The Newsroom - Neal & Sloan Trolls

The Newsroom – Neal & Sloan Trolls


20 thoughts on “The Newsroom – Neal & Sloan Trolls”

  • I love Sloan. She's a really fun character. She's one my favorite characters on a show I generally enjoyed quite a bit. I have a lot of great things I could say about her….And she should have been fired ages ago.

    The moment at 2:03 – and it's far from the only one or the most extreme in the series – makes her continued employment baffling to the point of breaking immersion. You cannot physically assault coworkers in the middle of the office and continue to work in that industry, not to mention in the same company. Her later escapades should have landed her in freaking *jail*. And yet all characters treat this violence not merely as normative or even understandable, but as endearing.

    It's a credit to Sorkin's writing and to the actors' acting skills that this actually works at all, on an emotional level; but the moment you think about it even a little bit, it doesn't work. Newspeople can't walk around beating people up, and no matter how talented, hardworking, attractive, or famous you are, any real-life person trying to pull off a Sloan Sabith would never work for a reputable news organization again.

    There, got that off my chest. Carry on…

  • Monitors of Decorum & Decency says:

    Sloan is out of her fucking mind… and that is why she is so awesome and brilliant!

  • Michael Milsom says:

    watching this in bits and pieces (youtube style) did he get any further with his story or was that the end of it?

  • youdoitillwatch says:

    I like Aaron Sorkin, but he was really showing his age with this storyline.

    A national nightly news story about Trolls…what? Existing?

    A news show researcher actually having to explain what a Troll is, to multiple coworkers?

    Come on, Sorkin. You're better than that.

  • Olivia Munn is the best actress on the show.  And its not just because she's hot.  Aaron Sorkin characters and dialogue are difficult, and require actors to be convincingly supernaturally witty and intelligent.  She pulls it off better than most.

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