmei Keable because of the visuals and just how to do it and it is a brilliant brilliant film even at three hours long it is fantastic I've seen this movie maybe 150 times it's so freakin good I love all characters I love the graphic novel I've read it maybe four times and I know the difference is between the film and the graphic novel blah blah blah so seeing this trailer it is now watching the HBO series and there's a big red flag that you should have already it's being written by Damon Lindelof David Lindelof Damon Lindelof is my arch-nemesis in the world of entertainment they've been Lindelof is the idiot behind loss not JJ but wind Allah who wrote an endless story that couldn't end and kept going and going and lying to people saying if they had an idea in mind and whatever Damon Lindelof is also involved in a whole bunch of other shit projects and I want you all to know do your research on Damon Lindelof know that this isn't me just being neat jerk Steve he is awful that's so many things he doesn't mind anything his great vision and a great idea but no way to end it and that makes for a disappointing project so anyway we're getting an HBO series high dollar HBO series about the Watchmen and there was a teaser trailer on about a month ago and at Comic Con they released the full teaser trailer the full trailer so watching it in detail I wanted to make sure everyone knows this is a mixture of what they quoted on the writers quoted was they're not rebooting or making a sequel to the graphic novel because that can't be touched what they're doing is a remix and that makes me physically nauseous because you can't say you're not going to reboot it or sequel eyes you're gonna ream that's a hack move and that's a damon lindelof to the definition which means they're taking an idea and they're changing it up but using the recognizable characters and all this other stuff once again that's their quote here's where it gets a little more palpable watch the trailer the trailer it looks beautiful it has it is a sequel to the graphic novel I agree so big-time I you know what I would say that I'd be a five I'm gonna go back to your two because I think the damon lindelof is just absolutely the worst person in entertainment I don't know how he keeps getting jobs knowing that it's not going to finish out a project especially a job on TV Damon Lindelof you would think could write a film which has a beginning a middle and an end he still can't do that the last thing you can do is a TV show which who couldn't very guilty nude for another season and another season and another season you should have learned this lesson HBO obviously didn't that being said I will watch it because I look the Washington characters that story and it looks pretty so it's a three feeling yeah I mean I could say yeah whatever half of my enthusiasm and you have to take off because also it's either a two or three I'm a solid 3.5 I don't hate Lindelof as much do you do but I never watched most officials anyway so because all the negative I hear from the bad ending so we'll see I definitely watch it Kyle of the climate kind of loved the movie so alright let's go into all-access Steve let's talk about hard Star Trek trailer dropped with a Patrick Stewart on stage on this one is this an Amazon project cuz when you watch the trailer says it is UK if coming out in the UK in Amazon it CBS all access that sucks okay so I mean listen wait till the whole season airs and pay five bucks a month and watch it paycheck and then well that's what I did wait Twilight Zone there's nothing else out there to really keep me involved I tried your other Star Trek and I don't care as much okay what's the first episode and I'm just like I don't need a wonderfully space 9 how many times have to tell you more than once I gave you a soda water anyway we have data in this we have nut date data must be for from the from the last movie but data in seven of nine which is brilliant in the Borg are back I mean I don't know who the girl is you said you might have an idea I don't know who it is do you mean a young girl yes no that's not the one I was talking about that I was talking about the one that we both discussed yes excited super excited now more so than ever because I was worried this is how much a little faith I have in Damon Lindelof I know everything about Watchmen I love it all and I'm at a 2 or a 3 rating on this I actively don't know much about Star Trek I am NOT a fan of the ones I've tried to sit through and this is like a four because the trailer is so beautiful this looks like a high dollar JJ Abrams film set on TV with characters that are recognizable it is fantastic also he is so great I love this paper bag he's so good it's so freakin good and if you wanted an example of hope videos just go see grey merle i shows how absolutely fantastic he is go from green room and then to Logan and just see the range that he watches extras episode which is totally funny so ok never seen the episode with a minute I have not oh my god go google it the Google hippie okay it is funny let's move on I'm gonna fight for this you ever I'm gonna fall for perfect one last thing we have to talk about the arrow verse real quick because this is nuts what they are doing so Steve I'm gonna pat myself on the back a little bit here because I call this first years ago like beginning of the newsroom before you even on this show but it was Jeff why Shawn and Roy I gotta go this was I'm paying myself in the back I said the arrowverse can build and do these crazy things and maybe they will do like a crisis event and bring everybody in and just make it one universe in in you know meld everything together Thanks and this is what sounds like they're doing so on the crossover this year that's the last season of arrow his last episodes are gonna be part of this crossover 5 episode crossover I mean so far we have Brandon Roth he's unleashing not as I'm the atom but he's gonna be doing Superman again we have Burt Ward coming back playing Robin we have now that Stephen Amell has said he's playing different versions of the arrow character from different earths I said Steve what did they get Michael what are they getting old Michael Keaton as an old Batman whatever all these different what if all these different versions of these actors what did they get Val Kilmer to come back at spammy of anybody where did he get all these people to come back he was a Batman we can't we can't forget get Clooney we can't afford you you can't get the best Batman Adam West anymore but I mean this is gonna be one of the biggest crossovers on in TV history in my mind yeah and it'll be one where I stop watching this show awhile ago and it'll be one that I I park my ass in the seat and enjoy because I think it's gonna be that much different versions of supergirls gonna have Super Bowl a lot of Superman in it I mean this is just crazy to me that they're actually doing that we've got to do this type of thing together yeah III can't imagine I mean when you send me the story I was very limited on cell phone signal yeah so I got the Glee it took me a while to open it but when you saw that Burt Ward was coming back I got the chills in general just because that's such an iconic thing too – it is huge but also just knowing the direction that they're going to fantastic we'll be in the in the in the reverse for real not on earth-2 whatever and all these things can be combined and it's gonna be brilliant and I'm gonna love it and I'm gonna prove them right again just about everything because that's what you do I'm always right Steve follow us on Instagram like us on the YouTube subscribe comment below let us know what you think give us ideas for other roundtables for news room or even for mouth cast if you walk both and I say if you're watching if you're watching this morning you haven't seen the Marvel show go watch the other one it's on there at the exact same post I'm posting them together on the rest channel so that you can watch both so washbowl like them share them and enjoy your game there you go stop the presses we're done


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