24 thoughts on “The Newsroom S01 E04 | Spreading Lies”

  • Does the warning label suggestion cover BOTH major parties or just republicans?
    If it does cover BOTH I'm all for it. If not then it's just predjudice on one side to different in form and function than racism or sexism etc.

  • Aatreyee Bhattacharya says:

    The article probably mixed up dollar and rupees. In 2010, price of dollar in rupees was 44.
    So then, 200 million rupees is actually around 5 million dollars.

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz says:

    Well, it's not like Sorkin didn't warn you guys where all of this was going…. but america would be america if it didn't answered "you know what? fuck it, we're going there full throttle!"

  • The fiasco happened because the actual sentence was stated in Marathi (State language of Maharashtra) and some reporter either interpreted or translated it wrong!

  • "Four …. uh, forty airplanes" you literally see rush limbaugh staring into the camera as he thinks "mmm four's not enough. four sounds reasonable. go big or go home, you beautiful train wreck of a human being"

  • The irony here is that this fictitious TV News show resembles reality far more today, than when it was made. This is SAD!

  • Man…it's like Aaron Sorkin just fucking knew about the lack of fact checking and calling out on obvious bullshit YEARS before it was necessary to pull apart. Can you imagine a posthumous 3rd season set during the first year of Trump? Will would probably have a stroke and Mac would probably kill herself over the constant need to point out the "I said a thing" "Why did you say the thing?" "I didn't say the thing, FAAAAAAAAKE NEWWWWWWSSSSS" conversation we're having today?

  • Haha this is nothing new. They've been doing it for years but with today's technology and the age of social media their lies spread faster than ever and reach a much bigger audience. To the point where it's become hard to distinguish truth from lies anymore. Professional liars are paid millions to lie and the lazy populace just eat up all the lies like ice cream. The average American actually idolizes those professional liars and licks the ground that these bastards walk on. There's no way in hell they'll ever be treated like sex offenders. People like rush limbaugh are gods on earth worshipped by millions of zombies.

  • TheCandyVanCan says:

    I love how even if the "2 billion for 10 days" figure was accurate, the US would still be pulling 8 billion in profits from the talks. What does it take to please you, Republicans?!?!?!

  • Rachid Boukaissi says:

    how comes an Australian ,comes to the US buys a citizenship than turns against immigrants ? And manipulate, lies and encourage violence through his fucking fox news to the millions of people!!

  • And they could do an even longer clip or multiple episodes on CNN and their bias. Fox may have gotten some things wrong, but that's not intentionally lying necessarily. Oh and Fox at least doesn't charge their headlines to make the President look bad.

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