THE NEWSROOM Official Trailer 3

THE NEWSROOM Official Trailer 3

you're in trouble man you can't talk to me like that spinning out of control you are a smart talented guy who isn't very nice you want me to lie on television popular because you don't bother no terrified you're going to lose your audience and you do anything to get them back your one pitch meeting away from doing the news in 3d I need something LD sleep why I can't sleep why I don't know I hired a new he paid for you you're not talking about Mackenzie there's no one huh any extra stress at work extra stress can you move your blackberry off the test no I've come in to take your IQ and your talent and put it to some patriotic use I'm tired of people telling me it's a just get over its situation four years later you don't know what it's like in my head in for goal BTW all over america we're seeing the influence of creeping islam we were attacked by muslims we were attacked by sociopath what about the death threat it's not a big deal I got a bullet for you too serious what in God's name has happened to news night he thinks you're a sick deviant who's threatening the fabric of society who will not interrupt me again sir I didn't come here for a session I think you did Jesus price how much do you hate me every second you're not current a thousand people are changing the channel to the guy who is that's the business you're in I'll fire him charlie what if she wants me out of this chair she better bring more than just a couple of guys ready rowland pretty


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