24 thoughts on “The Newsroom – Opening Credits – Season 1 and 2 Comparison”

  • sean connathon says:

    It's not even funny how much better season one's opening was… i don't care how "bad" people thought this show was… IMO, it was so bad, that it was good!

  • I would bet my life that anyone who loved "The Newsroom" are NOT Trump supporters. I miss honesty and integrity, I miss the truth, and I wonder if our country will ever get it back in my lifetime.

  • Barry thank you. I have been in broadcasting, film and Television since 1983. I totally agree abouth the 2 different opening sequences. And when people ask is The Newsroom realistic? I always answered its the closest your going to get to the real thing. Barry thank you for you insightful comments and your service to Broadacsting.

  • Season 1 has richer orchestration and feels more sentimental, which goes well with the nostalgic images of the history of tv news in the intro. Season 2 has greater intensity and sacrifices some of the richness for that. I'm partial to the first season because it sounds amazing on a good sound system but otherwise, either way it's a very sweetly melodic piece of music.

  • I like both; I think I lean more towards Season 2s version since I heard that the most. One of the few tv show intros I didnt fast forward through because the music is so good!

  • frozzybluday12 says:

    It's a tough call. I like the nostalgia of the first and the more urgent second season. Thomas Newman is my favourite film/TV composer.

  • Sheryle Lyman says:

    Okay, I'm just reading this thread 2.5 YEARS after it was written, but with all due respect, I will still take a moment to reason in on why the changes were made to the opener.  The Season 1 start was lyrical, lovely, and lush.  A haunting melody, framing a visual recap of the finest moments of 50s journalism – a (very 50s) animated image of (?) Sputnik circling the earth toward a new dawn, Edward R Murrow, Cronkite (in his definitive moment announcing the assassination of JFK), and Chet Huntley, one of the most respected and loved men in the field. This is where the crew at ACN was coming from – this was the roots of those who were called together to begin their quest for authenticity.  The Season 2 opener began to tell THEIR story – the super-human pace of our world, that tachycardic beat that drives our cities and our lives. The crazy pace that drove Charlie and Will and Mac in every episode until – ever so slowly – it slows with a deep sigh – to resolution.  They had found, at the end of Season 3, their authority and expertise – and authenticity – in a place in which they had previously only hoped to survive.   I freaking LOVED both openers.  The change wasn't about anything needing to be improved, it was about telling us the story.  Thanks, Newsroom.  I soooo miss you!

  • They changed it because the original opening contained a minute of vintage behind the scenes footage and images. And then marginally shoved the actors names in like an afterthought. And because it was too goddamn long.

  • I really love when they show the cast faces at season 1 opening, so I think season 1 is the best! 🙂 But season 2 is good too! :)

  • Johnnie Murdock says:

    for me, the 1st season's version when it comes to both the actual music itself, and the actual intro are both better than the 2nd season's. the music just sounds way better and more whole, the intro montage was also better in my opinion as well.

  • I seem to be alone, but I like the comparatively spare second version. I don't need to see actor's name and the actor's face in the opening; go too far and you end up like the "90's game of throne intro" or whatever it's called.

  • I completely agree.  Twenty-four hour cable news owes everything to the pioneers who worked in the 1950s – when there were 3 networks not 300 and the process of getting a live show on the air was as complicated as it was exciting.  The two opens are a great metaphors for then and now; then it was about the efforts of people inventing the vocabulary of a new medium, and now it is about the endless remixing of the same pictures for endless little pieces of gear.

  • The 2nd version just doesn't do it for me. With the original, I'm taken into a different place and imagine NYC and beautiful weather. Season 2 sounds boring and the way they show the names without the actors faces is too plain.

  • Barry Shanley says:

    As a retired television anchorman of 30 years I loved the first season open because it reminded America of the people who introduced television news with the highest standards of journalism.  And while the script of The Newsroom is right on and important it also reflects the modern state of journalism…which is opinion over objectivity…  The open for the second season completely loses the important reminder of what news out to be.  (It is also far less dramatic and engrossing.)

  • I so profoundly agree! The first season with its grainy nostalgic look back at the early days of television news, the opening theme with its cascading ocarina reverberating delicately in the background against the mayhem of shots of the cast putting together a news show was far, FAR more intimate and engaging. The second season, in addition to totally diluting the orchestration of the theme in the first season has pictures of cables, paper clips, split coffee and all other manner of nonsense. Thank goodness the second season plot and episodes didn't follow suit and it's still the best show on television.

  • Katie Rutherford says:

    this show is fucking awesome. I have to buy the other episodes, but holy shit I'm in love with it. Jeff Daniels is my favorite freaking actor ever.

  • I'm a huge Thomas Newman fan and very much like his theme for Season 1. Having said that, I think Johnny Klimek's retooling of his theme for Season 2 has really grown on me with repeated listenings. I don't think it's necessarily better or worse, but I think the staccato rhythms of the piano really bring something new to the theme, instead of just repeating what came before.

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