21 thoughts on “The Newsroom S01E08 God wants me to”

  • 0:44 Because its a stupid fuckimg question that would easily be side stepped, make a mockery of the debate and make it lose all credibility

  • Jonathan Mcculley says:

    Can we just not vote for anyone who says they are being told to run for office by their imaginary friend?

  • pekau prometheus says:

    How did I not think of this? She raises a very strong point. I mean, fuck politics. If she speaks on behalf of a living God… fuck it. I'm joining the winning side.

  • Not its only function, it is to also prevent religion from interfering in governing SOLELY on grounds of religious beliefs.

    Hence it says shall make no laws respecting or prohibit the exercise thereof.

    Basically it means government cannot interfere with religious practice as long as it is within rules of law (such as no human sacrifice) It also means religions cannot exert its influence based any particular religious beliefs.

    Whether opinions will affect governing is a more complex issue.

  • Scott McCullough says:

    homeless seem more likely from a biblical stand point. Gods prophets where largely homeless and poor, married to prostitutes and lived very uncomfortable and short lives. With the exception of the prostitutes candidates have little in common.

  • How many decisions from the Tea Party dominated Science committee have the voters been involved in? That's just one example.

  • It doesn't matter if there are laws that compelled a person to follow a certain religion when NON Religious people have no say in matters of national policy.

  • autism grows says:

    Separation of church and state has to do with actions not opinions. Its only function was to ensure the government could not make any law that compelled a person to follow a national religion.

  • Ginger Elaine Frodsham says:

    Conscience is sometimes referred to as having a voice or speaking to someone, but that is figurative speech. According to Merriam-Webster online, conscience is the sense of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one's own conduct, intentions, or character. Representative Bachman (or those arguing for her) could say the same is true when God speaks to someone, but "I *have a sense that God wants* me to run for president," and, "God *told* me to run for president," are not the same.

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